Terrain Contest

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THW Terrain Contest #10

by -Kobas-

Terrain Template Map created for hiveworkshop terrain contest #10

Map size: 64x64 (Contest Rule)
Playable Map size: 60x60

Destructibles: 3885
Doodads (Other): 4025

Edited Doodads: 32
New Created Doodads: 332

Imported Stuff: 292
Map size -> 1.06 MB (1,114,112 bytes)





Terrain, Template, Dream, -Kobas-

Terrain Contest (Map)

Vengeancekael - Date: 2012/May/21 22:41:43 Reasons: Other: Check out the tutorials section: Tutorials Check out the Map Development Section: Map Development Section Check out the World Editor Help Zone (Trigger issues, object editor, overall...
wow i wanna and will like to be as awsome or better terrainer than you one day (maybe) got any tips as from my latest project has epic terrain i give you luck as from I underestermated you before i will like you to acheave great things thx for the experience. And also any chance of telling me when terraining contests are on i will like to improve my skills.