Looking for 2-player RPG Maps

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Jun 26, 2017
Hey guys. I'm looking for a RPG Map to play with my girlfriend.

The map should be:
- RPG or ORPG.
- Doable in 2 players.
- Should have at least one ranged female hero.
- Save and Load system.
- Nice Graphics.

The only map we played was this map:
Fantasy Glades ORPG
We played it yesterday 8+ hours and it was awesome; Till the end when we found that it does not have a save / load system. It was damn disappointing!
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Apr 2, 2013
3 player map that's doable with 2:
Sunken City v2.3.7a
It's the best dungeon-crawl RPG out there in my opinion. It should fit all your requirements, but I didn't check for a female ranged hero haha.

Open RPG map:
Gaias Retaliation ORPG v1.2C(18)
Not so linear like a dungeon-crawl, but it's honestly one of the highest quality maps out there. I think this should fit all your requirements, but I'm unsure if it's suitable for only 2 players.
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Jun 26, 2017
Thank you!
We will begin with Sunken City for today. I saw it has a female ranged hero ^^

EDIT: Sunken City was not my type of map (kinda bored me). But it's ok If you enjoy this kind of puzzle stuff. I personally prefer a map with more action.

EDIT2: Gaias Retaliation was not doable in 2 players. Any new sugesstions?
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You should be able to clear the early game content in Gaia's with 2. Maybe not the dungeons, but leveling.
You need at least a healer, tank, and dps. So unless you have a Cleric make sure to get the heal merc, and get tank merc unless you have squire/female squire.

Anyways some RPGs I've played and would recommend.. Some are relatively unknown but fun. I believe all of them meet what you asked for in OP and any should be find-able with google.

Adventure RPGs:
- Final Fantasy Epic Rpg
- The Imagica RPG
- ST's RPG
- Final Fantasy Open Rpg (there are a lot of dumb versions of this, though)
- Maplestory RPG
- The Black Road (version 1, not TBR2)

Farming RPGs:
- Golden Gods II Rpg (Spanish, but there's an Eng version now)
- HM RPG (Korean, with Eng version)

And my rpgs (primarily farming rpgs):
- Return of Legends
- Chaos dimension 2

I know there a lot more RPGs I have to suggest but I'm not at my computer now to check.
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Level 2
Jun 26, 2017

Thanks. You were right.
- We were undergeared
- We didn't know the bosses (outside dungeons) are supposed to be that strong.
- We started again and killed the wolf at level 9
- We are level 21 now and starting to love this map


You gave us a lot of maps to try.

Thank you!