Model and JASS Editing Request

Level 9
Oct 17, 2007
I have been waiting for a while but noone answered my request. I'm working on a map since Sept. I need someone familiar with model editing and JASS editing to make some resource work in my map.

For model editing, I just need someone who can spin a few models horizontally for me and add an item glow at the base. The only animation the model need to have after edit is horizontal spin.

Here's the link to the models:

For JASS editing, I need someone to edit a save/load system so that it can save hero abilities (normal unit abilities added by triggers) and maybe their HP (gained from using perm HP up tomes) also.

Here's the link to the save/load system:

I need these 2 resources to continue on with my project especially the save/load since I will be adding abilities soon and if the save/load requires me to add them into an array it would be easier to do it from start rather than to go back and remember which abilities are for heroes later.

This is a link to the first demo of my project just incase anyone is wondering: