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Lava TD

Level 2
Mar 15, 2009
Lava TD

~I'll add some screen shots when the terrain is fully done.

Creator: Me [CatChaos]
Current Stage: Alpha
Summery: A TD with interesting pathing for creeps.
Credits: Thanks to Cryptopsy-kid for general layout ideas.
Features: Creeps spawn in each corner and go the the corners next to them, they then set off to the following corner and halfway along the second side, they go to the middle, which is where you have to prevent them from arriving.
2 Playable races
Towers with spells
Creeps with spells
Hero Towers

Situation Updates: Terrain basic done.
Triggers done.
1/5 of creeps done (without spells)
Towers done (without spells)

~I realise theres not much too this topic, but I'll update as time goes on and when I get testing there will be more too it.
Level 3
Aug 17, 2010
Your description is kinda lacking, maybe make it more attractive with some BB codes and screenshots.
Also you should tell what makes this TD unique and special. And only 2 races?! They better be creative, or else there wont be much replayability in this TD
Level 2
Sep 3, 2010
Can you share more informations? As for the features part I don't see any unique things without showing any screenshots. -.-