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Impossible Siege v0.55

Submitted by GodLike
This bundle is marked as substandard. It may contain bugs, not perform optimally or otherwise be in violation of the submission rules.
Topic in Russian

Map for fans of Hero Defense and map X Hero Siege in particular. There are 29 heroes to choose. They are divided into 4 classes - Damage Dealer/Mage/Support/Tanker and possess non-standard abilities. Division into classes is not so simply. For example - without the mage you cannot quickly kill mobs that will lead to defeat of heroes and the subsequent destruction of the Frozen Throne. As well as in aforementioned X Hero Siege, there are game events, special waves and 5 levels of difficulty. Besides simple potions, ankhs and others, you can choose from 22 items which can be upgraded to four tiers. Fans of World of Warcraft will find in a map familiar names, names of items, models of units, decorations. Players will familiarise with other possibilities and features.


Red player commands:

-kick : kicks a player from the game

General commands:

-skip : starts a voting to skip a boss summoning timer
-clear : removes all game messages from the screen
-random : gives a random hero for player
-repick : gives a chance to repick hero for player
-unstuck : pauses hero for 30 sec and teleports him to fountain
-remove scale : removes avatar scale effect
-show/hide timer : shows/hides game timers
-dt on/off : shows/hides dealed damage text
-rd on/off : shows/hides received damage text
-pt on/off : shows/hides potion restored health or mana
-info : shows information about your hero

Impossible Siege FAQ:

Q:How i can get Badge of Justice. What for i need it?
A:You get Badge of Justice after defeat of one of three bosses: The Corruptor, Anub'arak, Kel'Thuzad. You need it for buying Legendary Tier.

Q:Where i can upgrade items to legendary?
A:Look at minimap after you kill a boss. Minimap ping will show legendary shops.

Q:Where i can play Impossible Siege?
A:Garena>>>War3 RPG>>>Europe>>>Europe RPG Room 2
There are two hostbots which automaticaly hosts and starts games 24/7.

Q:Where i can suggest ideas for Impossible Siege?
A:Write suggestions in this topic or send it on my e-mail - impossiblesiege@gmail.com.

Database for 0.55
Open Database

Sathrovarr The Corruptor


Dark Explosion
Sathrovarr concentrates a dark energy around target, dealing 60000 magical damage in 3 seconds after cast. Has a 500 AOE and 20 secs cooldown.
Note: Heroes can evade ability damage if they'll leave the explosion area

Expanding Sphere
Sathrovarr creates an expanding sphere around a targeted area. After a while sphere explodes, dealing 150000 magical damage. Has a 350 AOE and 15 secs cooldown.

Mass Cripple
Cripples all enemies around Sathrovarr for 20 seconds. Crippled emenies have a 50% decreased attack damage and attack speed. Has a 800 AOE and 20 secs cooldown.

Additional Info

Enrage at: 25% hit points
Crit Chance: 20%
Spell damage reduction: 25%
Anub'arak The Nerubian Guard


Anub'arak slams the ground with massive claws, shooting spiked tendrils out in a straight line, dealing 60000 magical damage and stunning enemies for 1 secs. Has a 20 secs cooldown.

Summon Nerubs
Summons three nerubian assassins around a battlefield. Anub'arak becomes invulnerable until nerubians will die. Has a 30 secs cooldown.
Note: Ability is available since 75% of boss' hp

Mass Curse
Curses all enemies around himself for 20 seconds. Cursed emenies have a 40% chance to miss an attack. Has a 800 AOE and 20 secs cooldown.

Additional Info

Enrage at: 25% hit points
Crit Chance: 20%
Spell damage reduction: 25%
Kel'Thuzad The Lich


Freeze Earth
Lich slams an earth around him, dealing 30000 magical damage and freezing surrounding enemies for 4 secs. Has a 600 AOE and 25 secs cooldown.
Note: Ability is used when 3 and more units attacks the Boss

Cold Wrath
Lich freezes a single target for 5 seconds, dealing 25000 magical damage per each second.
Note: Target can use abilities or items during the effect of this ability

Additional Info

Enrage at: 20% hit points
Crit Chance: 20%
Spell damage reduction: 25%
Lady Vashj The Coilfang Matron


Multi Arrows
Lady Vashj splits her shot into several arrows.

Additional Info

Enrage at: NONE
Crit Chance: 30%
Spell damage reduction: 25%
Maiev The Dark Spirit


Spirit Wrath
Maiev launches a dark orbs into surrounding enemies. Deals 50000 magical damage. Has a 20 seconds cooldown.
Note: The maximum damage cannot be more than 100000

Dark Spirit prepares his dark power for 2 seconds to eliminate enemies. Silenses them for 10/15/20 seconds, decreases their attack damage by 30/40/50/60% and summons dark waves which deals 100000 magical damage each. Has a 30 seconds cooldown.
Note: The effect of this ability increases at each difficulty level

Crush Strike
Maiev has a 10% chance to deal 4000 bonus damage and stuns a target for 0.5 secs.

Additional Info

Enrage at: 25% hit points
Crit Chance: 20%
Spell damage reduction: 47,5%
Illidan Stormrage The Betrayer


Soul Burn
Illidan burns 50000 mana of surrounding enemies and deals same magical damage to them. Has a 500 AOE and 20 seconds cooldown.

Crushing Strike
Illidan has a 10% chance to deal 4000 bonus damage and stuns a target for 0.5 secs.

First Phase
Illidan rises into the air, summoning two water elementals on the battlefield. Illidan becomes invulnerable until elementals will die.
Betrayer's Guardian


Crushing Wave
Elemental sends a crushing wave into a target location, dealing 60000 magical damage to enemies on its way.
Note: The maximum wave damage cannot be more than 100000

Additional Info

Crit Chance: 20%

Note: This phase starts since 70% of Boss' hp

Second Phase
Illidan becomes a demon, getting Infernal ability. Phase lasts for 60 seconds.
Infernal Ability

Infernal stone falls down from the sky, dealing 50000 magical damage to Illidan's enemies around landing place. Has a 350 AOE and 10 secs cooldown.

