Master Arena v3.4b

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Editors Note

This map has a new official thread at here

The map will load MUCH MUCH FASTER now! Compressed the map with widgetzer too and now it loads even faster than before + 0.4kb less.

The hero revival system is totally remade. Now it is pure vJASS and runs on a single timer for each hero. Also the time displaying is now locally for each player meaning that each player will only have their own revival time and not others due to complains about spam when lots of heroes die at the same time. Also illusion master will spawn very very few illusions now and not mass them as previous. It was meant to mass the illusions as it is -illusion- master. But due to complains I've fixed that too.

I've added a text generator. Basic it works like this, a hero takes or deals damage, a floating text shows up either red color for taking damage and blueish for dealing. Works for illusion masters illusions too!

Yes now I'm in charge of this map, I took it over from CHA_Owner now so credit to him for keeping it up. For this new versions in the 3 series (and 4) there will usally be lots of performance upgrades and not so much focusing on the heroes. Of couse balance is a must but for the first version I haven't added any new hero but you can expect it in the future!

Also I've protected the map for many reasons but mostly for optimization purposes and gameplay increasing. If you want to know something "how did you do that" or "what is that" I will gladly respond to your questions.

Enjoy the new version of the map and happy gameplay!


Version v3.4b

Select a Master and destroy your enemies! Inspired by Mini Dota and other fast AoS comes Master Arena, a fast paced Hero Defense/Arena. Your objective is simple; Pick a Master, kill your enemies and destroy their base, fast!

Are you sick of 3 hour Dota matches or TD's that take half a day? Then Master Arena is for you! Master Arena aims to create a fast gaming environment where fun is more important than victory.
Every Hero is fun to play, with ultimates that actually feel ULTIMATE!
Who want to sit in a lane slowly farming creep kills? In Master Arena you might kill 1000 creeps in a single game, not 200!
Sick of timing last hit denies? Don't bother! Master Arena punishes you for trying!

- 29 Heroes, each with 5 customized abilities
- Each Hero has a different theme; try the Stealth Master, the Ward Master or the Tank Master
- 40 Custom Items and numerous recipes
- Hordes of creeps to kill in one of three lanes
- The obligatory all random mode.
- Teleport behind your enemies with lane to lane teleporters allowing super fast ganking
- Spawned creeps get more and more powerful as the game goes on... eventually Siege units appear, and then Golems so your game doesn't drag on all day
- You can also purchase extra creeps to defend the lanes, including the ultra powerful Incursion tank, and the Defender of the Crypt.
- Concise tooltips for abilities and items, including item recommendations for each hero. Master Arena is easy to pick up with all of the important locations in your base labeled.
- More then one of each hero available to each team.

Pre-game commands:
- Host can set the Xp rate of heroes with "-setrate XXXX". The default setting is 80, but you can have anything from 1 to 9999. The gives control of the exactly what level your heroes will be when the game ending Golems appear.
- Sick of being ganked? Host can turn off the teleporters with "-nt".
- Enable random master mode with "-ar".
- Enable Mid only with "-om".

In-game commands:
- Type "-commands" for displaying in-game commands.
- Type "-master" for tips on how you play your Hero
- Move to a larger field of view with "-zoom out".
- Move to a smaller field of view with "-zoom in".
- Use "-unstuck" in the unlikely event of being unable to move.
- "-ms" shows movespeed.. obviously
- "-repick" to choose a different hero within the first 5 minutes.
- "-clear" clears all on screen text messages
- "-reset" resets the cameras -zoom command
- "-time" reveals how long you have played the game
- "-dmgdealt" shows damage done by hero, resets upon repicking.
- "-dmgtaken" shows damage taken by hero, resets upon repicking.
I have used a number of other peoples models and a couple of icons, all of which are fully credited in-game, but here they are again;

Originally by Jabberwocky/Oddsocks

INV_Weapon_Bow_09 by Hiveworkshop Spell_Shadow_AntiShadow by Hiveworkshop BTNSpell_Holy_SenseUndead by Hiveworkshop
RunicSword by Hiveworkshop
Misc_fish_04 by Hiveworkshop

Ballista v1by Kitabatake
CloudOfFog by JetFangInferno
Oblivion Aura by Vestras
Panther by Dan van Ohllus
BloodElementalMisile by DevineArmy
OrbFireX by General Frank
Human Selection Aura by s4nji
Goblin Engineer By T-Revellion-T
Fishing Hat By MeteORA
piratehat01 By Chriz
Military Hat By Fingolfin
WizardsHat by -SkatinG_CoW-
GroundExplosion by Willalmighty
TimeAura by Mc!

BloodElfSorceress by Tiki.
Revanant by ike_ike.

I've used alot of scripts, systems and spells for this map, I can't credit every author for every thing they've done so I'll just mention which authors who have stuff in this map.

Credits goes to:
Rmx, Yearight, Paladon, hellgate, Deaod, Vexorian, Dark_Dragon, Hanky, Scorpion182, Moyack, Spec, Rising_Dusk, Earth-Fury, grim001, weaaddar, Cedi, Anitarf, Jesus4Lyf, PitzerMike, Aspard, JonNny, Flame_Phoenix, Septimus, Kingz, D4RK_G4NDALF, watermelon_1234, Weep,

Optimizer by Vexorian, Widgetzer by Pitzermike

If any of these people ever need any favors in return don't hesitate to ask.

- The Map size dropped 33.6% during optimization!


-Fixed a bug where enginering master were firing sand masters ultimate. Code issues.
-Fixed a script bug with illusion masters substance.
-Fixed Random Master's Junk from not working properly.
-Fixed the damn preloading again.
-Fixed issues with Conjuration Master's Meteor Shower.
-Fixed bug with the damage show system, now it shows values greater than 0.
-Fixed issue with maim, allowing to target multiple targets especially for AI players.


-Changed the damage type of cloak of magic damage. Now it is magic damage but doesn't count in armor value.
-Illusion Master's Morphic Field has been remade due to all the complains of massive illusion spawnings.
-Now the hero's time to revive is displayed locally due to the complains of spam.
-Wendigos are now invulnerable at start and becomes vulnerable when the first creeps spawn.


