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  • Deathcom3s: Ah yeah, at the moment there is no easy way to do it, there is a third party program for Source called DispGen (by a awesome guy called Cannonfodder) here is a link that explains it more:
    You also need to have a Source 2007 SDK (or similar) installed, like the CS:GO editor or the TF2 editor,

    After exporting the heightmap to vmf with DispGen, you open it in a version of Source Hammer (I tried to open the VMF directly in Dota2 Hammer, but it seems that the exported vmf version was not possible to import),
    Once the vmf has been re-saved it can be opened in Dota2 Hammer,

    You can also use a program like Vue and export heightfield into fbx or similar and import it directly,

    One good thing by open the heightfield in Source Hammer is that its pretty easy to do adjustments in the displacement (smooth out areas etc)

    Hopefully this will help, otherwise just msg me on Steam :)
    Hey man, I noticed that you managed to get a World Machine heightmap imported into the dota 2 hammer editor, mind sharing how you did that? I've used World Machine with Cryengine, UDK and UE4, would be interesting to figure out how to use it with Dota 2.
    I got another question if you don't mind, is the Dota 2 map viewable in Workshop tool?
    I had a chance to view some of the scripted abilities and it looks somehow similar to warcraft 3 jass scripting. However, it appears lua script has less limitation. It can control cooldown, etc.
    Yo invalidnick, you have experience creating Dota 2 custom games. What tutorial did you read about how to create a custom Dota 2 game? I'm also interested in making my own.
    Welcome to my page!

    I'm Invalidnick, I mostly mod stuff for Valve games in various versions of Hammer, I'm currently working on a dota2 map mod (you can find it in the dota2 section of this forum)
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