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  • Could you give me an unprotected version of your supernova map? I would like to view the code, and if with your permission continue it otherwise make my own map with your code.
    Hello mr. hagge5 ... can i have an request ! : Like this Signature :
    I'm flattered, but no thx, im kinda lazy.
    You inspired me abit nestharus, and I do have some ideas to shorten the code a little bit. we'll see if it works :)

    Thank you.
    If you don't use that math, then your save/load code is going to be at least 30% bigger and could be as much as 2x bigger :\.

    I think that you should just put in the extra effort for a higher quality map =).

    But w/e, I tried ^)^.

    I introduced you to the different tools out there and linked you to a tutorial that covers how save/load is properly done. I can't do much more than that ^)^, so at this point if you still want to do the same technique used in most save/load systems, w/e ;D. Go for it ^^
    Before you try making a save/load system on your own, just check the Encoders trigger in the Encoder Framework map in spells section. If that doesn't appear to be enough power for you, then check this resource out

    In that framework, you have to do all of the actual save/load yourself. It just handles security and the save/load commands. That could be right up your ally.

    Also, if you don't need the complexity of Encoder (the conditional save/load), then you should really opt for the simple low level one.

    There really is no need to craft a save/load system from scratch anymore ; P. Those days are over, it's pointless ; ).
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