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Lirch Unit Sounds

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So my mom decided to wash my pants with my papers in them. One of those papers had all of the lines for the unit sounds. And now I can't remember any of them.


So I need like 4 "what" sounds, 4 "yes" sounds, 3-4 "yes attack" sounds, and 7-9 "pissed" sounds.

EDIT: I also should add that Lirch is the silly and hyper one. :D

  • What
    • I like cookies
    • Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    • I'm hungry.
    • Are we there yet?
  • Yes
    • Go go go
    • No...eh, I mean yes.
    • Are there pancakes over there?
  • Yes Attack
    • Are you serious?
    • Let's get 'em
    • Rawr
  • Pissed
    • YOUR MOM!
    • I think your annoying clicker thingie wants some food.
    • So what if I like to stuff pancakes down my throat? I never get fat!
    • HEY! Don't click there!
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Aug 19, 2007
Yes Attack Sounds:
"Let's get 'em"
"I'm better than you!"
"Want a piece of me?!"
"Cry! Baby, Cry!"

Yes sounds:
"Im going, Im going"
"You're mean!"

What sounds:
"What's up?"
"Are you serius?"
"What the hell?!"
"I like cookies"

Pissed sounds:
"9x5+5678-1431x65/437 equals... What are you staring at?"
"For the Horde!! Wait, wasn't that Thrall's line?"

Dr Super Good

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Jan 18, 2005
I think ralle meant comment about your mom doing that in one of the pissed posts, anyway.

For the pissed section
"READY!!!!!!!!" (from Sonic Adventure 2 when sonic has charged up his light dash, would only be funny if read out like that).
"Must destroy man. . . I mean dragonkind! (Pause here for a few seconds) Ohh lunchtime!" (ripping off homersimpson when he makes the van melt through the ground during a simulation)
My dragon senses are tingling! (ripoff of spiderman)

Also some pissed phrases ripping off spyro might be good.
Level 1
Dec 23, 2007
Lirch Unit Sounds Finished

heres my sounds
tell me what you think
Pyritie if you want anything changed tell me
Again I added additional versions in case you wanted one over another

(note:"Go Go Go" is a marine command from starcraft
and the very soft "rawr" is a quote from my brother (you know him Pyritie) whenever he pwns me in dubbing old anime(among other things))



  • Lirch Unit Sounds.zip
    1.2 MB · Views: 192
Stand Sounds:
What is it?
Where are the pancakes?
I want foooooood!

Are there pancakes over there?
Yes, sir!

Big bad monster! Kill it!
RAAAAAWR!!! (A very monstrous RAWR)
That's it, I'm dead!


HEY! Don't click there!
Stop that or I'll bite that stubby metal finger!
Otherwise, think of something long, out of context like the Pitlord's "Jaina in the morning".
Level 1
Dec 23, 2007
Lirch voice acting done (second round of voices)

here are the voices. I did them louder (but I dont know if loud enough yet). Also you may not like some of them because of some fuzzyness (I was right next to my microphone). Tell me if you want them redone, and I will do them. Also I added "Blorg" my personal catchphrase. You can use it if you want.



  • Lirch voice acting 2.zip
    727.1 KB · Views: 165
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