Leman Russ

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Ok, I delayed this model for too long, but finally I made it through these animated textures. I think it looks better than old one (although certain dracophiles may consider it crap, but I don't care), but I won't deleted that old one, so it can ben used when wanting a smaller model.

The Leman Russ is the main battle tank of the Imperial Guard and one of the oldest tanks in service of the Imperium of Man. It's sturdy design and wide deployment have made it endure for millenia. It's thick armour is capable of withstanding the most powerful shots; its battle cannon can open large holes in the enemy vehicles as easy as its 3 heavy bolters mow down entire lines of infantry.

Model by Mechanical Man.
Skin by Crusad3r91.

Although credit would be appreciated, you can edit this without asking permission.

Have fun with it!

warhammer, 40000, 40k, leman, russ, ww1

Leman Russ (Model)

14:28, 30th Jan 2010 DonDustin: you got a nice tank there




14:28, 30th Jan 2010
DonDustin: you got a nice tank there
Level 5
Mar 5, 2009
Personally, the IG's only worthwhile units in my opinion are their vehicles, such as this tank named after the legendary Primarch. Good work with this, maybe the Landraider or Baneblade should be your next goal =D

5/5 +rep for awesomeness.
Level 11
Jan 23, 2009
"Dis gotz enuff Dakka for now."
Great model, can't wait for you to make more of these. I'm sure we 40K fans will shower you with plenty of reputation points... 5/5 Highly Recommended