<<This is only a Terrain map>>

1-2 Years before i wanted to create a Aos map with nice Terrain (hating those lowterrain aos games, inlusive dota) but never finished it. So i decided to give it open source and hope someone will create a nice Aos with it :).

Dont forget to give Credits to:
Terraincreater: Situ
- HappyTauren
- JetFangInferno
- xXm0rpH3usXx
- Nasrudin
- WaremDarkslayer






Forest, Magic, Mushrooms, Situ, Aos, Terrain

MagicForest-Terrain (Map)

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» Vengeancekael:[c] Profile :: Hive Staff
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Currently rejected due to missing icons in-game.
Update [25.03.13]: Approved.
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+ Beautiful
+ Visible and well made contrast
+ Detailed
- No real jungling area (small)
- Inconsistent contrast

There's not much to say about details, everything looks beautiful - The waterfall, the unique bridge that you've made with the abolish effect, a stunning contrast with the 2 night elf sides, etc.
However, the map is a bit too small for an AoS, there's no real area for jungling or any other areas aside from the lanes.
The contrast split is a bit off, it would look better if the corrupted tiles went all the way to the center, because right now the green side is bigger.


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Date: 22/Mar/2013 02:48:27
Level 10
Apr 22, 2010
This is amazing.
As an aspiring terrainer myself, I really admire you on how well you used various vanilla Warcraft effects to achieve amazing things!
Perhaps I am just to newb, but I always wonder how people get the ideas for doing what they do in terrains. For example, using the banshee's possession debuff effect for the "light-bridge" is something I never would have imagined could be pulled off!
Kudos to you good sir, I would rep you tons of rep if I could, but alas, I can give but one.
+rep! :D
Level 10
Aug 30, 2007
ok ... this is amazing, really nice terrain

might be using this, just need to think of a setting/story for this
if i really work on on this map i would like to ask for permission to make some small tweaks on some spots ( e.g. bottom lane on lefts side, there seems to a part where the lane is very narrow )

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Deleted member 247165

Damn that terrain is purely awesome, but you mentioned in the description that you don't like AoS maps with low straight terrain. Ahem....I have to say to you that this is the way they should have a terrain. Having a huge terrain with various high mountains or cliffs can sometime be a problem. An AoS is not popular based on its terrain, it is popular from what it offers, you know its heroes, items, the skills, AI, combat system. I don't say the terrain must be ugly, but neither too extravagant. Look at my AoS or some other here that have extremely beautiful terrain but still decent. :) I'll rate your resource 5/5. When I started creating "War of Sanctity" I was thinking exactly as you, the terrain must be extraordinary. But that's not what attracts people to play it, and I realized that later. :)