-Changed Arcania Zero a bit.
-Removed old scrap triggers
-Remade StrikeWards into vJASS
-Remade Actuality into vJASS
-Now substance damage uses a real damage detector, no more random damage and awesome AI strikes.
-Remade Meteor Shower into vJASS
-Remade Junk into vJASS
-Remade Maim into vJASS
-Made Junk use my dummy recycler to avoid the bug with the other dummy system.
-Now the map uses my dummy recycler system v1.1b
-Now cloak of magic also uses a real damage detector.
-Added Fire Master to the AI
-Added Light Master to the AI
-Added Sand Master to the AI
-Added Psychic Master to the AI
-Added Ice Master to the AI
-Removed some unnecessary libraries.
-Fixed some code for the floating texts.

-Huge change of the hero revival system. The new system is 100 times better than the last one.


-Fixed a bug where enginering master were firing sand masters ultimate. Code issues.
-Fixed a script bug with illusion masters substance.
-Fixed Random Master's Junk from not working properly.
-Fixed the damn preloading again.
-Fixed issues with Conjuration Master's Meteor Shower.
-Fixed bug with the damage show system, now it shows values greater than 0.
-Fixed issue with maim, allowing to target multiple targets especially for AI players.


-Changed the damage type of cloak of magic damage. Now it is magic damage but doesn't count in armor value.
-Illusion Master's Morphic Field has been remade due to all the complains of massive illusion spawnings.
-Now the hero's time to revive is displayed locally due to the complains of spam.
-Wendigos are now invulnerable at start and becomes vulnerable when the first creeps spawn.


-Changed Arcania Zero a bit.
-Removed old scrap triggers
-Remade StrikeWards into vJASS
-Remade Actuality into vJASS
-Now substance damage uses a real damage detector, no more random damage and awesome AI strikes.
-Remade Meteor Shower into vJASS
-Remade Junk into vJASS
-Remade Maim into vJASS
-Made Junk use my dummy recycler to avoid the bug with the other dummy system.
-Now the map uses my dummy recycler system v1.1b
-Now cloak of magic also uses a real damage detector.
-Added Fire Master to the AI
-Added Light Master to the AI
-Added Sand Master to the AI
-Added Psychic Master to the AI
-Added Ice Master to the AI
-Removed some unnecessary libraries.
-Fixed some code for the floating texts.

-Huge change of the hero revival system. The new system is 100 times better than the last one.

- The Map size dropped 33.6% during optimization!


-Changed the code for tormenter to make vex optimizer work.


-Fixed Torment Tooltip
-Killme command now only shows for your allies. (Wonder who would use it)
-Movement speed command now shows an error message if you haven't picked a hero.
-Added the command -dmgtaken . it shows the total damage your hero has taken during the game. Will be reseted when repicking.
-Added the command -dmgdealt, it shows the total damage dealt by your hero during the game. Will be reseted when repicking.
-Added the command -commands, shows in-game commands.
-Small game-interface issue fixed.
-Changed mana cost of Telekinesis. Now 180 from 100.


-Added the "-master" command to the new heroes, ice-, psychic-, light- and firemaster.
-Fixed Slam Masters AI, now it learns its spells.
-Fixed Spell Masters AI, now it learns its spells.
-Improved the winning conditions triggers and winning triggers.
-Fixed my function library, now it is even better than before.
-Fixed a few triggers which werent ran at ini.
-Added a text generator which will create floating texts, whenever a hero deals or takes damage. Works with illusions too for Illusion Master.

- The Map size dropped 33.6% during optimization!

Note this is the changelog for v3.3d, e and 3.4


-Small Preload fix with invisiblity
-Fixed a huge bug made most spells not dealing magic damage.
-Fixed bug that made Defender of the Crypts helpless because it couldnt attack proper.
-Blink Strike had a small slowing effect of 0.01 seconds. That is removed now as it used a buff that could bug another spell.
-Fixed Bug with invisiblity not setting the dummy ability to the true level.
-Fixed when reviving the hero isn't selected.
-Fixed Psychic Master soundset.
-Fixed Spirit Bombs cooldown and mana cost.
-Fixed Fight Fire with Fire dummies. Now they actually show up.
-Fixed Gods Blessing unavailable to target itself.
-Fixed Light Shield unavailable to target itself.


-Changed Ballista Armor type to Fortified from heavy.
-Reduced Ballista armor by 1, now 3 instead of 4
-Changed armor type of Lesser Spitting Spider, Spitting Spider, Greater Spitting Spider and Dire Spitting Spider. They all now have Medium Armor. Armor value is the same.
-Changed Armor type of Iron Golem. Now Fortified instead of heavy. Reduced armor value by 1.
-Changed Armor type of Tar Ball. Now it has normal armor and armor value increased to 10 from 6.
-Changed Armor type of Support Ward, Fast Ward and Strike Wards. Now they have unarmored type. Value is the same.
-Changed Armor type of Horde Commander, Skeleton, meat wagon and iron golem. Now they have Normal and Fortified Armor.
-Fixed spelling at armor aura's buff.
-Changed alot of object editor work. (You wont see this as an update but clearly it will be easier for me organizing)
-Fixed Invisiblity Tooltip. Now shows proper fading time.
-Fixed some minor game interface stuff.
-Fixed Splitting Boulder Tooltip.
-Added one link on the loading screen.
-Fixed a small typo in Stealth Masters tooltip.
-To use the full power of Voodoo Master's Spirit Lightnings I've increased the bounce aoe to 10000 from 500. Now it will basiclly affect any unit in the map.
-Increases damage of telekinesis.
-Changed credits abit, I won't mention what they've done now as usally I have more than 1 resource from each author.

Cunning Hero, controls your mind with his magic.
Easy Hero: Easy to use.
WARNING: No Multi-shot.

Throws several bottles of negative energy at the target point. The bottles then bounces releasing negative energy which burns mana. Upon feeding on 200 of mana a bottle gains additional 20 mana burn strength.

Level 1 - throws 2 bottles,20 points mana burn,2 bounces.
Level 2 - throws 3 bottles,30 points mana burn,3 bounces.
Level 3 - throws 4 bottles,40 points mana burn,4 bounces.
Level 4 - throws 5 bottles,50 points mana burn,5 bounces.

Summons a ghost to haunt a target ground enemy unit, dealing damage every second dependent on the distance between the ghost and the target.

Level 1 - Deals 35 max damage per second within 100 range. Ghost has a movement speed of 180. Lasts 5 seconds.
Level 2 - Deals 45 max damage per second within 150 range. Ghost has a movement speed of 195. Lasts 6 seconds.
Level 3 - Deals 55 max damage per second within 200 range. Ghost has a movement speed of 210. Lasts 7 seconds.
Level 4 - Deals 65 max damage per second within 200 range. Ghost has a movement speed of 225. Lasts 8 seconds.

