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Mind/Brain/Psychic spells n spell names ideas

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Level 21
Apr 8, 2017

I need ideas for spells related with mind/brain/psychic, like mind control, h or confusion

Spells names request

Illusion (mirror image, ignore this one, i just post it to give you more context

A1? (Brings you back the arrows that u have shoot which are in the ground with telekinesis

A2? (Attack speed boosted but defense is halved, "you enter in a trance that only let you focus on attacking"

A3? (Makes the target to STOP every random time

A4? (Every attack stuns the target for 1.5 secs, something like "mind disruption/assault"

A5? ("False damage", shows damage text over the target to make him think he is getting damaged (useful at mid of a war)

A6? (Damage taken is ignored but burns mana instead

A7? (Literally is an "aerial shackles" spell but related with mind/brain, probly "possession"

A8? (Makes you invisible to the player owner of the target unit

Some other spells ideas could be good

Some items names ideas too

@cleavinghammer @Oliver @ThompZon @FeelMyRash @Uncle @MasterBlaster
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