INI editing with UI

Level 16
Mar 3, 2006
Sometimes, there are some applications and games that contain an *.ini file which can change many things in the program/game aspects; like enabling cheats by setting, for example, CHEATS=0 to CHEATS=1.

If I want to create a UI, like making variables that take 0 and 1 a check box, what is the tools and programing language I need to make this ?

(Please, simple and illustrative answers as you can as I am not a coder not even a newbie coder)
Level 22
Dec 31, 2006
This can be achieved with many programming languages, however, I recommend using either Java or C# to quickly make GUI. For C# you'd also need Microsoft Visual C# 2010 Express (totally free from Microsoft's website). For Java I don't quite know what to use for easy GUI creation. There are probably someone here more experienced with Java GUI than I.

Do note that this is not something that is very simple, as one might think. It requires I/O and text parsing, as well as the creation of a dynamic UI. The last being the most complicated for someone new to programming. This final part is also what will differ the most between different languages. I'm certain there are some tutorials out there for something similar to what you're trying to achieve though, so do some Googling :D