The caster summons a mass of malicious ghost lights to follow his gaze and pull any enemy they run across back to their master.

Range: 1000 + 1000 per Level

Damage: 100 + 100 per Level

Speed: 600 forth and 750 back

Cooldown: 45

The hero uses his telekinetic powers to lift enemied units in the targeted area into the air. After reaching a considerable height, the hero smashes them back down to the earth.

Level 1 - 50-200 reachable height, 8% of the reached height is dealt in damage + 200 direct impact damage.
Level 2 - 125-300 reachable height, 10% of the reached height is dealt in damage + 250 direct impact damage.
Level 3 - 200-400 reachable height, 12% of the reached height is dealt in damage + 300 direct impact damage.

Lava Hero, exceptional at burning his enemies.
Beginner Hero: Easy to use.

Unleash 5 fire ward that would unleash a fire to the middle of the target point; each ward unleash a fire that deal a initial 65 damage. Higher level increase the amount of fire a ward unleash.

Level 1 - Unleash 1 fire.
Level 2 - Unleash 2 fires.
Level 3 - Unleash 3 fires.
Level 4 - Unleash 4 fires.

Select a target stunning him for 2 seconds, and invokes two fireballs, one in 400 range behind the enemy target and another in 400 range in the front of the enemy target. After 1.5 seconds, the fireballs move rapidly toward the other, making them collide, exactly in the position of the enemy, causing damage to him and to the other enemy units in 250 AOE. Units that are in the path of the fireballs will be moved to the side.

Level 1 - 75 damage to the target, 25 to 250 AOE enemy units.
Level 2 - 150 damage to the target, 75 to 250 AOE enemy units.
Level 3 - 225 damage to the target, 125 to 250 AOE enemy units.
Level 4 - 300 damage to the target, 175 to 250 AOE enemy units.

Makes 5 meteors fall down from the sky every 1.2 seconds at random positions in the targeted area, dealing damage and interrupting enemies from channeling spells. The first meteor drops at the target point of issued order.

Level 1 - 50 damage per meteor.
Level 2 - 100 damage per meteor.
Level 3 - 150 damage per meteor.
Level 4 - 200 damage per meteor.

Sets the Hero aflame that he will lite the ground when moving. Units standing on burning ground take damage and got reduced armour.

Level 1 - 50 dps, -3 armour, lasts 8 sec, flames will stay for 4 sec
Level 2 - 60 dps, -5 armour, lasts12 sec, flames will stay for 5 sec
Level 3 - 70 dps, -8 armour, lasts 16 sec, flames will stay for 6 sec

Support Hero, exceptional at using the way of light to protect your allies.
Intermediate Hero: Slighty difficult to use.

Target unit and all nearby enemy units will take damage whenever target unit casts a spell or is targetted by a spell.
Lasts 30 seconds.

Level 1 - 50 damage, small radius.
Level 2 - 75 damage, medium radius.
Level 3 - 100 damage, large radius.
Level 4 - 125 damage, huge radius.

Creates a shield on target unit. If the target unit is an ally, the shield will have a chance to block incoming damage with its on life. If the shield lasts to the end of the duration the target will be healed for the amount left of the life of the shield. If the target is an enemy, it will have a chance to amplify the damage and will damage the target when the duration is out.

Level 1 - Blocks/amplifies 15% of incoming damage, has 100 life and lasts 10 seconds.
Level 2 - Blocks/amplifies 30% of incoming damage, has 200 life and lasts 20 seconds.
Level 3 - Blocks/amplifies 45% of incoming damage, has 300 life and lasts 30 seconds.
Level 4 - Blocks/amplifies 60% of incoming damage, has 400 life and lasts 40 seconds.

Creates a regenerative shield around target unit. The shield starts with 100 life and will regenerate hp at x value per second. The shield can block up to 20 damage at a time and returns damage to melee attackers equal to 10% of the shield's life.
The Shield lasts 15 seconds.

Level 1 - 300 max hp, 4hp/sec regeneration.
Level 2 - 400 max hp, 7hp/sec regeneration.
Level 3 - 500 max hp, 10hp/sec regeneration.
Level 4 - 600 max hp, 13hp/sec regeneration.

Creates a shield of holy energy around the caster. The energy forms orbs flying in an orbital shape around the hero. Whenever the hero receives more than 5 damage, an orb is launched to the enemy countering the damage dealt. The shield lasts 15 seconds.

Level 1 - 3 orbs, each deals 120% of the initial damage.
Level 2 - 6 orbs, each deals 210% of the initial damage.
Level 3 - 9 orbs, each deals 300% of the initial damage.


-Blink Strike Remaked into vJASS.
-Holy Light Remaked into vJASS
-Arrow Of Grace Remaked into vJASS
-Remade The Anti Belt Trigger into vJASS
-Belt Remaked into vJASS
-Greatly improved the map performance. Now it will run more smooth.
-Merged Gamble Triggers.
-Improved This Works Spell.
-Reduced the usage of locs with 80%
-Fixed major leaks in the hero revive triggers.
-Now Hero Revival uses coordinates instead of locations.
-Replaced most BJs with the real natives.
-Now uses XEPreload to preload all dummy abilities instead of my own.
-Fixed a small sync problem with the hero revival selecting the wrong unit.
-Fixed a small condition problem in the Belt.
-Fixed a huge line misstake in the revival system. Now the heroes revive proper.


-Fixed Fluke Master's Random Ultimate. Now it can choose Tank Master's Tank Up!
-Fixed Fluke Master's Random Ultimate. Now it can choose Healing Master's Guardian Angel
-Now when repicking the items will be moved to the position of your stash.


-Fixed the information log in-game (F9). Now say The Host instead of player red.
-Added Ice Master! A slowing maniac that will stalk you.
Desolate Hero, master of slow. Freezes everything that comes near.
Intermediate Hero: Slighty difficult to use.
-Ice Master has 350 range, multishot, Ice Lance, Frozen Shield, Icey Spine and Phantomer

Ice Lance - Q
The Master summons a icey spear towards targeted point, damaging and slowing everything in its way.
Has a total range of 600 and slows the movement speed of enemies by 35%.
Level 1 - 80 damage
Level 2 - 110 damage
Level 3 - 140 damage
Level 4 - 170 damage

Frozen Shield - W
Turns on a frozen shield around the caster, draining mana and deal damage to nearby units. If units have Ice Lance buff then the shield does double damage.
350 AoE

Level 1 - 10 + 0.3x intelligence damage per sec.
Level 2 - 20 + 0.6x intelligence damage per sec.
Level 3 - 30 + 0.9x intelligence damage per sec.
Level 4 - 40 + 1.2x intelligence damage per sec.

