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it's a magical creature masquerading as a village building
it has animations for a devour and some poison spraying/paralyzing spell

update - added alternate attack slam, portrait animations and particle effect for spells

update 2 - changed walk from jumping to shuffling

update 3 - slowed walk animations (set 220 speed for normal, 270 for alternate), fixed arm clipping through the front in the attack animation, added drag footprints for walk

update 4 - moved "alternate" from prefix to suffix (renamed the animations)

Mimic (Model)

Delightfully creepy model, well made with attention to detail. Nicely done!
The creativity and attention to detail on this thing are amazing!
I expected there to be an animation that fires the chimney-cannon though. I'm not sure if "Spell" is supposed to be that, but the hive viewer doesn't show any particles. Either way, it could use one of these in its mobile state aswell.
Level 8
Mar 16, 2013
Lol nice concept
Whats next, Baba Yaga and her house? Havent seen any baba yaga model in her cauldron yet hehe
Level 19
Jan 16, 2021
If you have played the Haunted Mansion on Happy Wheels Highlights, there are these pink biomasses infesting throughout the house and vast basement. That's what this Mimic reminds me of.

Edit: Looking at the GIF, where the house eats the peasant and regurgitates his bones, I bet you could create a Giant Trapdoor Spider.
Take a simple Spider mod and clad it with bristles; then give it an Alternate set of animations, just like you did with the House Mimic.
It will look burrowed, but in the manner that it will still devour a unit.
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