Lore for Nythiel RPG

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Dec 15, 2007
A small group of nobody cultists traveled into an area in the world where no one was supposed to enter again, a place locked away and forgotten by the eldest race on the small planet of Litheria. A place where the creator himself was supposed to be born, a place of Ultimatum. The Depths of Ultimatum held another thing than just the birthplace of Ultima, it was the only place with enough magical force to contain the creatures called The Agians. They were a form of pure darkness, the worst creatures ever encountered, the Only race before them, The Drathna'kol, Could barely get rid of the great foe. The Drathna'kol was a race of great piece for 8 centuries, so great were they that their technology was advanced to massive steam machines, that flew, and traveled across the lands at incredible speeds, allowed you to travel across seas, and even allowed cities to fly. But they sacrified all of this, and their lives to put away the Agians away for good, as advanced as they were, there was no way they could defeat the Brute force, and massive numbers of the Agians. Other than their great sacrifice they had to lure the Agians into the Depths of Ultimatum and thats the place, and only way they could lock them away. When their plans were put into effect, one of the nobles of Drathna'kol thought this be a pointless act and escaped from the depths, along with a single Agian warlord. The noble looked for a new purpose in life after that, but the Warlord could not escape his blood's call and chased after the noble to put and end to his race, and then the Agians would be the only intelligent life on Litheria. But the noble proved more then a spoiled brat, and evaded the clever warlord for 12 decades, which is less then an 50th of each races life spans. Finally after watching the chase for far too long, the creator Ultimatum came from his palace in the stars and put an end into the chase. He literally smashed each creature wish his fists, and destroyed their physical beings. But with their spirits, he divided them and created many lesser races, the Agian he created many demon types, but the only intelligent demon was the imp, though barely conjurying a form of communication they were considered intelligent. The Drathna'kol's spirit was split into the smarter races, though they lived shorter than the demons they were driven by emotions other than rage and bloodlust, they had ambitions, love, happiness, sadness, revenge. They were the races of Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and minotaur.

Millions of years later all the races have evolved and grown, but mainly in strength, for war constantly covers Litheria because of petty things, of religon, race, money. But now a prophet tells of the stories of old, of the Agians and the Drathna'kolens. How the lesser races need to unite against the demons to vanquish the true foes once and for all. But of course, they did not listen. The imps too evolved over those millions of years, but mainly in intelligence, because unlike the lesser races of good, they did not squabble over petty things, they knew their religon, they were all united. They just needed a cause. But not all of the humans used the good emotions, no some used rage ase their crutch. Cultists of the respect or honors, only a small number of 21. But they knew where to get their strength. They knew what would help them reach that goal. They allied with the imps to reach the places only they knew. The Depths of Ultimatum long lost and locked by the planets shiting plates of stone, was finally found by the Cultists and the imps. The imps being underground most their lives had the best chance to find it. They unlocked the depths, breaking the Drathna'kol's seal and did not unleash a demonic horde like they hoped. But a Demonic horde of spirits, for their flesh and bones decayed a long time ago in that prison, but their spirits did not. The spirits took control of hundreds of thousand of living creatures underground including the imps that were in the wrong place at the wrong time and the cultists. Even though this used to be just a fraction of their forces, in a prison so magical as where Ultimatum was born, they learned that even spirits can decay. After being possed the bodies of creatures controlled by the Agians very quickly mutated into beings that were greatly enhanced in strength and intelligence, and all other characteristics. But only 3/4 as strong as an original Agian soldier. Controlled by the purest of the darkest emotions they went on to kill the lesser races of good.

Now the world is in war with the Agian incarnations, and some wars still even against each other. The prophet who tried to warn everyone is now gathering the best of the best, that he can find on the planet to fight the Agians at their core, for now they only send the lesser demons to get rid of allies they dislike and soften up the lesser races a bit.

any grammar, spelling corrections are thanked, and looking to make it better, and will continue to extend it. Even if map is only one rpg, i Want to continue the story line and possibly prelude story written out also.
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