Magnifying Glass Item & Attachment

Just a very simple attachment made by me. Found out that there isn't any other thing like this in the model section so far, so i considered making one. It's just a simple model for the most mundane purposes, nothing special to get excited about. It's a common magnifying glass, that fits into both, modern police labs, Sherlock Holmes crime scene investigation stuff, alchemist lab, scientist labs, etc.


By downloading this file, you receive 2 models:
  1. the actual model is the attachment/decoration version. It serves as both. It's measurements have been adjusted to fit to villagers and similarly sized models. It can also be put as an additional decoration onto a table.
  2. the portrait file is the item version to it. It's not a portrait to the model!

Feel free to use it in any way you want. Have fun with it! :wink:

EDIT 1: my thanks to Deolrin for the good advise to change the glass to Additive. Thanks to him, this model could be improved quite a lot! :thumbs_up:

EDIT 2: my thanks to MiniMage for his good suggestion and idea of making certain materials of both models two sided! Thanks to his advise, these models could be changed to the better! :thumbs_up:

magnifying glass, glass, monocle, detective, detective equipment, police equipment, police

Magnifying Glass Item & Attachment (Model)

Magnifying Glass Item & Attachment (Model)

20:34, 9th Mar 2013 Kwaliti: Simple, interesting and useful.




20:34, 9th Mar 2013
Kwaliti: Simple, interesting and useful.
ty :ogre_hurrhurr:

Not bad, I'd change the handle to something more sturdy looking though. Look into the texture of the orc build animation. The texture to the orc pigfarm could work as well.
it's not rly in my mind changing it.....:vw_unimpressed:

Uncle, not too dark.. Brighten it up and add a better fading gradient.. 4/5 =))
the screenie isn't up-2-date. I've changed the glass's fading gradient to ''Additive'' already. :wink:
Was bored, tinkered some with your model.

I really need to come up with how I shall design my bombers, walkers and houses. ;/
Nice one! :thumbs_up: Also followed your instruction for the 2nd update of my model. Thx a lot for the advise about making it 2-sided. :ogre_hurrhurr:

For the latter (how you want to make your bombers and such), I'll send you a PM. :wink: