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Master Arena v2.5g Gold

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.




Version: 2.5g GOLD

Select a Master and destroy you enemies! Inspired by Mini Dota and other fast AoS comes Master Arena, a fast paced Hero Defense/Arena. Your objective is simple; Pick a Master, kill your enemies and destroy their base, fast!

Are you sick of 3 hour Dota matches or TD's that take half a day? Then Master Arena is for you! Master Arena aims to create a fast gaming environment where fun is more important than victory.
Every Hero is fun to play, with ultimates that actually feel ULTIMATE!
Who want to sit in a lane slowly farming creep kills? In Master Arena you might kill 1000 creeps in a single game, not 200!
Sick of timing last hit denies? Don't bother! Master Arena punishes you for trying!

- 24 Heroes, each with 5 customized abilities
- Each Hero has a different theme; try the Stealth Master, the Ward Master or the Tank Master
- 40 Custom Items and numerous recipes
- Hordes of creeps to kill in one of three lanes
- The obligatory all random mode.
- Teleport behind your enemies with lane to lane teleporters allowing super fast ganking
- Spawned creeps get more and more powerful as the game goes on... eventually Siege units appear, and then Golems so your game doesn't drag on all day
- You can also purchase extra creeps to defend the lanes, including the ultra powerful Incursion tank, and the Defender of the Crypt.
- Concise tooltips for abilities and items, including item recommendations for each hero. Master Arena is easy to pick up with all of the important locations in your base labeled.
- More then one of each hero available to each team.

Pre-game commands:
- Red can set the Xp rate of heroes with "-setrate XXXX". The default setting is 80, but you can have anything from 1 to 9999. The gives control of the exactly what level your heroes will be when the game ending Golems appear.
- Sick of being ganked? Red can turn off the teleporters with "-nt".
- Enable random master mode with "-ar".
- Enable Mid only with "-om".

In-game commands:
- Type "-master" for tips on how you play your Hero
- Move to a larger field of view with "-zoom".
- Use "-unstuck" in the unlikely event of being unable to move.
- "-ms" shows movespeed.. obviously
- "-repick" to choose a different hero within the first 5 minutes.

I have used a number of other peoples models and a couple of icons, all of which are fully credited in-game, but here they are again;

INV_Weapon_Bow_09 by Hiveworkshop Spell_Shadow_AntiShadow by Hiveworkshop BTNSpell_Holy_SenseUndead by Hiveworkshop
RunicSword by Hiveworkshop
Misc_fish_04 by Hiveworkshop

Ballista v1by Kitabatake
CloudOfFog by JetFangInferno
Oblivion Aura by Vestras
Panther by Dan van Ohllus
BloodElementalMisile by DevineArmy
OrbFireX by General Frank
Human Selection Aura by s4nji
Goblin Engineer By T-Revellion-T
Fishing Hat By MeteORA
piratehat01 By Chriz
Military Hat By Fingolfin
WizardsHat by -SkatinG_CoW-
GroundExplosion by Willalmighty
TimeAura by Mc!

BloodElfSorceress by Tiki.
Revanant by ike_ike.

If any of these people ever need any favors in return don't hesitate to ask.

Lastest Releases


-Fixed a Bug in the Spell Master's Ult.
-Nerfed Time Master a bit (less damage on Q)
-Tweaked a couple of the Mater's base stats


-Lots of balance changes based on a couple of months of play.

- Fixed some bugs with Abuse Rage.

This will be my last official release as I have abandoned the project.


- Fixed up the Multiboard, now scales dynamically, etc
- Increased the Horde Melee bonus to 15%
- Horde and Alliance Hero Kill Gold and Lumber is now distributed to allied players
- Changed the Tinting on Poison Master so that team colour is visible
- Buffed the base stats of the Riding Master
- Fixed Swift Passage so that it lasts the correct amount of time.
- Added a couple of passive icons that should have been done ages ago.


- Increased the effectiveness of Rite of the Damned
- Nerfed Fires of the Pit (decreased AoE, Damage)
- Reduced the damage to mana ratio on Mana Shield (now 1.5)
- Increased the Mana cost of Empower at level 16
- Added Warning about Orb Stacking
- Decreased the Illusion creation time on Duplicate. It is now 5 per second.
- Nerfed Minefield by 50 damage.
- Nerfed the slow on the Poison Master's Ult by 2%
- Buffed Spitting Spider. Now lasts 25 seconds at all levels
- Holy Word now drains the target for a small amount of health and gives that health to an allied hero
- Nerfed the stats of the Slam Master making him less tanky.
- Sword of Armageddon now 5k cheaper.

- Added 2 new joke items

- Remade the Archery Master. She now has Scattershot, Bow of Shadows, Void Arrow, with Arrow of Grace being the ultimate.


- A number of small fixes for balance.
- Added shop description text
- Fixed Bear Form on the Fluke Master.

- New Preview picture
- Replaced Reanimation with Rite of the Damned
- Nerfed Fast Wards
- Nerfed Vampiric Aura
- Nerfed Disruption Aura
- Fixed the list of available ults for the Fluke Master
- New Items Icons!
- Nerfed the Flaming Stick of Hitting.
- Improved the Ult of the Heal Master.
- Decreased the Duration of Vine Trap.
- A number of Hero stat changes for balance.
- Changed the Mana cost of Empower to keep the Mana Master balanced.
- A couple of graphical fixes for Heroes.

- Decc Time field now deals the correct damage.
- Fixed the issues that arose from changing the game data set

- Fixed repick in AR
- Mana Master has been tweaked a bit.

- Added the Mana Master - A late game carry, early game irritation
- Various balance changes, code fixes, etc
- Barricades now have 250 HP

This map is NOT protected.
Oh, Jabberwocky is my username of BoredAussie PVPGN, thus the credit is not oddsocks.
Master, Arena, AoS, lanes, Hero, Mini, Dota, Jabberwocky, oddsocks, lane, 3c, fast

Master Arena v2.5g Gold (Map)

13:08, 11th Nov 2009 ap0calypse: Approved Map seems to be working properly Update: Vengeancekael - New version (New author): http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/maps-564/master-arena-v3-4b-151480/?prev=d%3Dlist%26r%3D20%26u%3Dbaassee




13:08, 11th Nov 2009
ap0calypse: Approved

Map seems to be working properly
Update: Vengeancekael - New version (New author): http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/maps-564/master-arena-v3-4b-151480/?prev=d%3Dlist%26r%3D20%26u%3Dbaassee