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Item-Spell Request!

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Level 14
Jul 19, 2007
The damage it did was not correct. The hero had 28 intelligence and 28 x 6 is 168, the enemy unit had 420, 420 - 168 = 252 but the enemy unit's hit points get to 271 :/ is this becase the armor reduced the damage taken? If not, plz fix... And does the kill go to the casting hero when the enemy unit dies?
Why doesn't it? I thought WEU was just an improvement of the normal WE..

don't use WEU, its bad now especially after patch 1.24... if you don't want the normal WE use JNGP though it has a bad support for GUI hashtables. Anyways if you don't need the syntax checker and VJass just use the normal WE.
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