Note: This phase starts since 50% of Boss' hp

Additional Info

Enrage at: 25% hit points
Crit Chance: 30%
Spell damage reduction: 25%

Ner'Zhul The Lich King


Frost Missile
Lich King spreads frost missiles around his position. Each missile deals 40000 magical damage per second to nearby enemies. Has a 15 secs cooldown.
Note: This ability is available since 90% of Boss' hp

Frost Cleaver
Lich King sends a massive cold wave, which knockbacks enemies and deals 30000 magical per second. Has a 20 secs cooldown.
Note: This ability is available since 90% of Boss' hp

Ice Armor
Ner'Zhul's armor cause them to feel lesser debuff effect. Removes all negative buffs every 5 seconds.
Note: This ability is passive

Freezing Breath
Lich King's breath is so cold and slows enemies' movement speed by 40%. Has a 400 AOE.
Note: This ability is passive

Heavy Strike
Ner'Zhul has a 10% chance to knockback his target for 1.5 secs.
Note: This ability is passive. Don't work on magic immune units.

Lich King's frostmourne reduces a target's armor by 50/100/150/200/250.
Note: This ability is passive

Soul Absorption
If any hero dies during encounter Lich King gets his soul. Absorbed soul adds 50000 to Ner'Zhul's attack damage and increases the effect of Frostmourne. The absorbed soul is stored while the hero is dead.
Note: This ability is passive

First Phase
Lich King falls down on the ground, summoning Frost Giants to help him. Ner'Zhul is invulnerable until Frost Giants will die.
Frost Giant


Soul Swap
If any hero will killed by Frost Giant he will restore Lich King's life. The Giant which killed the hero will die in 10 secs.

Additional Info

Attack Damage:
Very Easy: 100000
Easy: 175000
Extreme: 250000
Impossible: 325000
Heroic: 400000

Note: This phase starts since 50% of Boss' hp

Second Phase
Lich King summons spirit of Sindragosa the Queen of the Frostbrood, which fights while Ner'Zhul is alive. Sindragosa cannot be attacked and focuses on the Lich King's target. She has same abilities that Lich King has.
Note: This phase starts since 30% of Boss' hp

Additional Info

Enrage at: 20% hit points
Crit Chance: 30%
Spell damage reduction: 47.5%
Chance to evade: 15%

Difficulties Features

Very Easy
-Selected hero gets an additional 25 stats
-Crushing Strike, Heavy Strike are removed
-Naj'entus spawns with 50% of his hp
-Creeps will not upgraded after events
-Naj'entus spawns with 50% of his hp
-Creeps grows stronger after each special event(upgrade level 1)
-Bosses gets improvement level 1
-Creeps are stronger than previous
-Creeps have additional 2.5 armor which increases periodically(up to 25)
-Creeps grows stronger after each special event(upgrade level 2)
-Bosses gets improvement level 2
-Creeps are stronger than previous
-New wave type: Couatles
-Creeps grows stronger after each special event(upgrade level 3)
-Bosses gets improvement level 3
-Creeps are stronger than previous
-Creeps grows stronger after each special event(upgrade level 4)
-Bosses gets improvement level 4
-Creeps are stronger than previous

Changelog 0.55
-Fixed a lot of spell bugs after 0.54d
-Fixed game error when courier uses Avatar

Light Forces:
-New Hero: Lord Garithos The Black Knight(Tanker)
-Changed models of Sunstrider and Necromancer
-Added new effect to Solar Sphere(Pyromancer)
-Added special effect to knockbacked units
-Added special effect to Tidebringer
-Added passive icon for Internal Flame(Pyromancer)
-Now Storm Touch(Storm Spirit) bonus damage displays correctly
-Now Shiva's Enchantment(Frostborn) can be used only on heroes
-Replaced Water Spin(Hydromancer) to Geyser
-Improved Scorching Sun(Sunstrider) damage to 150/350/800/1600
-Improved Bloodletter(Rotface) strength multiplier to 0.75/1.25/1.75
-Improved maximum number of units of Hydro Strike(Hydromancer) to 15
-Improved Primal Roar(Beaststalker) cast range to 600 and lowered cooldown to 8 secs
-Reworked Dark Pillar(Necromancer):
+Now it has 25% less effect on Bosses
+Lowered intelligence multiplier to 4/8/12/16
-Lowered Fear(Necromancer) cooldown by 5 secs
-Changed name of Sunstrider to Kael'thas

Dark Forces:
-Lowered Freeze Earth(Kel'Thuzad) damage from 60k to 30k
-Increased Freeze Earth(Lich) cooldown to 25 secs
-Lowered Lich King's knockback chance to 10%
-Improved Illidan:
+Added Infernal ability during phase 2(for more info see database)
+Demon has a ranged attack
-Replaced Shadow Geyser(Akrios) to Expanding Sphere(for more info see database)
-Added 30% Crit Strike to Lady Vashj

-Now player gets back gold when he buy tier without required level
-Now Lifesteal isn't orb effect and works with Critical Strike, but it is only for meeles
-Now heroes can drop Slatesteel Shoulders

-Now any player can start skip timer voting
-Now Dragon Courier can use potions faster
-Added database at hiveworkshop.com
-Performance improvements
-Lowered map loading time
-Corrected game text
-Some minor changes

Changelog 0.54-0.54d
Changelog 0.54d:
-Performance improvements (if you find a performance bug please inform me)
Changelog 0.54c:
-Fixed Special Event 2
-Fixed Mage's Scepter
-Fixed Sunstrider's attack and defense icons
-Corrected game text
Changelog 0.54b:
Now Sunstrider can carry Mage's Scepter
Changelog 0.54:
-Fixed CRITICAL ERROR when Rotface gets Exhumation's level increase if he is dead
-Fixed kills displaying on Multiboard
-Fixed error messages displaying on Advanced Events
-Fixed Admiral's attack and defense icons
-Fixed disabled icon of Bulwark of Azzinoth
-Fixed bug with same hero icons on Multiboard

Light Forces:
-New Hero: Alejon the Sunstrider
-Changed model and icon of Lightbringer
-Lowered armor bonus of God's Armour(Avatar of Thunder) to 5/15/25/35

Dark Forces:
-Lowered max armor bonus of creeps on difficulties which higher than Easy to 25
-Lowered Frost Cleaver(Lich King) damage in two times
-Lowered Lich King's max armor penalty bonus from hero kill to 250
-Lowered Kel'Thuzad's bonus armor from Kel'Thuzad Guard to 150 and lowered bonus damage to 50%
-Lowered Dark Spirit's spec ability max armor penalty to 200
-Lowered hp of Nerubian Assassin(Anub'arak's minion) to 200k and damage to 35k
-Changed model of Kel'Thuzad Guard
-Removed Cleave ability from Frost Giant
-Reworked Anub'arak: Now he summons Nerubian Assassins every 30 secs and unburrows after 15 secs

