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Interface for CBS

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Hi Guys, I am working on a system for a campaign "The Chosen Ones". The system I am talking about is a bag system called CBS.
CBS will allow you to store many items depending on what the size of the bag. CBS core is mostly done now, so now we are I am focusing my attention in its interface.
Unlike other bag systems, CBS uses an unique way of creating interface. While other systems use dummy models and units to create backgrounds and borders for the interface, thus making them difficult to import, my system, CBS uses a cinematic filter.
Cinematic filters are easy to do and easy to change if you know some basics.
Now thing is, I am mainly a programmer, and so my designing skills are not the best. Aeroblyctos (leader of the campaign) asked for a better interface, however I don't think I can do much better.
Therefore you if have experience in skinning and in cinematic filters, this thread is just for you:
- We need an interface for CBS

This interface has some requirements. The image must be in BLP format and must be 512x512 sized. Please note that the once in game the 512x512 image will be resized to fit the screen.
Here are some links for you to understand the world of filters:
Creating a Custom Fade Filter
[Tutorial] Creating custom fade filter with The Gimp [Archive] - The Helper Forums

The interface also needs to have alpha channels in specific places.


This is the current filter being used. The red areas represent the alpha channel, areas that must be wholes in the filter.
Although it looks nice in 512x512 format, in game it gets unfocused and looks like this:


If you are an experienced skinner or know how to make filters, than this should not be hard to do for you.
Now the image represents what we want, but we want it with more quality, a lot more.
I would also like to add borders. Human borders around the alpha channels, just like in the image:


If you manage to create the interface, you will have more rep from me and from Aeroblyctos and you will have credits on the system.
Please if some one is able to do this, I would appreciate a lot.
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May 6, 2008
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