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Meet Blue_Spartan

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Level 3
Apr 25, 2012

Hello Guys my name is Blue_Spartan.

So to start it off its best to say how I got here. Ok let's start.
I was always fascinated editing worlds especially Minecraft. I first used MCedit to build an island in one of my map and It felt good. I became a newbie animator using Mine-Imator. I joined Mine-imator's forum and stayed there.

One of my friends ask me to play Dota and I liked it. As I finished copying the file in my friends computer, I started digging the game's file and there I found "WorldEdit". I opened it and there I made a funny 100 Peons vs 100 Peasants. As I venture down I started to notice this Triggers that you can make your own MOVIE using this program. So I watched tutorial in doing so. I'm still a newbie but as I came across Hive Work Shop in one of the tutorials.

Now here I'am created and verified my account. So that's a very fast summary on how I encountered Hive Work Shop.

What Race are you on?

My Favorite race is the Orcs and the Warsong Clan why? Easy there are great, strong, sometimes Wise but I idolized Grommash's sacrifice. I also liked their buildings and troops and also I always use Yurnero or Axe when playing Dota. >_<

So hello once again and nice to meet you fellow Bee (Because we are on a hive so I called everyone here a bee.)

Blue_Spartan out

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Level 30
Jul 31, 2010
Welcome to the site, if you need help on warcraft 3 materials based upon modding remember to always check the tutorials and our home rules, much as asking info at the help section where we the community can help as much as we can. :wink:

Off-topic: Your name reminds me of Rooster Teeth's recent 3d shows at YT, you might want to check them out. :grin:
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