-Reworked Dreadguard's Protector: Now it blocks some percents of melee physical damage instead of armor bonus
-Reworked Kresh's Back: Now it blocks both damage types(physical and magical) and changed block chance to 10/20/30/40/50%
-Reworked Mage's Scepter: Now it requires 10% of hero's mana to cast its ability
-Reworked Amulet of the Crusade: Now it has hp regen aura and grants bonus intelligence
-Lowered avoid chance of Dragonscale Breastplate by 5%
-Now Ring of Saviors no longer gives additional armor, but reduced its ability cooldown from 60 to 45 secs

-Added achievements(for more information see quests)
-Slightly improved map loading speed
-Lowered defense bonus per agility point to 0.05
-Fixed lags on special event 2
-Now all dialogues will shown without cinematic mode
-Added some decorations
-Modified terrain
-New Map Preview
-New Loading Screen
-Some minor changes

Changelog 0.53-0.53b

Changelog 0.53b:
Heroes and Abilities:
-Fixed bug with Fear(Necromancer)
-Now Sinners Graveyard(Necromancer) cannot summon two skeletal sinners at time
-Now Skeletal Sinners haven't life timer if their target is boss
-Increased Dark Pillar(Necromacner) AOE by 25
-Decreased damage per intelligence point of Dark Pillar to 5/10/15/20
-Increased strength given for Devour(Rotface) to 5%, but decreased time duration to 60 secs
-Now Patchwerk cannot devour Rock Golem
-Added new icon for Exhumation(Rotface)

-Now necromancer can carry all tiers of Mage's Scepter

-Fixed some bugs in turbo mode
Changelog 0.53:
Heroes and Abilities:
-New Hero: Heigan The Necromancer (Thx to mrG0bliN)
-New Hero: Patchwerk The Rotface (Thx to mrG0bliN)
-Now unit which is under the effect of Holy Chains(Archpriest) takes additional damage from damage source, but not from Antonidas
-Now Lightbringer is only Support
-Now Spell Breaker is only Support
-Now each hero class has unique attack and defense icon
-Changed damage type bonus table for each class
-Changed soundset of Hellbringer
-Improved Hellbringer's movespeed from 250 to 275
-Improved Tri-Vision(Shadow Slayer) damage per level from 50 to 100
-Added lightning sound to Lightning Strike(Avatar of Thunder)
-Fixed leaks in Poison Spear(Dryad)
-Fixed Wave of Purification(Archpriest) bug

Bosses and Creeps:
-Possibly fixed a bug when Illidan was dead after his summoning (It is not tested)
-Removed stun ability from Orc Warlock on Special Event 2
-Reduced armor of creeps on Special Event 2 from 15 to 0

-Now Impaling Harpoon's wave no longer deform terrain and has new missile model
-Fixed disabled icon of Bulwark of Azzinoth
-Now Shadow Slayer can carry Wooden Bow, but it doesn't affect her
-Added description that Multi Shot doesn't affect Goblin Sapper
-Now item abilities do not affects mage's scepter

-Renamed Legend difficulty to Heroic
-Removed "-debug" command
-Added new game mode: Turbo (Reduces time between creep spawn to 25 secs)
-Now "-skip" is available for player who closed to red slot if red player is not in game
-Changed Moon Well's model and name to Sacred Fountain
-Now Moon Well has a 2% hp regeneration aura
-Fixed abuse with "-random" and "-repick"
-Corrected game text
Changelog 0.52-0.52c

Changelog 0.52c:
Bosses and Creeps:
-Fixed but with Lich King's second phase
-Increased experience gain for third level of kill streak to 10k

-Improved multiboard(Now it displays only players in game)
Changelog 0.52b:
Heroes and abilities:
-Fixed armor and attack type of Archpriest
-Increased cooldown of Blessing of Kings to 25 sec at all levels
-Wave of Purification no longer heal Dragon Courier

-Now Dragon Courier can drop leaver's Slatesteel Shoulders

Bosses and Creeps:
-Lowered damage of Naj'entus by 500 and increased attack cooldown from 3 to 4 sec
-Increased time until creeps' upgrade after Special Event by 30 sec

-Now "-dt" affects floating text of Holy Chains
-Fixed bug when players do not receive gold cash on Special Event 2
Changelog 0.52:
Heroes and abilities:
-New hero: Antonidas The Archpriest(Support)
-Removed Carrior Swarm effect when unit takes damage from Massive Shake
-Lowered cooldown of Totem of Fire(Shaman) from 25 to 15 sec
-Lowered cooldown of Totem of Earth(Shaman) from 30 to 20 sec
-Now Totem of Earth aura affects Totem of Fire
-Now Shiva's Enchantment no longer heal Pandaren Earthshifter when he is under the effect of Drunken Haze
-Now Bladestorm(Blade Dancer) moves on maximum distance towards selected point
-Lowered additional armor of Holy Protection(Lightbringer) to 10/25/50/100
-Changed cooldown of Astral Lightning to 16 sec at all levels
-Changed cooldown of Guardian Angel(Lightbringer) to 8/14/20 sec

-Added an interface error when hero takes items that are unavailable for him
-Lowered damage block of Shield of Ice from 25 to 10
-Lowered armor bonus of Amulet of the Crusade to 5/15/40/80
-Changed icon and name of Boots of Speed
-Now Weapon Tier cannot upgrade Wooden bow when hero hasn't required level
-Removed potion cooldown in shops

Bosses and Creeps:
-Now each hero gains 250 exp for every killed Flesh Golem
-Now each hero gains (250*level of impossible wave) exp when it comes
-Now Bosses instantly returns on their start position when they leaves from boss zone
-Now Najetus has 50% hp if selected difficulty Easy or lower
-Changed models and names of Fel Rider(Skeletal Grunt) and Fel Orc Warlock(Bone Fletcher)

-Now each hero gains (1000*level of kill streak) exp when he kills 100/300/600 creeps
-Now error messages on Advanced Events displays as interface errors
-Some minor changes
Changelog 0.51-0.51b
Changelog 0.51b:
-Fixed a bug with Illidan's Demon Form
Changelog 0.51:Heroes and abilities:
-New skin and icon for Blade Dancer
-New skin and icon for Shadow Slayer
-New model and icon for Dragonkiller
-Now images of Tri-Vision(Shadow Slayer) haven't invisibility
-Removed main unit of Tri-Vision
-Removed pre-cast delay of Solar Sphere(Pyromancer)

