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Jassbot fuzzy search and documentation

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Feb 13, 2008
I've been using this service internally for years now. But the last two days i polished it a bit and i hope you will find it as useful as i do.
To give a very quick description: this website both functions as a fuzzy search engine for wc3 functions and natives and includes all my jassdoc data in a nice way. If you've got questions feel free to ask them but i think playing around is the quickest way to "get" it.

Thinking about it, let me give you a quick rationale behind this: as stated on the site this was inspired by hoogle; a search engine where you can search by approximate type signature of functions. The idea being that you don't know the name of a particular function but you can guess or even know the exact function signatur. Like it takes a unit parameter because it has to do something with units. So you would enter takes unit into jassbot. If you know the return type, even better, you can just type returns integer at the end to help the search. It also does fuzzy searching on the name. Just type TRVE and it would return TriggerRegisterVariableEvent for all matching upper case letters, etc.
Combine and match at will.

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