Kael'thas With Felo'melorn, Sun king Version (AoW)

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This is the final version of Kael'thas that we are going to use for our project. That's how I imagined Kael'thas was when he was fighting Arthas in Northrend.​

Currently we have 17 playable factions.
  1. Humans of Lordaeron
  2. Scarlet Crusade
  3. High Elves (Quel'dorei)
  4. Blood Elves (Sin'dorei)
  5. Dwarfs of Ironforge
  6. Draenei
  7. Draenei Broken
  8. Orcish Horde
  9. Fel Orcs
  10. Trolls
  11. Tauren
  12. Centaurs
  13. Burning Legion
  14. Undead
  15. Night Elves (Kal'dorei)
  16. Naga
  17. Blue Dragonflight

We will put more factions in the future as we currently polishing the already playable factions.
The project will recreate the current campaign. Some of the ordinary custom maps will have our factions and we will create notable Battles, like the Siege of Silvermoon and the Siege of Stormwind. Soon we will create a page for the project.

Co-Creator Deme3s
For more info contact me.
Original Model from Blizzard.
If you want to edit the model contact me.
Stay Tuned!

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Kael'thas With Felo'melorn, Sun king Version (AoW) (Model)

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Level 2
May 18, 2021
Great looking model, real step up from the previous version. Animations look to be working and haven't had any issues with the installation so all appears to be in order. I've been looking forward to using a more thematic and armored Blood Elf hero using Felo'melorn and this is a fantastic asset to come across.
Level 5
Aug 2, 2012
I used the model in a map and can say that it's just AMAZING. Feel so nice.

The only thing I could even make him better : make the SFX of channels/spell reforged visuals instead of classic, because we see the difference of quality of the model and the effect !