-Now Shield of Ice does not move to the nearest slot after a cooldown
-Increased description for Shield of Ice
-Increased description for Slatesteel Shoulders
-Increased hp of Rock Golem Tanker by 20k
-Increased hp of Rock Golem Damager by 5k

Bosses and Creeps:
-Modified battle with Lich King(Added new phase)

-Renamed Illidan's Forces into Nagas, Maiev's Forces into Light Forces, Lich King's Forces into Dark Forces
-Now "-info" shows integer values
-Lowered AOE of Glaive on Special Event 1 from 165 to 150, but increased damage period from 0.8 to 0.5 sec
-Fixed bug with multiboard
-Corrected game text
Changelog 0.50
Heroes and abilities:

-Fixed abuse with Lightning Strike(Avatar of Thunder) stopping
-Fixed abuse with Solar Sphere(Pyromancer) stopping
-Fixed abuse with Arcane Spear(Dryad) stopping
-Fixed abuse with Enrage(Shaman) stopping
-Fixed abuse with Nuclear Missile(Goblin Sapper) stopping
-Fixed abuse with Glaive Throw(Huntress) stopping
-Fixed abuse with Holy Strike(Lightbringer) stopping
-Fixed abuse with Toxic Storm(Venomancer) stopping
-Fixed abuse with Dark Lightning(Shadow Slayer) stopping
-Fixed abuse with Fist of Earth(Earthshaker) stopping
-Fixed abuse with Flame Fountain(Firelord) stopping
-Fist of Earth no longer damages friendly units
-Poison Spear(Dryad) now works
-Fixed bug when Avalanche(Dragonkiller) didn't work

-Now Massive Shake(Earthshaker) will not work if player stoped animation
-Now Multi Arrows is ultimate for Shadow Slayer

Bosses and Creeps:
-Lowered range of Naga Siren(Wave 2) by 100
-Lowered range of Snap Dragon(Wave 3) by 100
-Changed models and names of Fel Guard(Skeletal Warrior), Fel Berserker(Skeletal Mage), Fel Spiritwalker(Plague Bringer).

-Now gold given on Special Event 2 will shared between players
-Added new command: -debug(Recommended to use if player has lags every few seconds)
-Corrected game text
-Some minor changes
Changelog 0.49
Heroes and abilities:
-Now hero spells are leakless
-Now Massive Shake(Earthshaker) and Infernal Ray(Prime Matron) no longer deforms terrain
-Changed knockback of Distort Reality(Hellbringer)
-Changed knockback of Lightning Strike(Avatar of Thunder)
-Increased damage period of Stampede(Hunter of the Wild) to 0.9 sec
-Removed lag with first cast of Dragon's Roar(Dragonkiller)
-Added autocast icon to Searing Glaive(Huntress)
-Added special effect and lowered AOE of Internal Flame(Pyromancer) by 50
-Lowered duration of Entangling Roots(Dryad) on Heroes to 1 sec
-Lowered damage of Internal Flame to 300/600/900/1200
-Fixed bug when Fist of Earth(Earthshaker) dealed damage to allies

Bosses and Creeps:
-Now creeps near the Frozen Throne have no collision
-Now Illidan isn't magic immune during phase 2

-Added hero level requirement to Tiers
-Increased armor of the Golem Damager by 5

-New Map Preview
-New Map Loading Screen
-Now Moon Well havent mana
-Some minor changes

Changelog 0.48
Heroes and abilities:
-New hero: Decco The Storm Spirit (Hero Type: Mage)
-Improved Totem Mastery(Shaman) effect: now it gives +150 damage and +20k hp for totems per lever
-Improved hp of Fire Totem(Shaman) to 1k/3k/10k/50k
-Dark Lightning(Shadow Slayer) no longer revives killed unit
-Changed projectile model of Shadow Slayer
-Added passive icon to Multi Arrows(Shadow Slayer)
-Now Soul Toss(Hellbribger) does not affect Bosses
-Fixed bug with high damage of Glaive Throw(Huntress)

Bosses and Creeps:
-Improved creeps hp on Easy difficulty by 500
-Now Taunted units gains additional 20% attack speed
-Now creeps can be taunted at the Frozen Throne for 5 seconds
-Decreased spell reduction of Lucifron(Mage) by 50%
-Decreased hp of Lucifron(Tanker) by 20k
-Decreased hp of Lucifron(Damage Dealer) by 10k
-Fixed bug with max damage of Carrion Swarm(Succubus)
-Fixed bug with Demon Lord's attack

-Now Witch Doctor can carry Mage's Scepter
-Now Boots of Speed and Talisman of Life/Mana does not affect Mage's Scepter
-Added message that Dreadguard's Protector effects do not stack

-Added new command: -pt on/off(shows/hides potion restored health or mana)
-Added new command: -clear(removes all game messages from the screen)
-Some minor changes

Changelog 0.47
Heroes and abilities:
-Added passive icon for Phantom Heart(Shadow Slayer)
-Added passive icon for Totem Mastery(Shaman)
-Added passive icon for Trueshot(Ranger)
-Added passive icon for ability of Eagle's Eye(Ranger)
-Changed special effect of Explosive Shot(Ranger)
-Improved duration of Explosive Shot to 10 sec
-Changed cooldown of Anti-magic Shell(Spell Breaker) to 15 sec
-Improved shield life of Anti-magic Shell at level 4 to 50k
-Now Anti-magic Shell affected units in area
-Improved damage of Arcane Explosion(Spell Breaker) by 100 per level but increased cooldown to 14 sec
-Lowered quantity of special effects of Whirlpool(Duke of Currents)
-Lowered damage of Water Spin(Duke of Currents) to 125/250/1000/2000
-Established limit of units of Hydro Strike(Duke of Currents) to 10
-Fixed bug with Internal Flame(Pyromancer), changed its damage to 400/800/1200/1600 and increased cooldown by 1 sec

Bosses and Creeps:
-Changed name of Akrios to Sathrovarr

-Changed icons of Warp Slicer, Molten Fury, Bulwark of Azzinoth, Sword Breaker's Bulwark, Netherstrand Longbow, Apolyon, The Soul-Render and Jin'rohk, The Great Apocalypse to WoW-like.
-Added message that spell reduction effects do not stack
-Increased hp of Rock Golem Tanker by 10k

