Infested Kerrigan

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"You begin to annoy me, Cerebrate. Should you become a nuisance, I'll kill you myself."

A simplistic model of Infested Kerrigan, based on her appearance in StarCraft: Brood War (no, not the HD Remaster version). Nothing fancy, really.
The wings were supposed to be animated, but the original set of animations for them looked pretty horrible even with the bones properly set up, so I scrapped it.
Goes well with this model: Lieutenant Sarah Kerrigan - StarCraft I

Update 1: Improved some parts of the mesh, most notably the legs and wings.

Update 2: Icons have been added.

Update 3: Now armed with bloody claws! If you still need the old version, do change the texture in the Blue version to "Units\Naga\NagaSummoner\NagaSummoner.blp".

BTNEvilKerrigan (Icon)

Infested Kerrigan (Model)

Infested Kerrigan (blue) (Model)

Infested Kerrigan (blue, portrait) (Model)

Infested Kerrigan (portrait) (Model)

A very good simple recreation of Kerrigan. Everything Works as intended. Setting it to Approved.