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  • I haven't been here in a long time. Unfortunately, I failed to complete any of the campaigns in this year... I'm still working on it.
    Are you still working on your campaign? How's the progress?
    Hello! Yes i'm still working on my campaign, and I'm working on one another type of campaign too. LOW: Winds of War progress.. 35% maybe and the another campaign is 75%. I'll try to finish both in this year.
    I'm here again. Not everything is fine yet... but i'm ok. Thank you deepstrasz, that's nice of you.
    Hey, I'm glad you're OK!

    Also, to reply to a message, go to the right side of the screen where the green Comment is. Click that and write your reply.
    Now, you wrote on your profile and I've seen this message by chance :)
    Okay deepstrasz :) Thank you
    I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I have serious problems in my life... so i have to neglect this hobby a little now. but do not worry if I'm going to be over for this... and make me stronger. I will continue...
    :( I hope all goes well in the end for you. Your legends are not forgotten.
    The Elven Twin Unicorn swordsman. The unicorn shield is not perfect, but I still need to fix it a bit.
    MouMou: I made few unit textures. /footman,bandit,priest,mage,ship etc.../ What was needed for my campaign. You can see them in my album. /Legend of War/
    Hey there is no red version of that blue captain why didn't you create one?
    I'm sorry but... unfortunately I'm not sure that is ready in this year. But I'm try to finish it.
    Hey mgheteddik what are those red colored footman in legends of war if u know I mean?
    Hey mghetedik when is the next legend of war campaign coming out I miss playing those
    Thank you MouMou! Now I work on a different style campaign. I hope that will be good too... Oh and I almost forgot it... Happy International Women's Day :)
    Update: I'm sorry the campaign /LOW: Winds of War /will not be ready in this year. It is not necessary to be sad. Patience.
    " is university going?"
    Kikkel megy mi ?
    Hmm... Honnan tudod hogy Egyetemen vagyok? már említettem volna.. csak én nem emlékszem? ;) Te Egyetemen tanulsz?
    I think the two nation are same. Many people argue on this. Hungarian conquest or homecoming.
    It is taught at the school what the winners wrote.
    "The winners write the history always."
    I'm curious what my son will learn about the World War two in the school.

    I say thank to everybody for the vote/rate and for the help to my campaigns. /to find bugs/errors/
    Thanks for the advices. :wthumbsup:

    Thank you!!!

    I will not be here on the hive during the holiday season. At least not much.

    I wish peaceful xmas and Happy New Year for EO. :wcool:



    I played with the first and second campaign. I like it :thumbs_up:
    Yes, i know. It's Hungarian. :wink:
    I answer here too if not problem.
    Yes, I made simple model and skins. I need for some models/skins in my campaign. I make it. :)

    Campaign approved!!!:thumbs_up:
    Thanks to StoPCampinGn00b.
    Thank you:thumbs_up:


    Legend of War:

    The campaign is downloadable again. /The second part of the story /
    Thanks to StoPCampinGn00b.
    You find the campaign in the pending campaigns section.


    Legend of War /update/

    - text translation: are complete.
    - all maps are complete.
    - interlude: are complete.
    - Maps testing are complete.
    - Find the campaign used models and textures author' name ,and thanks them. /Credits /-- Complete

    I upload the campaign today :wink:
    I hope for the rejected status it is revised.
    Köszönöm Mg ! Neked is :)

    I work on my old campaign /Legend of War/ what was rejected. 2010.08.10
    I try to correct all mistakes and I put two new maps to the campaign. New models, skins terrain changes.
    I plan it so that the new version will be ready to April.
    When I finish, I upload the new version and I hope for it now it is not rejected.
    No problem. :)
    Mostanában én is elég elfoglalt vagyok, lehet túl sok dolgot válaltam el egyszerre.
    Hi MGHetedik,
    How are you? :) Sorry for not repsonding yet. Yes, my map is accepted, but I know I have been doing a lot os things to achieve this. Good luck with your maps. I might play them once but currently I am very busy.
    Hello Mgeterno
    Thanks, I'm fine. I work on the campaign /LOW/ and one other map.
    and... your map progress? snow and ice?
    Thanks. Thank you that you asked it.

    Of course. Yes.

    Were you able to open my campaign with the editor?
    Yes ---- Use it what you need.
    No ---- Write it what you need and we solve it somehow.


    I wish merry Christmas :wsmile: and happy new year for EO

    I like your campaign, specially models & skins...Can I export models & skins from your campaign?

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