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Well, I usually see people pointing out unfinished maps to be posted on the Map Development forum claiming that this might help people to improve their maps, unfortunately none of this happens, for example:

A random person posts a map on map development forum asking for feedback, after a few testing from users they assure the person that his map is okay, once he posts it on map section he finds a Map Moderator telling him that his Terrain/ Gameplay was inbalanced, unacceptable and is forced to reject his map, on the other hand the testers have another opinion for this, so the question is this person supposed to know how if his map is either good or bad? the Map Moderators are only responsible for the map section, thus I suggest the creation of Map Development Moderators who's jobs are to test the map and to give final decisions so the person won't be forced to have a shocking review at the Map section. Please note that some of the map moderators are expert map makers and judge the terrain due to their point of view which I for one find it I think the map's downloaders/ players. In the end I don't find the rating system by players useful so far as the map moderators are the only ones who decide the map's fate.

Either ways, that's just my opinion...and is merely a suggestion, I hope this is the right forum as I couldn't see a ''Suggestions'' forum, would also appreciate it if someone who has authority responds to this.
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Oct 20, 2010
Having "map development moderators" would be very useful. I'm guessing you mean a sort of "team of beta testers" who's responsibility it is to test every map posted here? I'm not sure how feasible that would be, but I would definitely support this idea if the admins would be keen to implement such a thing.

I didn't know that only the map moderators decide the maps' fates and the "rating" was irrelevant towards it. I haven't ever submitted a map directly to the Hive Workshop's maps section (I upload to different sites) for the very reason that I don't see the rating system as very useful in many cases. I say this with regards to the map I am currently working on - it has been received very positively by the majority of people who manage to grasp the concept and appreciate the theme, but those who don't grasp the concept or the theme rate it poorly and give little indication of what is lacking, so there is no way to improve. A map dev moderator would help a great deal with this situation.

Well I spoke to a moderator in the chat section about the map upload section - I had a few queries with regards to the mechanics - and decided to upload my map to the maps section to see how it fares. :)
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Feb 9, 2011
Agreed with everything you said, someone are just making thread for nothing and there are no any test map or even one screenshot from the map on the "x" thread. We should take this seriously if you want to make a map thread upload the map not just letters and info, there is Idea forum after all.