-Lowered map size by 310kb (I promised more, but there was a problem with optimizer)
-Changed model of Special Arena portal
-Added four advanced events: Tankers Event, Mages Event, Damage Dealers Event, Supports Event.
-Hero cannot enter Class event if he has more than 500 stats and Vengeance/Frost Witch event if he has more than 3500 stats
-Modified dialog system of Special Arena
-Optimized a lot of abilities
-Fixed some bugs with leaderboard

Changelog 0.46

Heroes and abilities:
-Changed icons of Attack and Defense for Bosses and Heroes
-Remake of Nadin Stonehoof,new: model,hero name, ability names and icons.
-Changed name of Shiva's Protection(Frostborn) to Shiva's Enchantment
-Changed visual effect of Shiva's Enchantment
-Changed cooldown of Statis Trap(Goblin Sapper) to 30 seconds
-Improved cooldown of Whirlpool(Duke of Currents) and Quicksand(Earthshaker) to 120 seconds
-Improved cooldown of Massive Shake(Earthshaker) and Fist of Earth(Earthshaker) to 23 sec
-Improved cooldown of Hydro Strike(Duke of Currents) to 22 seconds
-Improved cooldown of Water Bolt(Duke of Currents) to 20 seconds
-Improved hp of Summon Bear(Feral Druid) to 10k/30k/100k/300k
-Lowered stun duration of Ground Spike(Prime Matron) from 4 to 1 second
-Lowered damage of Water Spin(Duke of Currents) to 250/500/2000/4000 and improved cooldown to 20 seconds

Bosses and Creeps:
-Increased size of creeps
-Changed models and names: Footman(Crawler), Rifleman(Silithid Wasp),Meat Gladiator(Flesh Golem)
-Improved hp of Flesh Golem lvl2 and Flesh Golem lvl3 to 10000 and 50000
-Improved attack damage of Flesh Golem lv2 and Flesh Golem lvl3 to 300 and 1500
-Najetus has 2k additional damage and 25k hp for each difficulty level starting with Extreme
-Bosses has 100k additional hp if selected difficulty is Extreme, 300k when it is Impossible and 500k when it is Legeng
-Bosses has 100 additional armor if selected difficulty is Impossible and 200 when it is Legend
-The Lurker Below has 50k additional hp for each difficulty level starting with Extreme
-Improved damage of Bosses by 50k if selected difficulty is Impossible and by 100k when it is Legend
-Improved hp of creeps after Special Event 1 upgrade by 6k when selected difficulty is Impossible and by 12k when it is Legend
-Improved hp of creeps after Special Event 2 upgrade by 15k when selected difficulty is Impossible and by 30k when it is Legend
-Added Spell Shield ability that block 5000 magic damage to Banshee
-Added Poison ability that slows a target movement and attack speed by 20% to Silithid Wasp and Snap Dragon
-Added Carrion Swarm ability that damages units in a line by 600 damage to Sukkubus
-Added Healing Wave ability that heals 1000 damage of a target to Fel Spiritwalker
-Added Bash ability that gives 15% chanche to deal 500 damage and stun a target to Abomination

-Now Splash Damage does not affect heroes

-Lowered duration of Special Event 2 by 50 seconds
-Increased duration of Glyph of Fortification to 15 seconds
-Changed models: Advanced event portal,Demon Gates,Trees
-Corrected some minor bugs with text and game mechanics

Changelog 0.45-0.45b

Changelog 0.45b
-Fixed bug with hero revival
-Fixed disabled icon of Scythe of the Unseen Path
-Fixed disabled icon of Venom(Venomancer)
Changelog 0.45
Heroes and abilities:
-Changed floating text of Arcane Spear
-Changed damage of Meteorfall(Firelord) to 500/1000/2500/6000
-Changed damage per second of Burning Earth(Firelord) to 150/300/600/1200
-Changed damage of Pyroblast(Pyromancer) to 500/1500/5000/10000
-Changed damage per second of Solar Sphere(Pyromancer) to 1000/3000/6000/12000
-Changed damage per second of Water Spin(Duke of Currents) to 500/2000/4000/8000 and mana cost to 150/500/1000/2000
-Changed damage per unit of Hydro Strike(Duke of Currents) to 50/150/300/600 and mana cost to 150/500/1000/2000
-Changed damage of Water Bolt(Duke of Currents) to 500/1500/3500/8000 and mana cost to 150/500/1000/2000
-Changed damage per second of Quicksand(Earthshaker) to 4000/8000/12000
-Changed damage of Massive Shake(Earthshaker) to 250/1000/2000/4000
-Changed damage of Fist of Earth(Earthshaker) to 500/1500/3000/6000
-Changed damage of Earthquake(Earthshaker) to 300/800/1600/3000
-Changed damage of Ground Spike(Prime Matron) to 500/1500/3500/7000
-Changed damage of Infernal Ray(Prime Matron) to 2500/5000/9000
-Changed damage of Pulse of Pain(Prime Matron) to 450/1150/2300/5200(Lightning) and 150/500/1000/2000(Life Drain)
-Changed damage per second of Shadow Ward(Witch Doctor) to 100/400/800/1500
-Changed damage per second of Dark Shield(Witch Doctor) to 100/300/600/1100
-Improved hit points of Summon Bear(Feral Druid) to 5000/15000/50000/100000
-Improved cooldown of Avalanche(Rockbreaker) from 16 to 20 seconds
-Fixed bug with damage type of Focus Shot(Ranger)
-Fixed bug with manaregen of Cold Reverse(Frostborn)
-Fixed bug with damage of Massive Shake(Earthshaker)
-Fixed bug with damage of Infernal Ray(Prime Matron)
-Fixed buff icon of Thor's Hammer(Avatar of Thunder)
-Fixed buff icon of Ancestral Curse(Rockbreaker)
-Added aura effect to Resistance(Rockbreaker)
-Added passive icon to Voodoo Restoration(Witch Doctor)
-Lowered duration of Phantom Heart(Shadow Slayer) to 5 seconds
-Now Pirate's Rum(Admiral) is effected by Torrent

Bosses and Creeps:
-Modified battle with Lich King
-Improved damage per second of Lich King's Frost Nova by 5000
-Removed Lich King's knockback and Illidan's bash when selected difficulty is Very Easy
-Added effect to Dark Spirit
-New creep agro when it closer to the Frozen Throne
-Improved creeps hp given for upgrade after Special Event 1 by 2500
-Added chance to slow AS and MS of the target by 100% to Illidan's attacks
-Lowered armor of Najetus by 30
-Lowered cooldown of Lich King's Frost Cleaver from 30 to 22 seconds

