Journal Entry #1 - Cinematic Progress

Level 24
Jun 14, 2005

Welcome to my First Journal Entry about the Cinematic Arilen's Tale. This entry is about the Progress of the Cinematic so far, and a few things I plan to do in the future.

At the moment I have done most of the terrain for the Cinematic, I have completed all of the Basic Terrain, just need to add some more detail to parts of the Terrain. As for the Triggers and Cameras, I have completed the Intro scene, completed triggers but not Cameras for the Last Scene, and some of all the Scenes in the Middle. As for what I plan to do in the Future, I have gotten Fraps, and am going to be making a trailer for the Cinematic soon, once enough of the Cameras and the Terrain has been completed. So watch out for more Screenshots, once more of the Terrain has been completed, and the Trailer.

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