Mass units and lag problems

Level 5
Mar 7, 2009
I'm creating a map where the number of units cause problem to the game, especially than units don't care about orders (they get stucked).
But the fact is that there arent THAT units in the map, so i'm just asking :
In some map in Resident Evil style, or Undead assault, or other map in same style, i feel like there are units everywhere, but, still, everything work perfectly, so... Why ?
Even in map like Helms deep, there aren't problem while there are around 500 units in the map.

If you know how to fix this problem, thanks ^^
Level 11
Feb 14, 2009
It's not gibberish, but you need to translate first...

So, you're saying that you have a map in which units cause massive lag. First of all, have you checked your triggers for leaks? Are you sure your PC is decent enough to support many troops?