Icey Spine - E
When hit by melee attackers they will feel a freezing chill crawling up on their spine! Has a chance to inflict AoE damage that deals 150 damage.
Has a 400 AoE and a 1500 damage limit (ten targets max, chosen at random)
Level 1 - 5%
Level 2 - 8%
Level 3 - 11%
Level 4 - 14%

Phantomer - R
The Ice Master merges with the forces of ice, creating an arrow of frost traveling towards target unit. When reaching the target unit the ice master appears, dealing damage + 50% of traveled distance. Also on hit it will reduce target's armor and slow it.
Casting range is 600/700/800
Level 1 - 50 damage, 5 armor reduce, 15% slow.
Level 2 - 75 damage, 6 armor reduce, 20% slow.
Level 3 - 100 damage, 7 armor reduce, 25% slow.


-Added Spell Master to the AI
-Added Slam Master to the AI


-Fixed a bug with Healing Master's passive ressurection having global range, now have 400 aoe as said in the ability tooltip.
-Batter wont trigger in a greater range than the melee range.



-Added a simple tree revival system
-Tarball knockback trigger aint on all the time now.


-Fixed Abusive Rage and Batter Clashing hotkeys.
-Fixed a bug with Arcania Zero
-Fixed Arcania Zero Cooldown
-Fixed Take Flight. Now MUI
-Fixed Rock Slide. Now MUI
-Fixed Dark Torture bug. Now the scale of the units wont change.
-Now AI got the same amount of gold as the players.
-AI, Voodoo Master now learns its spells automaticlly.
-AI, Mana Master now learns its spells automaticlly.
-AI, Stealth Master now learns its spells automaticlly.
-AI, Ward Master now learns its spells automaticlly.
-AI, Trap Master now learns its spells automaticlly.
-Fixed a rare crash caused when AI learning spells it dont have.


-Healing Master got its ultimate replaced!
-Arcania Zero got less AoE now
-Fixed Arrow of Grace Tooltip
-Fixed a spelling snippet at loading screen
-Now when a shadow master buys boots, it wont be removed. Instead it will be moved to the location of your stash and from there you can sell it to regain your money.
-Increased damage of conjuration master's ultimate, now it does 300/375/450 damage instead of 225/300/375.
-Remade Spell Master's Imbue Gems (Ultimate). Now it can be activated to recieve the chance and turned off.
-Fixed typo in the game interface
-Fixed version in Game Interface
-Holy Light now heals the correct amount, 120/170/220/270.
-Fixed Spelling Error in Armor Aura


-Thanks to PurgeandFire111 for the PollWait recycling part.
-Removed some more unnecessary variables.
-Now scars armor check isnt on until someone learns the spell.
-Now the Skewer loop is off at ini.
-Removed debug messages appearing when setting the rate.
-Removed scale changing in Dark Torture as it 'causes bugs when it goes back to normal.
-The Alliance dont have the advanatage with AI anymore in the start.
-Now AI learns spells more effiencient (doesnt loop actions, instead comparing conditions).


-Fixed Critcal bug that you couldnt win in OM because the main building was invulnerable.
-Fixed bug with Dust To Dust, now slow and miss values are correct for each level.



- The Map size dropped 29% during optimization!


-Fixed Substance. Now MUI.
-Fixed Charge's Skewer. Now MUI.
-Small fix that made termites less laggy.
-Fixed holy light, now damage is correct.
-Fixed preloading with Dark Power
-Fixed preloading Vine Trap
-Fixed All Random can now random all heroes.
-Fixed a bug causing Blood Poison not to work properly
-Fixed a few flaws about Mortar Rounds.
-Small fix with maim, now it can't trigger at a greater range than the melee range.


-Added the commands at the beginning.
-Slam Master's Wam now knockbacks units.
-Fixed Typo in Rocky Hide
-Added Voodoo, Trap, Ward, Stealth and Mana Master to the AI

-New Master, The Sand Master

Dusty hero, causes your enemies to rethink when buying the water bottle.
Intermediate Hero: Slighty difficult to use.

Throws a brutal rock that splits into pieces after travelling a distance of 300, dealing damage to enemies. Every piece travels additionally a distance of 300 before splitting again. Every split deals less damage in less AoE.
Take cover!
Level 1 - 85 initial damage.
Level 2 - 170 initial damage.
Level 3 - 255 initial damage.
Level 4 - 340 initial damage.

Summons a dust cloud at target area, 'causing all enemy units to miss their attack and get their attack- and movement speed reduced.
You got sand in your eyes? Here have some more!
Lasts 6 seconds at all levels.
Level 1 - 20% miss chance, 25% attack and movement reduce.
Level 2 - 30% miss chance, 30% attack and movement reduce.
Level 3 - 40% miss chance, 35% attack and movement reduce.
Level 4 - 60% miss chance, 40% attack and movement reduce.

As the desert surrounds the master, damage taken will gather the sand around him. At a number of damage taken, a few sands spirits will spawn nearby, walking towards him and heal him for an amount of damage.
Also restores a small amount of mana and increases armor.
Level 1 - 1000 damage taken, heal total 100, 1 spirit.
Level 2 - 900 damage taken, heal total 200, 2 spirits.
Level 3 - 800 damage taken, heal total 300, 3 spirits.
Level 4 - 700 damage taken, heal total 400, 4 spirits.

The Sand Master summons its ancient companion, the sand man that will guard the sand master and slam nearby enemies.
The Sand Man tranforms to a hammer when slamming. Water please!
Level 1 - Lasts 5 seconds, deals 100 damage each slam.
Level 2 - Lasts 9 seconds, deals 200 damage each slam.
Level 3 - Lasts 13 seconds, deals 300 damage each slam.