-Lowered duration of Rock Golem from 180 to 120 seconds

-Now Dragon Courier can revive dead heroes(this ability removes after Kel'Thuzad's death)
-Removed message of hero's death during Special Event
-Increased time of hero revival by 10 seconds
-Lowered time of hero revival during special event from 20 to 15 sec
-Lowered gold given for coin during Special Event 1 by 500
-Added leaderboard which shows time when hero will be revived
-Added some doodads
-Changed water color
-Changed loading screen
-Some minor changes

Changelog 0.44-0.44c

Changelog 0.44c
Heroes and abilities:
-Renamed Queen of Pain to Prime Matron
-Now player can turn off an orb effect of Venom(Venomancer)
-Lowered cooldown of Ground Spike(Prime Matron) from 25 sec to 18/17/16/15 sec
-Lowered cooldown of Infernal Ray(Prima Matron) from 60 sec to 50 sec and manacost from 1000/5000/10000 to 1000/2000/4000
-Changed ability: Rockfall(Rockbreaker) to Avalanche
-Changed ability: Robo-Goblin(Goblin Sapper) to Sticky Napalm
-Added passive icon to Rocket Launcher(Goblin Sapper)
-Changed icon of Thor's Hammer(Avatar of Thunder)
-Changed icon of Thuder Power(Avatar of Thunder)
-Changed icon of God's Armour(Avatar of Thunder)

Bosses and Creeps:
-Now Lich King has ability which removes negative buffs every 5 second

-Now Wooden Bow has unique effect for each ranged hero
-Now Shadow Slayer сannot carry Wooden Bow
-Changed icon of Amulet of Mana
-Changed icon of Stone of Health
-Changed icon of Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker

-Fixed some problems with multiboard
-Some minor changes
Changelog 0.44b
Heroes and abilities:
-Lowered amount of healing of God Rays(Lightbringer) to 3000/9000/25000/50000
-Lowered AOE of Guardian Angel(Lightbringer) to 800
-Lowered chance to increase damage of Phantom Heart to 6/9/12/15%, but increased its duration by 4 seconds

Bosses and Creeps:
-Lowered time between creep improvement after SE by 60 seconds
-Improved Couatles
-Now Najetus has 50% hp if difficulty chosen is very easy
-Now players can attack each other after defeat Lich King
-Now the Lich King gains +100 armor penalty and +50000 attack damage for each dead hero on the battlefield.

-Lowered armor bonus of Aegis of the Lich King from 500 to 400
-Fixed some problems with "-skip"
-Some minor changes
Changelog 0.44
Heroes and abilities:
-Increased Eagle's Eye(Ranger) cooldown from 50 sec to 60 sec
-Replaced Mass Explosion(Firelord) to Burning Earth
-Replaced Split Shot(Ranger) to Focus Shot
-Changed icon of Fury Swipes(Gezzarak)
-Changed icon of Beast Rage(Gezzarak)
-Changed icon of Lightning Strike(Avatar of Thunder)
-Changed icon of Tremor(Rockbreaker)
-Changed icon of Ancestral Curse(Rockbreaker)
-Lowered cooldown of Explosive Shot(Ranger) from 15 sec to 12 sec
-Added passive icon to Poison Spear(Dryad)
-Fixed disabled icon of Pirate's Rum(Admiral)
-Renamed Hunter of the Wild to Beaststalker
-Changed skin of Spell Breaker

Bosses and Creeps:
-Added 30% spell reduction to Couatles
-Added 10% spell reduction to Mur'gul Reaver
-Added 20% spell reduction to Naga Siren
-Added 30% spell reduction to Snap Dragon
-Added 40% spell reduction to Naga Myrmidon
-Added 50% spell reduction to Lurker Below
-Now Dragon Courier and Rock Golem cant be healed by Moon Well
-Lowered Lich King's critical strike chance from 40% to 30%
-Improved Lich King's hp by 50000
-Improved Lich King's movespeed to 390
-Improved creeps hp given for upgrade after Special Event 1 by 2500
-Lowered cooldown of Frost Nova(Lich King) from 19 sec to 15 sec

-Added floating text(shows received hp or mana) whenever hero uses a potion
-Steel Claws has a 2x damage multiplier at all tiers
-Changed critical chance of Steel Claws to 5/10/15/20/25%
-Improved block chance of Wooden Shield from 25/30/35/40/50% to 30/40/50/60/80%
-Now Critical Strike works with Multi Shot

-Added Multiboard
-Added a received damage text(Can be turned off/on by command "-rd off/on"
-Removed floating text at critical strike

Changelog 0.43
-Now heroes are divided on types
-Added new skin and icon to Spell Breaker
-Added new skin and icon to Firelord
-Added passive icon to Flesh Decay(Blade Dancer)
-Added new ability(Primal Roar) instead Wild Charge to the Hunter of the Wild
-Added new ability(Lightning Strike) instead Electric Blast to the Avatar of Thunder
-Changed special effect of Frost Spirit(Frostborn)
-Changed special effect of Arcane Explosion(Spell Breaker)
-Changed icon of Pirate's Rum(Admiral)
-Changed icon of Bladestorm(Blade Dancer)
-Changed icon of Meteorfall(Firelord)
-Reworked Bladestorm(Blade Dancer)
-Reworked Split Arrow(Ranger)
-Decreased base armor of the Mages and Damage Dealers by 10
-Decreased base attack damage of the Mages by 20
-Increased base armor of the Tankers by 10
-Changed attack cooldown of the Tankers to 2.3 sec
-Changed attack cooldown of the Mages to 2.5 sec
-Changed attack cooldown of the Damage Dealers to 1.7 sec
-Changed attack cooldown of the Supports to 1.9 sec
-Changed name of the Firelord to Ragnaros
-Lowered damage per second of Dark Shield(Witch Doctor) to 100/200/300/400
-Lowered maximum damage of Beast Rage from 800 to 310 and decreased bonus damage per attack to 15/30/45/60
-Lowered bonus damage of Thor's Hammer to 150/300/600/1200
-Improved damage per second of Shadow Ward(Witch Doctor) to 150/300/450/600
-Improved AOE of Arcane Explosion(Spell Breaker) by 100

Bosses and Creeps:
-Lowered time before the first creep spawn by 20 seconds
-Increased time between creep spawn by 10 seconds
-Increased hit points of all creeps by 800(Not allowed on Very Easy and Easy difficulties)
-Increased gold cash given from creeps

