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[L2] - "Goblin Warz" - Mektology Industries


Arena Moderator
Level 43
Jul 29, 2008
NAME: Mektology Industries
FACTION: Goblins (Mechanical-focused)
PROJECT: "Goblin Warz"
STATUS: Level 2 (Finished but Incomplete)

The Mektology Industries!!

A rugged association of mechanics and engineers, committed to a world of steam and steel! Mechs, mechs and more mechs, with auto-constructing buildings and a propensity to repair. Led by Warmechs in their polished mech-suits, the Industries deploys a variety of mechanical menaces, from the lowly Automaton and Dirtdigger to the powerful Juggernaut and Shredder.


Basically, I've become infatuated with the "mini-race" concept, and I feel the Goblin Cartels & their endless inter-racial conflicts provide ample ground for a fun, crazy "mini-Warcraft"-style game. Borrowing heavily from Handclaw's paragon interpretation (http://www.scrollsoflore.com/forums//showthread.php?t=1237) of Goblin society, I would submit:

(Of course, with my predilection for 3's in these RTS settings, it could easily involve removing the 4th one ("Greed") and incorporating elements of them back into the other 3)

(I need better names. Two are shamelessly loaned from ATT^, and one is woefully inadequate ;_; )

(I still feel the Mech Goblins should have a "Shredder hero", but I can't help but realize/wonder if Blizzard knew what they were doing by making a Mechanical (Goblin) Hero dependent on a Level 6/Ultimate ability (i.e. it's crazy OP otherwise))

- Re-open & familiarize myself (it's been almost a decade (WOAHOHOH))
- Take into consideration the Poll & Judging results
- Rework stuff


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