Kingdoms of Zeronia v20 beta testers needed

Who wants to join me please vote, and I may one day hold a tournament for it

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Jun 11, 2016
Hello guys I just need 5 players to join me on my 6 player map called Kingdoms of Zeronia to test version 20 with me before its update on the site from v15 to 20. If you are interested please message me, also remember to give me some helpful feed back, Kingdoms of Zeronia is my first actual map made in Warcraft 3 Frozen throne. Please note the map is a 2 vs 4 It has been balanced out for the 2 enemy to vs the 4. There are 4 Islands two are very large and the other 2 are small islands. You can build Tanks,Airships,Walls and mechs and a lot of other units. For example playing as the Undead/Demons you can train many units such as the demon vanguard which can summon hell hounds to fight for you,The undead can also train Twenty foot demons, Now on to the Nargalu legion which is a human fiction, The Nargalu legion trains pretty much every unit that all the other humans can train aside from elves and dwarf, They can build a super weapon called the flying fortress which does what it says flies around and blows things up, The Undead/Demons can build a very powerful tower that can destroy its enemies, Note the super weapons cost a lot of lumber,gold and food, not much units cost food only some OP ones do. Note you have many options in this map of how you can play you can go all out Air or all out Ground force which includes naval, you chooses of transport are naval ships. The Terrian is mainly grass land and most of the map is ocean.


Kingdoms of Darkmoon (race Human)

Kingdom of Suvador (race Elven)

Dwarf Kingdom (race Dwaren)

Dark elven kingdom (race Dark elves)

Nargalu legion (race Human)

Undead/Demons (race Undead and demon)

Allied Factions

Dark forces:

Nargalu legion and Undead/Demons

4 kingdoms:

Kingdom of Darkmoon

Kingdom of Suvador

Dark elven kingdom

Dwarf kingdom
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