-Added GetHost Function by Tennis & ragingspeedhorn.
-Fixed triggers now according to the host.
-Added a function that finds if it is a single player game.
-Increased performance of Illusion Master.
-Increased performance of Riding Master.
-Increased performance of Poison Master.
-Increased performance of Artillary Master.
-Increased performance of Vampire Master.
-Increased performance of Random Master.
-Increased performance of Healing Master.
-Remade Wolfpack.
-Removed lots variables and replaced them with one single variable.


-You cant buy voodoo master now when you already have a hero.
-Fixed disable in tavern.
-Scatter Shot can no longer proc on buildings.


-Fixed Hotkey of Scatter Shot
-Fixed position of Rain of Arrow Tooltip

-Mana master got a new ultimate, former ultimate was Empower.

Arcania Zero by Cedi

The mana master casts a mighty curse upon a unit, which drags nearby enemies to this unit. On collision the dragged units lose mana and takes some damage.
Dragged units get damaged during the drag too.

Level 1 - Deals 35 damage per second to dragged units. 50 Collision damage and same amount of burnt mana.
Level 2 - Deals 45 damage per second to dragged units. 60 Collision damage and same amount of burnt mana.
Level 3 - Deals 55 damage per second to dragged units. 70 Collision damage and same amount of burnt mana.

Lasts 5/6/7 seconds.


-Changed spelling in blue AI's name.
-Added more stuff to the preloading part.
-Changed AI spawning, reducing a bit of the lagg.

- The Map size dropped 27% during optimization!




-Another small code snippet about the -om feature.
-Fixed a group leak about illusions.


-Now during OM the first towers at bottom and top lane are invulnerable too.


-Corrected Disturbed Voodoo Power's tooltip, now shows proper knockback range.
-Corrected Voodoo Master's tooltip, now shows that it doesnt have multishot and is no longer melee as the tooltip states but ranged.
-Changed attack range of voodoo master to 350 from 700.
-Added Range Bonus to Voodoo Master (5th Ability).
-Corrected Voodoo Master's projectile speed to 850 from 3000
-Castle and Necropolis damage increases from 70 to 110 (it is quite defense less with out creeps)

-Tank Master got its ultimate remaked, same name.

Uses his tank up skills, he slams the ground in anger, stunning nearby units for 1 second. As his fierce anger boosts him up, making him almost immune to psysical damage and also increases his life regenation.
Gains 1000+ armor and 100 life regenation.
Level 1 - Lasts 2 seconds.
Level 2 - Lasts 4 seconds.
Level 3 - Lasts 6 seconds.


-Fixed a small code snippet where scars was preloaded uncorrectly, now doesnt have learning delay.
-Small fix in OM mod.


-Fixed Belt so now you can't target yourself (well yes you still can but if you cast it on yourself it wont trigger and you wont waste cooldown nor mana), will show an error on cast


-Tarball now lasts 9/18/27 instead of 12.5/25/37.5
-Small Terrain Fix
-Increased all towers range from 500 to 700 so both towers can attack at the same time (as in middle)
-Income rate decreased to 2 seconds, before 4 seconds
-The second tower in the northern and the southern lane are now invurnable at all time and will be vurnable when the first tower in the lane is killed
-Now barracks can't be killed unless the two towers that is infront of it are destroyed, same goes with crypts
-Fixed hotkey of Bow of shadows
-Fixed hotkey of abusive rage
-Added Poison Master to the AI
-New Master, Voodoo Master!
Voodoo master uses mystical magic to overcome its victims!

The voodoo master uses his dark magic to lift up the enemy in the air. As the fore swirls, every unit hit by it will be knock backed for a distance between 100 and 350. When gravity serves its purpose and drags the unit down to the ground it will deal the foes movement speed reduced by X. Also the fore will be confused of the lift and will have a 50% change to miss its targets for 3 seconds.

Level 1 - Targets movementspeed -150
Level 2 - Targets movementspeed -120
Level 3 - Targets movementspeed -90
Level 4 - Targets movementspeed -60

The voodoo master calls forth a dark rift of voodoo magic that will eat flesh and tear apart the souls of enemies hit by this powerfull magic.
The shards of the souls hit will return to Zul'abar healing him depending on their former owners max life.
Level 1 - 125 damage, 2% of max life.
Level 2 - 160 damage, 3% of max life.
Level 3 - 195 damage, 4% of max life.
Level 4 - 230 damage, 5% of max life.

Gives a small mana regen to nearby units and also when killing heroes, nearby enemy heroes get their mana destroyed according too Voodoo Masters Mana.
300 AOE manaregen.
Level 1 - 10%
Level 2 - 20%
Level 3 - 25%
Level 4 - 30%

Hurls a bolt of damaging lightning at a target enemy that jumps to nearby enemies. When firing, additional X lightnings will be hurled from the hero at different enemies. Each lightning deals more damage in percent value. Units can be hit by multiple Lightnings.
CAUTION! Electric lightnings on its way!

Level 1 - 1 Additional lightning, 50 damage base value, 5% damage increase, 5 bounces.
Level 2 - 2 Additional lightnings, 60 damage base value, 7% damage increase, 7 bounces.
Level 3 - 3 Additional lightnings, 70 damage base value, 9% damage increase, 9 bounces.

Changed Poison Masters Ultimate, from Slow poison to Aggresive Infection by Hanky

The Poison Master sends out an epidemic virus, which infects nearby enemy units around the target.

Level 1 - 75 damage per second. Lasts 15 seconds.
Level 2 - 110 damage per second. Lasts 20 seconds.
Level 3 - 145 damage per second. Lasts 25 seconds.

Changed Reanimation Masters ultimate, from corp. reanimation to Dark Torture by Hanky

Make the targeted unit bigger and bigger and because of the hard deformation of the body the unit get every second some damage.

Level 1 - 105 damage per second
Level 2 - 120 damage per second
Level 3 - 135 damage per second

Changed Archery Masters ultimate, removed void arrow (will be a remaked soon) arrow of grace (former ultimate) will replace void arrow and the new ultimate is Rain of Arrows by Scorpion182

Fires a fire arrow into the sky which explodes and scatters at the center of the point target, showering the target area. Deals amount of damage each.
Has a minimum range of 300!
Level 1 - 55 damage for each arrow. 14 Arrows.
Level 2 - 66 damage for each arrow. 16 Arrows.
Level 3 - 77 damage for each arrow. 18 Arrows.

