Italian WWI/WWII Units

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Based on HerrDave's models.

Regio Esercito Italiano are ready to fulfill the will of the Duce

WWII infantry:
- Rifleman
- Officer
- AT Rifle
- Alpini (Sniper)
- Crew
- Mortar
- Sapper
- Flag
- Flamethrower

WWI Infantry: (new)

- Rifleman (2x regular and Arditi)
- SMG (2x regular and Arditi)
- LMG (Arditi)
- Officer
- Alpini (Sniper)
- Crew
- Heavy mortar
- Sapper
- Flag
- Flamethrower (2x regular and Arditi)
- Trench raider (Arditi)
- Cavalry (2x regular and cuirassier)

Italian AT-rifle (Model)

Italian Cavalry (Model)

Italian Cuirassier Cavalry (Model)

Italian WWI Arditi Flamathrower (Model)

Italian WWI Arditi LMG (Model)

Italian WWI Arditi Rifleman (Model)

Italian WWI Arditi SMG (Model)

Italian WWI Arditi Trench Raider (Model)

Italian WWI Bomb Launcher (Model)

Italian WWI Crew (Model)

Italian WWI Flag (Model)

Italian WWI Flamathrower (Model)

Italian WWI HMG (Model)

Italian WWI Officer (Model)

Italian WWI Rifleman (Model)

Italian WWI Sapper (Model)

Italian WWI SMG (Model)

Italian WWI Sniper (Model)

Italian AT (Icon)

Italian Crew (Model)

Italian Crew (Icon)

Italian Flag (Model)

Italian Flag (Icon)

Italian Flamethrower (Model)

Italian Flamethrower (Icon)

Italian HMG (Model)

Italian HMG (Icon)

Italian LMG (Model)

Italian LMG (Icon)

Italian Mortar (Model)

Italian Mortar (Icon)

Italian Officer (Model)

Italian Officer (Icon)

Italian Rifleman (Model)

Italian Rifleman (Icon)

Italian Sapper (Model)

Italian Sapper (Icon)

Italian SMG (Model)

Italian SMG (Icon)

Italian Sniper (Model)

Italian Sniper (Icon)

General Frank
Because this is based on someone else resource this model is now categorized as 'simple/useful'.



Model Reviewer
Level 22
May 8, 2012
Similar problems with the other packs, there are some issues that need to be fixed:
  • All models need collision shapes.
  • The mortar unit shows the flesh instead of 'gutz' geoset during "Decay Bone". The mortar's "Decay Alternate" should be non-looping.
  • Geosets should disappear at the end of "Decay Bone" animation.
  • Some of models have their light node at zero height, making the omni light invisible (SMG, for example). Some of them lack the nodes (Flamethrower), and some others have the light shown for a little too long (Sniper).