Legends of the Cynep [Single Player RPG]

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Jan 21, 2009
Cynepkokc's RPG (Unofficial Title) [Single Player RPG]

Cynepkokc's RPG (Unofficial title)

I am currently unsure of what to name to RPG, so... I'll update that as soon as i can so i have a name for my RPG - is a Single Player ORPG (Will possibly be converted into a 4 player online ORPG if this becomes successful enough) thats based around, well normal stuff, my account (Cynepkokc) is on Lordaeron US West realm.

I will not give any sure Item, Terrain, Trigger updates just yet, because i am currently unsure of how many Skill Trees, Items, Ability's and other factors that will be included in the map.

What i would like for now, is for people to give suggestions on what to add into the map (Items[Weapons], Skills[i.e Alchemy], Abilities, Mercernary ideas, etc)


Weapons (I will list just one from each tree, otherwise this list will be extremely long)
- Short/Long/Bastard Sword / Claymore
- Long/Short/Crossbow
- Staff/Wand
- War Hammer
- Mace/Morning star/Flail
- Great/War/Battle Axe
- Misc. (Wood Cutting Axes, Mining Picks, etc)

I will list any suggested non-special weapons on this list, special weapons will be listed on the Special Weapons List.

Special Weapons - These are the only current special weapons (Other than special-based versions of non-special weapons) that i have so far.


Magically Infused Blade: Fire (Level 11 Short Sword)
- +7% damage
- +6% attack speed
- 10% chance to deal a bonus (27+Intelligence) Fire based Spell Damage to the enemy.

"A weapon which has been magically infused with the element of fire, this allows it
to randomly shoot out bolts of fire hurting anything caught by it." - Submitted by Cynepkokc (Me)

Blade of the Cynep (Level 24 Claymore)
- +11% damage
- +14% attack speed
- 5% chance to do either of the following
- Deal a bonus (2xIntelligence) Spell Damage to the enemy
- Heal yourself for 18% of your maximum health
- Obliterate 33% maximum health from the enemy
- Shoot out a bolt of lightning that bounces causing 100 damage losing 10% damage each bounce (5 bounces)
- Curse the enemy causing them to miss 33% of there attacks.
- Give you a bonus +33% damage, +10 armor and +5.00 HP/s regen for 10 seconds

"Crafted in the Legendary Forge of the Legends themselves, this weapon was blessed
with many minor enchantments because of its quality when crafted.
- Crafted by Minoris (Minor Legend, 5th class)" - Submitted by Cynepkokc (Me)

Nether Spear of Pandaria (Level 29 Rare War-Spear)
- +21% damage
- +20 Agility
- +10 Intelligence
- 10% chance to banish an enemy on attack for 4 seconds.
- Each attack costs the hero 5 health.

- Submitted by Juudai-Panda (US West)

Skills Trees

Wood Cutting:
Basically, its self-explanatory, but if you need me to i will explain.
You cut trees, you either sell them, use them to upgrade various objects in your house (or other houses for rewards from the owner)
and the Lumber you receive from trees can be used to make items for the skill Carpentry

Allows you to make Furniture, Decorations, Weapon Hilts, any other thing that needs wood to be made (This will include Bows possibly)

You can mine from various Ore Veins to receive Minerals which are saved as a Variable to stop Inventory-Clutter, these minerals can be used in Black Smithing and any other skill that will involve the use of ores.

Various sub-trees consist in this class, theres Weaponsmith, Armorsmith, Arcane Weaponsmith, etc.
I'm not currently sure how many sub-trees of Blacksmithing there will be.

????, this one was just currently suggested and i require more info from the suggester to give information on how this skill will work.

That is all, any suggestions would be great, aswell with Feedback.
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Dec 30, 2009
How bout for crossbows split it into Crossbow / Bow / Longbow
swords to One Handed / Two Handed
axes to One Handed / Two Handed (since there are so many kinds of axes and swords).

You should also work on the story, since that'll help draw ppl in.
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Jan 21, 2009
[K40$]-Spectre;1659114 said:
, how about mixing items into one item? e.g. a mana potion + health potion make a potion of revulnation (replenishing both health and mana).

That's what i was currently thinking, and am moving towards but i would like to see if the suggestor had a different idea on his alchemy suggestion.

How bout for crossbows split it into Crossbow / Bow / Longbow
swords to One Handed / Two Handed
axes to One Handed / Two Handed (since there are so many kinds of axes and swords).

You should also work on the story, since that'll help draw ppl in.

My RPG won't have a straight story line, but there will be major quests that will build a story line somewhat, this is a ORPG. So as for the build the story line, that will probably happen in a bit, but right now im more focused on getting everything planned out and organized.

As for the weapons bit, i don't have to have weapons limited, there will be tons of weapon classes with sub-trees leading to each type of weapon, but this doesn't necessarily mean i'll have 100 of each sub-tree of each weapon class, its just set up like this so i can organize it easier and to give more options to the player.