Khadgar Reforged

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Khadgar is one of the most powerful mage in Azeroth history.He was an apprentice to the last guardian Medivh.
Khadgar destroyed the Dark Portal in the Second War,leading the Alliance Expedition to Draenor.
Returning to Azeroth, Khadgar tried to prevent Gul'dan from opening the Tomb of Sargeras but was forced to witness helplessly as the portal formed and the Legion poured through. He quickly informed important leaders of Azeroth of the impending Burning Legion invasion. Though the factions of Azeroth rallied to combat the demonic threat and attempt to reseal the portal, their armies were defeated at the Battle for the Broken Shore.

Knowing that the combined forces of the greatest champions of Azeroth are necessary to succeed in resealing the portal, Khadgar made a plea to the Council of Six to readmit the Horde back into the Kirin Tor in order to fight the demons at full strength. The leader of the Kirin Tor at the time, Jaina Proudmoore, was in opposition to this, but the Council put the matter to a vote and the majority voted against her. In response, Jaina left the Kirin Tor, unable to condone the Council's decision. Khadgar assumed leadership of the Kirin Tor after Jaina's departure and coordinated the campaign on the Broken Isles.

He was one of the main protagonists in Tides of Darkness, Beyond the Dark Portal, Warlords of Draenor and Legion.

Update 28/7/2020:Add Khadgar with Atiesh weapon.
30/7/2020:Upload Young Khadgar.
7/9/2020: Upload 3 versions of Khadgar with no hero glow.

To import young Khadgar reforged:Import to your map and remove "war3imported\".

Khadgar Reforged (Model)

KhadgarReforgedNoGlow (Model)

KhadgarReforgedWithAtiesh (Model)

KhadgarReforgedWithAtieshNoGlow (Model)

Young Khadgar Reforged (Model)

YoungKhadgarReforgedNoGlow (Model)

Mr Ogre man
Great model, approved
Level 2
Jun 4, 2013
I will add a version that he use atiesh and I think this model is suitable for Khadgar in war2 like in the battle between him and Medivh in the Last Guardian campaign.

@Z1003 Except that it was precisely during this fight that he got old after Medivh (Sargeras) cursed him, you still have to do a young version of him. Very nice, anyway.
Level 14
Oct 25, 2006
The Hero Glow might be a bit large (not sure if it's standardized) and the textures seem a bit "darkened" oddly enough.

I really like the extra choice of having Young and Old Khagdar!
Level 5
Aug 2, 2012
Very cool ! I hope you will do more mages versions, probably for elven or human (female) - we just have jaina as human hero mage and sorceress ad elven unit mage, kind of sad :(
Level 1
Oct 1, 2020
Very nice ! It is possible to apply the haircut of the young Khadgar to the Apprentice Wizzard's model ?