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make trading impossible

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Level 1
Jan 12, 2008
hi there,

as the title says i dont want people to trade in my map. I set the tradeincrease vallues in gameplay-constants both to 0.
but stil people somehow manage to trade gold. You see it ingame as they run around with imba upgrades and its also mentioned in the statistics after the game. I tried to ask the guys how but they didnt answer -.-

so .. how did they do it ? .. how can i prevent it ? :huh:
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Dr Super Good

Spell Reviewer
Level 63
Jan 18, 2005
Map hack, you can set trade increment using that customly (ignoring game play constants).

There should be a trigger action that HARD disables trade (makes the button grey and unusable) or to the simlar effect. Maps like UAII and NotD and DotD uses it.

Also note that they can still trade by buying and selling itmes to each other (buying expensive item and giving it to them to sell) so make sure that is also disabled.
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