Level 1 - 1.01x damage, 3 agility
Level 2 - 1.11x damage, 6 agility
Level 3 - 1.22x damage, 9 agility
Level 4 - 1.33x damage, 12 agility


-Small fix with Maim
-Now when casting blink strike you will be closer to the target and also facing the target, special effect added.
-Added Endless Chain system made by Paladon
-Added Health Reserve System by hell gate and Deaod
-Added Bound Sentinel by Vexorian
-Added Dark_Dragons item system
-Changed Item system to the one above
-More Systems added can you find in the info (F9) or in the credits at this page.

-Also the map is a little bit bigger cause of some new imports! They are not in Use yet but will when Ice Master is comming online so I wont credit until I actually use it :)


-Now Artillary Masters Mortar Strike is fully MUI and more then one player at the time can cast it.
-Actuallity is now MUI
-Fixed a small crash caused by wrong custom script, destroying something completly else.
-Time Masters "Time Swap" is now fully MUI
-Timed explosive is now MUI
-Blood Poison is now not Bugable

-Tar Ball ultimate duration has been increased to 12.5/25/37.5 seconds instead of 20 seconds overall, with this it will travel longer each level
-Fixed Bow of Shadows tooltip, now shows the proper damage
-Timed explosive now got the correct time (10 seconds)
-Added Ice Master as a replacement for time master, when time master is back, a new tavern will be created instead of removing ice master. But as it isn't totally functionall I disabled Ice Master too (need to fix a few stuff)


-Small Special Effect leak fixed.
-Fixed Vine Trap Trigger
-Small fix on Actuallity trigger
-Removed some unused variables
-Fixed Shadow Veils leak.
-Huge change in the AI
-Massive Preload To reduce the in-game lagg greatly


-Fixed the terrain on the alliance side so now engineer master can actaully build towers there ...


-Reshadowed the map


-Fixed a few leak triggers which leaked about 70 leaks every sec and they were on all the time!


-Fixed Repick, now works for normal mode too.
-Fixed when you bought the other teams spawns it gave you an item, this item is now auto removed. (Fixing it complete is in the current state 80% done)






-Fixed so you can't buy the other teams spawn units (when you buy them, they wont spawn just waste of money, will fix for next version so you can't buy them at all)
-Fixed units movement on the top lane and bottom lane so they actually continue to move against the fortresses instead of just returning.


-Fixed typos in Rock Slide
-Fixed typos in Sever
-Randomizing can't cause you choosing time master neither for you or AI
-Movement speed is now shown as an integer and not a real (no more .000)


-Fixed leaks in Rock Slide Trigger
-Fixed Maim trigger so it can't be abused anymore

-Fixed huge amount of Point leaks.
-Fixed Most Integer A's and replaced them with a custom integer.
-Removed Useless command "Do Nothing"
-Fixed some useless variables
-Fixed huge amount of Special Effect leaks
-Fixed a very few spell item bugs.
-Fixed some useless actions
-Remade Blink Strike Ability, now more efficient then never before
-Fixed many events with "Unit Begins Casting An Ability
-Fixed the Major bugs of creeps on the top and bottom lane wont walk where they should.
-Time Master is currently disabled due the bug spree it caused, will be remaked for further versions.
-Remade Two of Knockback Masters Spells in the trigger, now fully MUI and also you cant bug batter anymore.
-Batter got totally remade (triggers)
-Belt got totally remade (triggers)
-Damage type of Knockback Masters Batter isn't hero damage anymore, changed to spell damage.
-Added a new knockback system which got greater performance and is MUI to the map (Credit to Paladon for making this)
-Removed Some variables and replaced them with one single (mostly temporary point variables)

- Added Jabberwocky's credit to more places on the map
- Reworked the Engineering Master for the last time
- Fixed ally trading system
- Completely reworked and updated computer AI
- Changed alot of heros attack ranges
- Heal Master's ability greatly weakened
- Uped the cost of purchasable siege golems to 150 gold and 2 lumber
- Uped the health of all units a little bit
- Cleaned up some more triggers
- Fixed the last of the tooltips
- Gameplay slightly changed since before you can kill your enemies main base building all 3 spawn buildings must be destroyed first.
- Fixed a glitch with AI trying to target the Future Time Master
- Added a new custom cooldown ui

- Changed "-zoom" command into "-zoom out"
- Added new command "-zoom in"
- Changed the "food" text/icon to match the game
- Changed the time of day to 24:00 for different lighting
- Made spirit towers have the same armor as cannon towers
- Fixed boots glitch with Shadow Master
- Buffed the engineers towers a little bit
- Changed the "time" text to better match the game
- Cleaned up a monstrous amount of leaks
- Added 2 new random weather effects
- Greatly Updated the computer AI

- Greatly updated the computer AI
- Fixed the damage for the hordes base building
- Disabled 2 minimap buttons
- Creeps no longer show up on minimap
- Disabled ally trading for multiple reasons
- Fixed a few more trigger leaks
- Fixed the tool tips to a few more abilities

- Updated quests section
- Added my name to the map {CHA_Owner(NAMM)} ^^
- Buffed cannon towers to have 10 armor (up from 4)
- Added -clear command to clear text messages
- Added -reset to reset the cameras -zoom command
- Cleaned up some trigger leaks
- Added -time command to display how long you have played
- Fixed the quest dialog text (F9)
- Fixed a few tooltip descriptions
- Gave credit to Jabberwocky/Oddsocks <<< original map maker

- Fixed some bugs with Abuse Rage.

This will be my last official release as I have abandoned the project.

- Fixed up the Multiboard, now scales dynamically, etc
- Increased the Horde Melee bonus to 15%
- Horde and Alliance Hero Kill Gold and Lumber is now distributed to allied players
- Changed the Tinting on Poison Master so that team colour is visible
- Buffed the base stats of the Riding Master
- Fixed Swift Passage so that it lasts the correct amount of time.
- Added a couple of passive icons that should have been done ages ago.

- Increased the effectiveness of Rite of the Damned
- Nerfed Fires of the Pit (decreased AoE, Damage)
- Reduced the damage to mana ratio on Mana Shield (now 1.5)
- Increased the Mana cost of Empower at level 16
- Added Warning about Orb Stacking
- Decreased the Illusion creation time on Duplicate. It is now 5 per second.
- Nerfed Minefield by 50 damage.
- Nerfed the slow on the Poison Master's Ult by 2%
- Buffed Spitting Spider. Now lasts 25 seconds at all levels
- Holy Word now drains the target for a small amount of health and gives that health to an allied hero
- Nerfed the stats of the Slam Master making him less tanky.
- Sword of Armageddon now 5k cheaper.

