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Legends of War v1.3

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Normal mode:

Capture the points near the center of the map. Your team will get 1 point per node controlled every 30 seconds. The first team to get to 100 points takes the advantage and starts as the attackers in the second round.

To capture a node you must go within 400 range of it. If the node has been taken by the opposing faction, you must first kill all units within the region (marked by the terrain around the node) before the node will become yours. When a node is captured a minimap ping will be shown to the opposing faction indicating then change. (alliance gets a pink ping, horde gets a red ping).

In the second round the attacking team must move up to the enemy town hall and destroy it. There is a 5 minute limit to do this in, if the attackers cannot destroy the building in the time limit, then they can no longer "win" the game, rather they can only get a "draw" by stopping the second team from destroying their own base. After 5 minutes, the roles are reversed (attackers becoming defenders and vice versa), and after 5 minutes, the game will end in either a win for the second team or a draw (depending on whether they second team destroyed the base or not).

King of The Hill (-kh)

In King of The Hill mode, only 2 nodes on the map will be available for capture at any one time. The locations will be pinged on the minimap continuously, until it is almost time to change locatios.

Capturing these points will mean that you score 1 point every 6 seconds for your team. Once your team reaches 100 points or the enemy reaches 100 points, everyone will be transported to a team arena, where you must fight alongside your teammates to defeat the enemy.

In the Arena, each enemy death get will grant your team a bonus 3 points. After 80 seconds, the Arena will end, and the team with the most points wins.

---Version 1.3---

- 3 New Items
- 1 New Hero
- Restored hero XP over time. Every 3 minutes all heroes get an XP boost. (capturing nodes and unit/hero kills

still grant XP).
- Slight changes to Yoroichi, removed an exploit with Shapeshift ability.
- Buffed Dread Lord, increased Bloodthirst buff duration, increased infection debuff duration, increased

regeneration rate of blood aura.
- Fixed tooltips and hotkeys on many hero spells
- Removed a bug with Combat Master going out of control inbetween his attack phases
- Fixed and modified how Yoroichi's Ultimate works, removing an explot and balancing the hero
- Buffed Champion of the Horde - ultimate damage is now pure, increased maul chance and damage.
- Helm of Valour regen no longer stacks with more of the same item
- Buffed Warden - changed the way Shadow Raze works, and Stealth % chance to activate increased attack speed.
- Fixed Shield of Lordaeron - Properly reduces damage taken
- Modified attributes on some heroes - all should be properly balanced now
- Buffed Wario's Poison Wave - increased wave, chance to deal double damage and more damage per level.
- Hero maximum level raised from 20 to 25
- All heroes except combat master now given a stat bonus ability. (combat master now has higher than average

stat bonuses per level)
- Improved Terrain eye candy

---Version 1.2---

- New game mode added "-kh" King of The Hill. 1 node is activated every minute for a minute. Both teams must

fight for control of that point. First team to 100 points wins. 1 point awarded every 2 seconds when a node

has been captured.
- 3 New Heroes
- 3 New Items
- Added -AR (All Random) mode.
- Added -random command, allowing players to choose a random hero.
- Added -repick command, allowing players to repick their heroes for 1000G.
- New fountain Defenders, so players can be safe in their base
- Remodelled the base shops. Easier to access and easier on the eye.
- Screen now auto zooms-out on game launch
- Changed the way units get income and experience. Exp and money over time has been removed and replaced with

income and exp for every node capture and hero kill. When a node is captured, all allied heroes will receive

exp and an income bonus.
- Reduced the amount of gold bounty awarded from hero kills from $1000 -> $500.
- Tooltip on lifes touch fixed
- Units are now paused on game end
- Improved the anounce system on node capture
- Fixed a bug with multiple node captures by the same person
- The loosing team (node round) in normal mode now have their castle hp reduced to 75%
- Drastically increased damage on wormys charged particle cannon and changed the way it deals damage to the

enemy, fixing a bug where once a unit is hit by the attack, they would not be affected by it anymore.
- A tower now spawns to defend a captured node, along with the normal units
- Increased Glamdring attack speed bonus from 10% to 30%
- Lowered Hex Staff's attack speed bonus from 35% to 15%
- Changed the way major items are built. Instead of following DoTA style recipie system, they follow pudge

wars style item levels, where each new item of the same type upgradings your old item, until the max level is

- Slightly lowered the damage done by Circle of Frost.
- Improved Wrath of The Horde's damage dealt per point of strength, and icreased the amount of health

regenerated per point of targets strength.
- Many slight modifications to hero attributes to help balance the game.
- Replaced Avatar of Fire's Incinerate with Command Aura.
- Found and removed some leaks - should improve performance.
- sabre - increase stun on massumune - increase dmg on omnislash
- increase duration on summoned units - diablo
- Immages can no longer bestow auras
- fixed bug where ppl stuck on one side of the map and cant change over (hopefully)
- Changed Arthas ultimate to do damage based on strength, and slightly - increased stun duration.
- Changed water elemental summons to ice revenants - ice overlord
- Modified Rogue ninja's movement speed and made Sonido give a constant 3% movement speed boost at all levels.
- Fixed Killing Spree counts and announcements
- Reduced amount of bonus spell damage received from Spell Boost (mage armour)
- Replaced Kenny's Lightning Shield with Curse of Flames
- Reduced HP gained per point of Strength, Mana gained per point of intellect and Armour gained per point of

