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Austro-Hungarian WWI Units

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Based on HerrDave's and Zess's models.

Gott erhalte Franz, den Kaiser, unsern guten Kaiser Franz!

Updates: some units has been fixed. Added new units

- Rifleman (2x - with batonet and with carabine) (updated)
- Tiroler Rifleman
- Sniper
- HMG (2x standart and tiroler)
- LMG (updated)
- Heavy mortar
- Cavalry (4x - regular and hussar. And both versions with rifles) (updated)
- Sapper
- Officer

Austro-Hungarian Carabiner (Model)

Austro-Hungarian Cavalry (Model)

Austro-Hungarian Cavalry Rifle (Model)

Austro-Hungarian Heavy Mortar (Model)

Austro-Hungarian HMG (Model)

Austro-Hungarian Hussar (Model)

Austro-Hungarian Hussar Rifle (Model)

Austro-Hungarian LMG (Model)

Austro-Hungarian Officer (Model)

Austro-Hungarian Rifleman (Model)

Austro-Hungarian Sapper (Model)

Austro-Hungarian Sniper (Model)

Austro-Hungarian Tiroler HMG (Model)

Austro-Hungarian Tiroler Rifleman (Model)

General Frank
Because this is based on someone else resource this model is now categorized as 'simple/useful'.
Level 3
Jan 14, 2016
[HUN]Mélységes tiszteletem a készítőnek, remek munka csak így tovább!
[ENG]My deep respect for the creator, it is a great job, keep it going!
Level 4
Aug 16, 2022
Great work. Outside of the Romans Austria-Hungary is one of my favorite countries to study. Thank you for bringing them into warcraft and the models work well. Is there any plans for icons?
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