- Added 2 new joke items

- Remade the Archery Master. She now has Scattershot, Bow of Shadows, Void Arrow, with Arrow of Grace being the ultimate.

- A number of small fixes for balance.
- Added shop description text
- Fixed Bear Form on the Fluke Master.

- New Preview picture
- Replaced Reanimation with Rite of the Damned
- Nerfed Fast Wards
- Nerfed Vampiric Aura
- Nerfed Disruption Aura
- Fixed the list of available ults for the Fluke Master
- New Items Icons!
- Nerfed the Flaming Stick of Hitting.
- Improved the Ult of the Heal Master.
- Decreased the Duration of Vine Trap.
- A number of Hero stat changes for balance.
- Changed the Mana cost of Empower to keep the Mana Master balanced.
- A couple of graphical fixes for Heroes.

- Decc Time field now deals the correct damage.
- Fixed the issues that arose from changing the game data set

- Fixed repick in AR
- Mana Master has been tweaked a bit.

- Added the Mana Master - A late game carry, early game irritation
- Various balance changes, code fixes, etc
- Barricades now have 250 HP

master, arena, baassee, cha_owner, oddsocks, killing, fun, custom spells, aos, fast game, master arena, ai

Master Arena v3.4b (Map)

12:16, 5th Dec 2009 ap0calypse: Approved Update: Re-moderating with review and rating! Date: 2011/Oct/15 10:30:50 Vengeancekael: VM // PM: Status: Approved Rating: 4/5 Recommended Rep Received: 2Reasons: Other: If you have any complaints...




12:16, 5th Dec 2009
ap0calypse: Approved

Update: Re-moderating with review and rating!

Date: 2011/Oct/15 10:30:50
Vengeancekael: VM // PM:
Status: Approved
Rating: 4/5 Recommended
Rep Received: 2
If you have any complaints or questions directed towards a moderator, make a thread here: Map Resource Moderation
If you think the moderator's judging is unfair or you have overall complaints, make a thread here: Admin Contact
Please read the rules thoroughly: Rules

Comment: Review:


It follows the generic AOS mechanics, 2 sides spawning units to defeat each other, with player heroes supporting them.
However even though your map isn't that original, you've mixed some AOS features from different other ones, like the teleporters from Blizzard's Halloween themed AOS.
There's a wide variety of heroes, all of them with custom spells, fitting ones and really flashy and cool ones.
There's also a neat amount of items to buy, a lot of them with shiny model attachments!
The AI bots are also a really cool addition to the game, along with them actually being very advanced and hard to kill.
The mega creep behind the castle is also a nice treat for high level players.
Combat overall is fast-paced, heroes don't have too much health and the creeps die really fast, so the map's always moving on.
There are also multiple commands, like -clear and -repick, etc.


The terrain isn't anything pro-like, with huge structures and with lots of details, but it does match the map title, because it does kind of look like an arena, where the different tiles are all very symmetric, as is the whole terrain and the tile variation makes the terrain look kinda cool, while not putting that many doodads around the map.


Neat preview image and THW description, along with a video!


A really cool and fast-paced AOS map, with a wide variety of heroes along with AI controlled heroes as well, but kind of unoriginal.



Level 8
Jan 30, 2009
I will have a look! Looks nice. It looks "professional", though it's your first serious map. I give comments later.

EDIT: well I tested it. It's quite funny, considering that's your first serious map essaie. At the moment, I would give 2/5. It lacks a bit and too much creeps spawn. In addtion to this, they are too weak. I toke this Aura Master guy and killed about 20 skeleton warriors with just one strike! A bit imba. Make them stronger and make that they spawn in less number. Keep on working! ;-)
Level 6
Aug 20, 2005
The weak creeps were actually intentional :p The idea is to give the player the feeling of power by smashing his or her way through the large amounts of creeps. They don't give much bounty so they are really just the side dish for the actual hero fighting. Btw most heroes have a multi-shot or epic cleaving, so there shouldn't be a balance issue.
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Level 1
Jul 14, 2008
ive played it a few times and i found some bugs

-the towers of the engineer damage at max level also yourself+allies with its splash=/
-it seems the shadowmasters ultimate triggers a bit wrong after dying(the cd is still decreased but the amount of units u move seem like it has been resetted)
also his movement always costs 4...regardless of the ultimates level

otherwise its a very good hero(...well i cant call it an aos...)arena which is a bit too short for my taste(the towers could have way more hp...)

also...i dont know if the guy had luck but the healer killed 5-6 enemy heroes in like 3-4mins o_O kinda strange for a support hero
Level 6
Aug 20, 2005
Thanks for the feedback. I was aware of the splash damage problem and will fix for the next release. I checked the Shadow Master and his ult seemed fine after respawns, maybe is was a latency issue with the large number of commands that a lvl 16 shadow master sends. I will change the placeholder shadow-walk spell to reflect the correct mana cost. The shadow-walk on right click is actually a triggered action rather than an actual spell, so the actual mana usage changes but the placeholder does not. Thanks again!
Level 6
Jun 15, 2008
An okay map. There's some things that needs to be fixed I think.
I just played it once so far, and we simply overrullede the other team, we played 2v2, me and a mate, we were 2 casters vs 2 melee.
I don't know if something should be done to balance this, or people simply have to vary teams more.
A great map, well done. I hope you keep on working :).
Sincerely Foopad
Level 1
Jul 14, 2008
hm i think the towers of the engineer need to be nerfed...
reduce their hp to 300-450. 600 is just too high

oh and make the normal base towers more sturdier(give them much more hp)
otherwise its a bit too short for my taste
Level 6
Aug 20, 2005
I must say i agree with you Foopad, all the negative feed back I get with this map comes from people people playing small games. 5v5 I have had much better comments. I think this comes about from the fact that some heroes are much better at killing particular heroes then others. Still I would like 2v2 games to be possible so any ideas for balance, please post them here.

