[L2] - "Goblin Warz" - Alchemist's Union


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Jul 29, 2008
NAME: Alchemist's Union
FACTION: Goblins (Alchemy-focused)
PROJECT: "Goblin Warz"
STATUS: Level 2 (Finished but Incomplete)

The Alchemist's Union!!

A research-oriented guild of Goblin scientists and researchers, dedicated to the pursuit of 'Better Living through Chemistry' & knowledge at all costs! Toxic chemical spills and mad-genius-style warfare is the name of the game, with a focus on (al)chemical knowledge and experimentation. Headed by insane Warbrewers on their trusty ogre steeds, they bring Hobgoblins and Junkies to the fray, as well as Sludge Tanks and Rad Rats!



Basically, I've become infatuated with the "mini-race" concept, and I feel the Goblin Cartels & their endless inter-racial conflicts provide ample ground for a fun, crazy "mini-Warcraft"-style game. Borrowing heavily from Handclaw's paragon interpretation (A Tinker's Tale - Scrolls of Lore Forums) of Goblin society, I would submit:

(Of course, with my predilection for 3's in these RTS settings, it could easily involve removing the 4th one ("Greed") and incorporating elements of them back into the other 3)

(I need better names. Two are shamelessly loaned from ATT^, and one is woefully inadequate ;_; )
Lots of fun ideas I enjoy went into this mess, and I did actually polish most of the tooltips & buffs... But not all. Definitely got some model issues (apparently neither the Hobogre or Sludge Tank have Portraits (& Sludge Tank has no Decay animations)), some icon issues (Whirligig & Hobgoblin), among many other things. Tried to avoid using custom resources (aside from models) wherever possible, so expect "creative" icon choices, lol.

- Take into consideration the Poll* & Judging* results
- Rework stuff


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