-Changed icons of all potions
-Increased cost of Stone of Life upgrade from 1000 to 1500 gold
-Increased cost of Amulet of Mana upgrade from 1000 to 1500 gold
-Increased life steal percent of Guillotine Axe to 30%/60%/90%/150% and duration to 7/8/9/10 seconds

-Changed terrain
-Corrected game text
-Lowered duration of Special Event 1 to 120 seconds, but increased gold given from coin to 4500

Changelog 0.42

-Remake of the Dark Priest(Changed hero icon,model,name and some abilities)
-Improved attack speed bonus per agility point from 0.01 to 0.02
-Improved block chance of Resistance to 10%/15%/20%/25% and lowered dispel perion by 5 sec at all levels
-Lowered armor damage reduction multiplier fromm 0.05 to 0.04
-Lowered duration of Shiva's Protection(Frostborn) to 10 seconds
-Fixed bugs with Thor's Hammer, Trueshot, Beast Rage
-Changed damage type of some abilities
-Reworked Frost Spirit(Frostborn)
-Now Dark Shield(Witch Doctor) does not damages friendly units

Bosses and Creeps:
-Added 50% spell reduction and Stomp to Meat Gladiators
-Added 20% spell reduction to melee units
-Improved hp of Abominations and Taurens from 3000 to 4000
-Lowered armor of Akrios and Anub'arak by 40
-Added 200 armor reduction to Lich King's attacks

-Added 1 second cooldown to upgrade of Stone of Life/Amulet of Mana
-Changed damage type of Spiked Shield from Physical to Spells

-New loading screen
-New map preview
-Increased the size of Shops
-Now Dragon Courier can use potions
-Some minor changes

Changelog 0.41-0.41c

Changelog 0.41c
-Fixed icon of Fire Totem
-Added item shop effect
-Added some effects to Frost Spirit(Frostborn)
-Changed name of Arcane Aura(Queen of Pain) to Essence Aura
-Lowered Dark Explosion(Akrios) AOE from 600 to 500
-Lowered Lich King's knockback chance from 12% to 10%
-Now Stone of Life and Amulet of Mana can be upgraded
Changelog 0.41b
-Fixed disabled icon of Shiva's Protection(Frostborn)
-Fixed bug with Shadow ward(Dark Priest)
-Removed mob upgrade after special events from Very Easy difficulty
-Now hero gains 25 bonus attributes when selected difficulty is Very Easy
Changelog 0.41
-Added damage text system(Can be turned off/on by a command "-dt off/on")
-Added new hero: Glacius The Frostborn
-Added new item: Dragonscale Breastplate
-Added new item: Guillotine Axe
-Added new item: Frostguard
-Added new command: -info(shows information about your hero)
-Fixed bug with Thor's Hammer(Avatar of Thunder)
-Replaced ability Glaive Strike(Huntress)
-Replaced ability Spike Skin(Queen of Pain)
-Removed game message when ally hero dies
-Removed command -ff on/off
-Reworked Spiked Shield
-Reworked Dark Explosion(Akrios)
-Changed cooldown of God Rays from 40/40/40/40 to 10/20/30/40 seconds
-Changed icon of Rockfall(Rockbreaker)
-Changed terrain
-Changed model of portal
-Changed model of Demonic Guardian
-Changed model of Kel'Thuzad's Guard
-Lowered cleave percent of Flesh Decay(Blade Dancer) to 9%/18%/27%/39%
-Lowered cooldown of Holy Nova(Lightbringer) by 5 seconds at all levels
-Lowered cooldown of Ice Barrier(Ice Guardian) from 50 seconds to 30 seconds
-Improved time duration of Heavy Slam(Pandaren Earthshifter) to 7/9/10.5/12 seconds
-Improved cooldown of Guardian Angel(Lightbringer) from 100/100/100 to 100/110/120 seconds
-Improved attack rate bonus of Endurance(Druid) from 25%/50%/75% to 25%/50%/100%
-Improved base hp of Spell Breaker by 500, damage by 25 and lowered attack cooldown from 2.2 to 1.9 seconds
-Added color to Hero Taverns
-Added Sky
-Added Fog
-Added ability to Lich King
-Improved hit points of the Lich King by 50000
-Improved attack damage of the Lich King by 5000
-Improved time of Boss timers to 5 minutes
-Now red player can skip Boss timer by command "-skip"
-Now Taunt works on bosses
-Corrected game messages

Changelog 0.40

-Optimized for new patch 1.24
-Changed terrain
-Changed proper name of the Pyromancer to Selin Fireheart
-Changed proper name of the Venomancer to Vexallus
-Changed proper name of the Queen of Pain to Lady Sacrolash
-Changed name of Lady Vashj to Coilfang Matron
-Changed name of Naga Warlord to Lurker Below
-Changed name of the Doom Bringer to Anetheron The Hellbringer
-Changed name of the Hydromancer to Hydross The Duke of Currents
-Changed name of the Spirit of Fire to Al'ar The Phoenix God
-Changed model of the Doom Bringer
-Changed attack type of Fire Totem from Spells to Chaos
-Removed restrictions of quantity: Mage's Scepter
-Removed restrictions of quantity: Arcane Bracer
-Removed Images Event
-Added new resource: Badge of Justice
-Added passive icon and disabled icon of Tidebringer(Admiral)
-Added new ability to Doom Bringer
-Added hotkey to Taunt
-Added some abilities to Lich King
-Added new item: Amulet of Mana
-Added new item: Stone of Life
-Reworked ability: Nuclear Missile(Goblin Sapper)
-Improved splash radius of Broadsword from 200 to 250
-Improved splash radius of Heavy Slam(Earthshifter) from 200 to 250
-Improved Fist of Earth(Earthshaker) damage from 350/350/350/350 to 400/800/1200/1600
-Improved Electric Blast(Avatar of Thunder) damage from 250/500/750/1000 to 400/800/1200/1600
-Improved Phantom Heart(Shadow Slayer) cooldown from 5 sec to 7 sec
-Improved Ground Spike(Queen of Pain) damage from 250/560/1100/2200 to 500/1000/2000/3000
-Improved Torrent(Admiral) damage from 250/500/750/1000 to 400/800/1200/1600
-Lowered Holy Protection armor bonus from 25/50/100/200 to 20/40/80/160
-Now Guardian Angel is ultimate ability of Lightbringer
-Now player can buy legendary tier for Badges of Justice which receive from killed bosses
-Now Taunt does not operate on bosses