- Heroes now respawn with full Mana and Hp
- 1.2 - 1.2a - Fixed a problem with the arena not respawning Horde units
- 1.2a - 1.2b - Fixed a problem with Shadown healer's Burst heal
- 1.2a - 1.2b - Fixed a problem with normal mode not transporting units to their appropriate sides when horde

wins the node capture

---Version 1.1---

-Camera now pans to hero when stage 2 starts
-Global notification of when stage 2 starts and who won the innitial round
-Removed item requirements on Serathil and added gold cost for when item is sold
-fixed tooltips on most items
-removed second searing blade
-removed recipie for talisman of teleportaton
-Removed revival timers (all hero revives are now instant)
-Fixed problem with 2 different items named "pendant of energy"
-Fixed bug where a unit would respawn with only 800 vision
-Made small balancing changes to many heroes (eg.base attack damage, base hp, armour, ect.)
-Fixed all hero summon hotkeys
-fixed bug with searing blade appearing on the floor
-remade searing blade item
-Re-arranged shop items
-fixed hotkeys on all items
-Gem fragment now drops upon death
-Fixed Arcane Stone
-Added 3 new heroes
-Added 2 new items

This is a list of All (that i have remembered to record) the abilities, models, skins and icons that i have used from The Hive.

searing beam by Angel.of.Doom
Chaos Slam by Kiun
Kamehameha by Claudz
Angel by expresso
SkeletonLord by levigeorge1617
Ice Overlord by General Frank
Tigerian Slicer by General Frank
Skeleton Fire Warior Mage by HappyTauren
Spike explosion by MobKing
TornadoMissile by BurninRose
AirElemental by alfredx_sotn
CrushingWaveMissile by Callahan
ShadowInfernal by Necromancer_187
CrystalGolem by Mc !
EarthElemental by alfredx_sotn
Rock Elemental by Norinrad
Laser Beam by Don`t Arsk
Infernal by b17rider
DarkShockWave by The_Avenger's_Return
Circle of Frost by Squiggy
Hellfire Blast by Squiggy
Fire Ring by Dark_Demon_DK
Recipe Combine 1.3b by Dark_Dragon
Mortars call by Pippo
Radiation Grenage by Snaky
Magical Birds by Paladon
BTNHawkAspect by SkriK
Creep Respawn System by Dark Dragon
Illidan(Evil)X by Benny the Priestess
Spinning Masamune Missile by Kitabatake
Deadeye by JigraelE
xtremeSword by xXMephistoXx
Medic by Jigrael
Unbroken Sage by dickxunder
Carrington2k (AKA Escaper-Phoenix) -> Dins Fire06, FaroresWind
Goliath Missles , GH2 by Max666
IceBladeMissile by DonDustin
Rocket, Ancient Explosion SFX by WILLTHEALMIGHTY
Frozen Orb by Daelin
Power Orb by Kitabatake
BTNBTNColdoftheDamned by KelThuzad
Staff of Negation by Thrikodius
Fire Tornado by JetFangInferno
KeyTimers2 by Jesus4Lyf
Heat Cyclone by Daxtreme
Fire Bombs by OrkofMordor
Freezing Field 1.7b by Dark Dragon
WaterWaveingSplash v2.2 by Calex3
Water Explosion by BukiBuki
BTNSmite By KelThuzad
Dark Spellpack 1.1 by Asgard Ragna
BTNdemonicritual by LiOneSS
BTNXOverkill by X.e.r.e.X
BTNBloodSignet by KelThuzad
BTNSmite by KelThuzad
BTNArcaneBlast by KelThuzad
BTNInfection2 by KelThuzad
Big Shot v2.0 by shiggityshwa
CloudWolf - Diablo III Beta v1.17 HUD (interface look)
Cloud Wolf - Whirlwind Effects - Dragon Dance
Dan van Ohllus - White Tiger
Rmx - Fire Eruption Trap
calex3 - Water Splash v1.5
calex3 - Water Wave
Guild Wars - Guild wars icons
KelThuzad - BTNHoly
GooS - BTNMidnightGS
bigapple90 - BTNredsword4
Thanathos - Spinning Shards v0.3 (Senkimaru)
fagge - BTNLightningGlobe (Lightning Orb)
RMX - Fire Dash
CRAZYRUSSIAN - BTNBladestorm (Quick Blades)
Final credits go to the people who continuously helped with the map testing, and providing various map ideas and concepts: Snake, AssassinYK, XxTerror, Nogad, HolyShitterZ, Jaxextreme, PvP, SYUNIXT, Anom, Wario, Gannondorf and others from www.Auscraft.cc.

If you see a spell/model/icon in this map which you beleive is your creation, and is not credited here, please contact me at [email protected] or pm me on Hive.

Capture, Nodes, Team, Hero, Defense, Arena

Legends of War v1.3 (Map)

21:44, 10th Aug 2010 ap0calypse: Rejected
Level 2
Apr 10, 2008
Hmm... I'm not sure what else i can say to describe it lol :p. Those two modes are pretty much the heart of the game, dominate the nodes in the center with your team, then assault their base, or capture the hill, then face off in a deathmatch.

As far as screenshots go, ill take your advice and try uploading some, although that may have to wait a bit, till i can get some multiplayer screenies, rather than the single player testing i ussually do.
Level 22
Feb 3, 2009

As a Reviewer of the Map Reviewers Group, I joined the THW Cleaning Event.
end up writing a fast review, or just posting the end state of the map, rating is not always included!

Current State for this map: Rejected

I will contact the moderator to Approve/Reject the map, depending on what you recieved.