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Kalecgos War3ModelEditor

While I continue work on my java-based model editor, the community will still want a working version of Magos War3ModelEditor. Although the name comes from the name of the author, many have confused it with Malygos, so I was thinking it would be funny to name a successor program "Kalecgos". Basically, my idea is to put together a remastered version of his tool using the portions of the original source code that Magos himself published combined with the CascLib code, since both of these two are C++ based.

I see this as a possible side project to keep the old thing running while I continue work on my Java based warcraft modding software, and not something I would want to spend more than maybe a week on.
But I didn't make it yet; this thread is to investigate support. Is the idea of the "Kalecgos War3ModelEditor" something the community would want?

Mostly it's reason for existence would be the MPQ->CASC fix.

Level 11
Jan 25, 2017
Meh. Ive decided to not do any modeling until your thing comes out anyway. I'm done working around those program's shortcomimgs xD (this doesn't mean i expect your thing to be perfect either- i don't- but it'll be different and more maintained so I'd rather learn on that then getting mired down with them)

Also my magos/mdlvis broke from last patch so I had copy and pasted the mpqs that you or someone had posted in a random thread. Which seems to be the perfect solution for now (just bundle the download with the old mpqs)
Dont get me wrong I'd love a working magos without randomly named geosets/everything, but don't really consider it a priority.