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Level 17
Nov 26, 2007
Los Santos RolePlay

I've been playing this for months. Basically, it utilizes a multiplayer mod for San Andreas. Yes, it's roleplaiyng on GTA: San Andreas, and it works very well.

The community is organized, and the rules are enforced harshly. There is an active police force, and a number of various legal and illegal factions for your character to join. Or you could be a random pedestrian (Which is boring) or start up your own "faction", it all happens in game. Being San Andreas doesn't restrict it to Gangbanger roleplay, either. I'm currently high ranked in an Irish Mob myself. Everything happens in game, and it really works well.

It sort of works like an MMO (Sort of), but Roleplay is enforced, with various rules. You can purchase cars, weapons, businesses and homes. They all save to your character's account, of course.

Oh, and it's a 200 player server, at peak ours, there's 200 people playing. It's limited to one city (Los Santos), so the city can be pretty lively at times.

I'm serious here, you'll be surprised. It works really really well, and It's the best Roleplay I've experienced, on any game. If you're interested, and you have San Andreas, just head over the registration portion of the website: cp.ls-rp.com . You'll have to pass a small quiz (Testing Roleplay skills, and knowledge of the rules).

If you have any questions, w/e. I'm not advertising or anything, but it's a really great roleplaying community that I've been part of for a while.


Although I guess it might not appeal to many people here, seeing as that it's not really a fantasy sort of RP.
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