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RPG Nythiel

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Level 11
Dec 15, 2007
mainly doing cause i'm bored and Sa(v) wants to help work on an RPG. It's hard to make an unique RPG but I am going to try my best.

I need someone to do triggers, i'm ok with the minor ones but I can't do the advanced stuff... or semi-advanced stuff.

Modeler, some major parts of this map needs custom models, or atleast just two models, rest find on models section. But need demonic race of agians, like basic fighter, mage demon, commander, and probly some named heroes. More than likely though if who ever does this could just make a Agian and armor, clothes, weapons, to go along with him to fit classes of the race, and maybe just a hero version, that fits the gear also, or it's own gear but will look cooler thann others obviously. Also the Prophet needs a model which I would talk about more privately detailed with him/her.
(btw ppl who didn't read lore, agians isn't playable race, might add though like if you get max level and secret something, but wouldn't be rigged.)

need testers but that's minor.

map dev. of the rpg
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