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A very simple skin for alternative lightning, which I called "Nether Chains". I will start off a collection of those, cause I have some pretty good ideas. This is just for a variety on lightnings. It replaces the "IariatCaught (Lariatcaught)", which is the path for the Aerial Shackles lightning.

Lightning, Nether, Chain, Link

lariatCaught.blp (Texture)

10:22, 16th Dec 2009 THE_END: Awesome, very creative idea, I like it




10:22, 16th Dec 2009
THE_END: Awesome, very creative idea, I like it
Level 32
Nov 24, 2007
Now that is a good idea, there should be done more skins along this line, though the chains MIGHT just want to look a bit smaller, to go with the units, as of now their really larger than the units, which I personally dont think is a good thing.
Level 37
Jan 10, 2009
It would be nicer if the links had more definition and looked more like links, one of my friends commented that it looks like a line of hammers, though it looks enough like a chain to get the point across. The chain could also stand to be smaller, to look a more believable size. If you need more pixels to work with you can always increase the size of the skin, it will work with a higher resolution. Really cool idea though :)
Level 10
Apr 18, 2009
Really original, I love the idea with new lightning skins. Unlike many other people, I can't really say that the chain should be smaller. Sure, that'd be more realistic, but there is something appealing to those large ones, maybe the fact that they're really clear and looks very magical.
Level 7
Aug 8, 2008
Nice job man! How about making an ice-blue version of it? That would be nice, for a chains of ice kinda spell.
It's good looking and nice, but..
Type:Unit, Hero, Ward, User Interface, Ground Textures / Tilesets

I was searching for User Interface and found this. You were already arguing about it up there, but the truth is that:

  • Unit: It doesn't fit because it doesn't replace an unit's texture.
  • Hero: It doesn't fit because it doesn't replace a hero's texture.
  • Ward: It doesn't wrap over a ward object model.
  • UI: It isn't wrapped at the User Interface.
  • Ground Texture: It doesn't go under a building on the ground.
  • Tileset: It obviously isn't a tileset reskin.
Please remove all the types that you have put and instead just check "Effect", cos it's LIGHTNING EFFECT, thank you :)
Level 5
Apr 4, 2010
Very nice, im using this for one of my spells but... It seems im unable to use the arial chackles lightning in the create lightning effect action... Is there any other path i can replace it Life drain? Dont care too much if it moves like that. Please, someone, tell me another lightning path.^^