Kul Tiras Footman

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Kul Tiras Footman by Footman16
From Wowpedia said:
During the reign of Lord Admiral Daelin Proudmoore, the Boralus Guard became a highly disciplined and formidable force, an achievement that Daelin took great pride in.
After making my Admiral's Elite Guard model I felt it wouldn't be fair to leave the forces of Kul Tiras without their standard frontline soldier the Footman. Therefore I decided to make a Footman skin based on the look of the forces of Kul Tiras from Battle for Azeroth. For this I chose the Kul Tiras Quest Plate (Waycrest recolour) as inspiration in terms of design and colours since I felt it fit the best (in terms of silvers, golds and dark greens).

Anyone on the Hive's discord might have seen the various WiPs I posted and so can attest to it being all completely freehand!

The picture I used for inspiration was this one:


Again whilst the edits to the model itself are very small I believe they are necessary for the intended look. However if one does not wish to import the separate model and simply wants to replace the original Footman they simply need to import the texture and set the path to Textures\Footman.blp however the texture will not look as good due to some wrapping issues on the original Footman model. Hence why if you have the file space available you should use the edited model alongside the skin.

To import:
Import the .mdx model file:
War3MapImported\Kul Tiras Footman.mdx

Import the Texture and remove War3mapImported\
So it look as follows:

So if you decide to use this resource please give credits. If you wish to make any edits or changes please ask permission and also do not upload this anywhere else without permission, thanks!

Update 10/07/2021: Added an alternate version of the Footman model with the kettle helmet which is more similar to the reference image.

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BTNKulTirasFootman (Icon)

Footman Alternate Helmet (Model)

Kul Tiras Footman (Model)

You should change the model more. It looks too much like the original Footman model. Perhaps try to give it the same kind of helmet shown on your reference :)
So ideally I would edit the model a lot more since this is the model section however, I believe CloudWolf has models that are only slight edits and the main purpose is the texture that comes with it.

So Ive uploaded it as a model so people can use the texture as it is intended with the better wrap and slight edits. But if one wanted they could use the texture on its own. The reason I didn't upload it as a skin with the better wrap model in a pastebin link is because people would not read the description and keep asking why the texture doesn't look as shown; this way somebody who doesn't read the description will still use the texture properly since the model comes with the download as standard :)
You should change the model more. It looks too much like the original Footman model. Perhaps try to give it the same kind of helmet shown on your reference :)
I know this is technically a double-post however more than 2 weeks has passed since my previous message.

I have posted an edit of the Footman model with an alternate helmet more similar to the reference image :) If there any other suggestions for variations/derivatives I'd be happy to hear them.