In regards to your comments Fenrir, the lane towers were about twice as weak last version :p I keep buffing them, but I really wanted this to be a short game. The issue with built tower hp is another one that is effected by how many people the game has; In a 5v5 a 600 hp tower will never hold up long as 3 heroes could easily tank it, but in a 2v2 it would survive forever :p
Level 6
Jun 15, 2008
Hi oddsocks,
I was playing the spell master, and I could simply keep my enemies frozen forever, because of that refreshing cooldowns ability. Make it have a cooldown, something like, can't occur more than once every 30 seconds.
About renaming, I don't think this one needs another name, it fits with the contents of the map, you choose a master and guide your troops, so to speak.
I hope you find a balancing system ><, it's quite hard, due to spells, I have a system I can show you, but it probably wont work as inteded. gl :)
Level 6
Aug 20, 2005
:p looks like its the name that will have to stay. I have lots of empty tavern slots now though, so i need ideas for new Heroes. Each Hero has to have a play style (healing, nukes, blinking, AoE, knockback, Building, Auras, Tank, Summoning, Stun and Archery and Assassination have already been covered) so I am running out of ideas fast. I was considering dps type hero next. Thoughts? Suggestions?
Level 22
Nov 14, 2008
downloading ...




Reviewed Version

Master Arena v1.5b
Reviewing points

Terrain 10% (I don't judge much on AoS featured maps)
Triggering 40%
Gameplay 30%
Bugs 20% (Heavy bugs such as game crashes counts as 100%)

Terrain was much alike GOTA but still fits the mini arena theme very well and I really liked the idea behind the teleporters. My only down point here was that the terrain didn't change at all when you went to the other side of the map, maybe blight would fit the undead side very well or a darker tile of cityscape?

When you random a hero, knockback master is still avaiable for buying. Also knockback masters passive knockback affects buildings too!

Also you mention that you have plenty of memory leaks... that's a bad thing, may cause laggs and also game crashes in the very end. Still you mention this game should be fast and yes it is.

Judging on abilities. Some are triggered, some are normal ones. Knockback is triggered (a must lawl) but aura master got non-triggered abilities. No wrong with that, pretty hard to make aura abilities with triggers but some more nukes in triggered wouldn't hurt and make the game more special.

No AI in current stage. Should be pretty simple in a small map like this to make one.

I find it very hard to get the reciepes first, rename naga merc to reciepe merc cause I was completly lost in the start, thought the items didn't work but they did! Only was that I had reciepies in my inventory.

Very fast and nice game-play. Like the idea with the masters and they work very well. Masses with units improves the "killing" feeling alot but still I'm a little annoyed with the weak towers without splash!

Very hard to def when you have so low movement speed and have to travel half map to get to your tower. Still I thought it was a good idea with the last building having multi-shot so it can defend itself atleast a few second more.

The teleporters are very nice as I mentioned, can be a little backstab trick too! :)

One more thing is that the lines that spawn in the outer ones walk into the middle if there are any enemies there. Can be annoying while deffing but that's that teams problem isn't it?!

You really should fix the problems I've mentioned but I think there are not so many bugs. The knockback shouldnt affect buildings and abilities are optional but are very common to have it that way. But the memory leaks ... fix it cause it might come up later.
Rating Points

Uses a 1 - 5 scale.

Terrain = 4
Triggering = 3
Gameplay = 4
Bugs = 2

4*0.10+3*0.40+4*0.30+2*0.20 = 0.8+1.2+1.2+0.4 = 3.6 ~ Useful / Recommended

Vote for approval: Yes
Vote for disapproval: No

Very short gameplay which makes it more fun to play. Replaying this choosing other heroes is a must! Not so many items but what cares, games to short for it anyways.

I liked the hero styles and the terrain. It has a few flaws here and there but it doesnt affect the map to much. Just that the knockback master is op. Pushed their tower to the middle :p

Seems that you atleast put some effort in this map and I would like to see some further updates of this!
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Level 1
Jul 14, 2008
:p looks like its the name that will have to stay. I have lots of empty tavern slots now though, so i need ideas for new Heroes. Each Hero has to have a play style (healing, nukes, blinking, AoE, knockback, Building, Auras, Tank, Summoning, Stun and Archery and Assassination have already been covered) so I am running out of ideas fast. I was considering dps type hero next. Thoughts? Suggestions?

how about...uhm...

Disabling master (purge,roots n stuff)
as already mentioned: a trap master (dmg trap,stuntrap etc.)
maybe a ward master(healing ward,serpent ward etc.)
a...passive master?(no int/mana...jsut passive skills o.o)
a crafting master (crafting items/equips n stuff) master?(he turns enemies into different colours which do severel effects...or he paints the ground for additional effects etc.)

there u got a bunch new ideas =3
Level 6
Jun 15, 2008
I've tried your map again now. I like the new heroes, I personally tried trap master this time :p.
I don't know about improvements though, It seems like a good map, well made and entertaining, plus it has a tense gameplay in the half it it takes :). About more heroes, I think you have sufficient heroes for a map like this. I myself am working on a map, so the ideas I have are for that map, and I wont tell you those :). I am having a hard time comming up with others atm, but if I think of some I will surely post them
This map is approvable and playable!
Level 14
Nov 2, 2008
Hey man nice map.

I think the small units are a bit weird. Looks kinda dodgy :p
Also your tool tips are boring. The spells are okay, but the tool tips are rather lame, for eg you use "30, 60, 90" instead of:
Level 1 - 30
Level 2 - 60 etc.
The Aura Master is also sooooo boring. I've always been against heroes that has only auras :p.

Its a good map but can improve alot.
Level 4
Jul 8, 2009
Its a very good map i enjoyed it exspecially the explosive vest item with the illusion master the clones explode:O :D.But the stealth master wasnt made very well seemed rushed like the one skill that causes the unit to go invisible after a few fade time but it had to be cast what is the point of that spell when the ultimate does the same thing passivley?
Level 14
Jul 16, 2009

Terrain: Well blizzard cliffs are blizzard cliffs, but the terrain looked awesome.
Gameplay. The gameplay was fun and not too long, and was balanced.
Other. No typos, and lagless.
You could put a commands quest to the questlog, i didn't know what commands should i type, :/.

A fun map. 5/5.
Level 6
Aug 20, 2005
I am aware that ranged heroes have an advantage early game, but I would argue that this map is very easy to gank on due to the teleporters and numerous blink spells. Its not supposed to be serious and played and in a competitive way, just a fast game for fun in between the endless dota matches.
Level 12
Feb 7, 2008
Ill try it tomorrow when i get to my other comp wich has war3.
Sounds tempting. Nuff said for now.
Level 12
Feb 7, 2008
Tested. Not bad, its good and funny map. I found vampires first skill abit powerful since it could wipe out the whole emmergency guys in 1 use.

I recommend this map.