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I make custom sound sets.

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Level 6
Oct 4, 2009
As in title, I make custom sound sets. Here's your chance to upgrade your map and delight players with something new. Simply tell me what sort of sounds you expect, how many of which sounds, and if possible, please provide an example from yourtube or somewhere.

How many:
-attacks sounds
-pissed sounds
-what sounds
-yes sounds
-yes attack sounds
-*if ready sound
-*if warcry sound
Level 10
May 28, 2009
Hi, I noticed this thread and thought that if it isn't to much to ask,
I would like a custom soundset for a Goblin Hermit/Druid.
The skin for this unit is currently under construction here:

And the map which it contains is currently under construction here:

The theme of his voice is much like Yoda mixed with a Goblin Hermit or
something like that (Look at the cinematics in the map and you'll see
what I mean).

If you can do this I would be thrilled.

(Copy pasted)
-attacks sounds = 2
-pissed sounds = 1
-what sounds = 1
-yes sounds = 2
-yes attack sounds = 2
-*if ready sound = 1
-*if warcry sound = 0

Please PM me with an awnser =)
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