Install Dota 2 Workshop Tools DLC cannot found

Level 1
Jan 28, 2017
Hello guys. I just wanna learn to make custom maps. But I cannot find or download dota 2 workshop tools dlc in "library > tools". Is there anybody has same problem ? please help, thank you!
Level 14
Jan 7, 2017
What the...!! well I think I can tell you something....

Dota2 Workshop Tools is not available for download in any other sites it can only be downloaded in steam.

Things to do:

  1. Download Steam at
  2. Then Register an account for steam.
  3. Then once downloaded go to add game.
  4. Search Dota2 and download it...
  5. Then once download you can download the Dota2 Workshop Tools.
  6. or you can just go to Tools bar and search Dota2 Workshop Tools.
  7. Easy!!!
  8. Now if done you can now make your own custom map in Dota2
Now if you already download steam and had registered and downloaded Dota2

Just follow 5,6,7,8 Things to do

Hope that could help you!!!

Give me 1 reasorce pls!!!