Changelog 0.39-0.39b

Changelog 0.39b
-Removed lightning effect during battle with Illidan Stormrage
-Removed Charge ability from Lich King
Changelog 0.39
-Fixed bug with destructible bridges
-Fixed bug with undroppable items
-Fixed bug with Tri-Vision(Shadow Slayer)
-Fixed bug with Naga Warlord
-Fixed Illidan Stormrage's abilities
-Added some doodads
-Added new item: Siegebreaker Breastplate
-Changed models of trees
-Changed remarks in dialogues
-Changed creeps ways for 3 and 5 player
-Changed special effect of Earthquake(Earthshaker)
-Changed damage type of Mage's Staff from physical to magic
-Changed name of Maiev to Dark Spirit
-Fully reworked Lich King (because of unknown critical error)
-Lowered Lich King's base damage by 10000
-Lowered Lich King's Spell Resist from 50% to 30%
-Lowered Lich King's Evasion from 20% to 15%
-Lowered Lich King's stats from 7000 to 6500
-Improved Maiev's move speed from 400 to 450
-Improved Resistance(Rockbreaker) block chance by 5%
-Lowered Geyser(Akrios) DPS from 27000 to 21000
-Now only hero which enters into Advanced Arena can attack bosses
-Corrected game text

Changelog 0.38-0.38b

Changelog 0.38b
-Fixed bug with Panda Leap(Mojo) and Gravity Smash(Mojo)
-Now -repick is inaccessible after 120 seconds of game time
-Changed hero revival system during battle with Lich King
-Changed Geyser(Akrios) damage type to physical
Changelog 0.38
-Fixed bug with Dark Shield(Rokhan)
-Fixed bug with Resistance(Rockbreaker)
-Added new command: -repick
-Added new command: -show/hide lb (to show/hide leaderboard of all players)
-Added new command: -show/hide timer
-Added new hero: Mojo Wildbarley The Pandaren Earthshifter
-Added new effect to Guardian Angel(Lightbringer)
-Added new effect to Internal Flame(Pyromancer)
-Added new effect to Beast Rage(Hunter of the Wild)
-Changed icon of Tremor(Rockbreaker)
-Changed icon of Resistance(Rockbreaker)
-Changed icon of Ancestral Curse(Rockbreaker)
-Reworked ability: "Massive Shake"
-Reworked ability: "Earthquake"
-Reworked ability: "Tartaros"
-Improved Meteorfall(Firelord) damage from 300/600/900/1200 to 450/900/1350/1800
-Lowered Dispel Period of Resistance(Rockbreaker) by 5 seconds and improved block chance by 1% at all levels
-Lowered health gained from Spirit of Fire(Pyromancer) from 25000/50000/75000 to 15000/30000/45000
-Lowered Fenix Fire(Spirit of Fire) damage from 2000 to 1500 and cooldown from 0.3 sec to 0.6 sec
-Lowered Lich King's hp by 50000 and armor by 50
-Lowered Chain Frost(Lich King) damage from 80000 to 55000
-Lowered Icy Volcano(Lich King) damage radius from 200 to 150
-Lowered time to revive the hero during battle with Lich King from 60 seconds to 45 seconds
-Lowered Live Dead's armor by 50
-Lowered Impale(Anub'arak) damage from 70000 to 60000
-Lowered High Warlord's base damage from 6500 to 5500
-Lowered Geyser(Akrios) dps from 30000 to 27000 and changed damage type from physical to magic
-Lowered Anub'arak's armor by 25
-Lowered Avatar cooldown from 100 seconds to 60 seconds
-Avatar now undroppable for heroes only
-Avatar now has not charges
-Rock Golem is divided into 2 types - Tanker and Damager
-Now Lich King does not receive spell immunity during Enrage
-Increased time between creep improvement after special events by 20 seconds
-Changed UI
-Corrected game messages

Changelog 0.37c

-Fixed a bug with Venomancer and Multi Shot
-Imroved Torrent's damage from 200/400/600/800 to 250/500/750/1000 and AOE from 150 to 200
-Removed 20% spell reduction from creeps
-Reworked Lich King(Removed ring of cold to reduce quantity of lags)
-Avatar now undroppable
-Removed russian text from dialogues
-Corrected descriptions of items and abilities

Tips for Novices (Written by Pointy)
  • At the start of the game, DO NOT rush a hero, unless you know how to play. There is absolutely nothing more frustrating than someone grabbing your favorite hero, then having no idea how to play it.
  • Dps characters dps, tanks tank, mages cast. Do not build your tank for dps, or dps for tanking, its a really bad idea.
  • If you are a ranged character, get a bow
  • If you are melee, get a sword
  • Sell your Anhks at the start, that gives you 2/3 more items, and you will be a lot stronger
  • When picking your items think about how good they will be late game. The acid waves sword sucks late game, so does the '% chance to block X damage' shield. You are better off with other items, don't waste your cash. The exception is the thorns armour, your tank will probably need this at the start.
  • Use your dragon to buy everything for your character, potions, items, upgrades, even tomes, never leave combat.
  • You can use pots and tomes on your dragon, and the effects go to your hero, if you want you can even place amulets on your dragon and enjoy the regen.
  • Get at least 5 items asap, don't stat or upgrade until you have a full inventory. A stat tome costs 7.5k for 25 stats, where as some items may give you +10 all stats and an extra effect at only 1.5k. Statting is mid/late game only.
  • Do not blindly/randomly upgrade your items, have an order. Dps characters should upgrade their sword/bow first, tanks should upgrade one of their armour items. You can have the upgrade token in your dragon, then drop in your item, so that it upgrades. Use your dragon!
  • Do not rush the Tier 2 spawners, a good pubs team will leave them till after the second bonus, a great team may kill them before that, but they can handle it! Leave this job to someone who is experienced.
  • You may notice there are bonus bosses, do not randomly try them, do them when you know you can do it. And remember that there is only 1 of each boss, so if you take the item then no one else can have it. Do not, for example, take the shard if you are not the best dpser on your team. If you are Druid, and have 100 kills, while your team's Veno has 800, do not take the shard, let him get it. This goes for all the boss items, give it to who will do best with it. I don't want to see Ageis on a mage or dps ever again D=<
  • You will see players push up to get more kills, if you see that everyone has pushed up, but the sides are open, go get the sides! Each of the sides give you 2 lanes if you are the only one there, 2 lanes is better than competing with 5 people for 3 lanes.
  • Gold is shared, XP is not. If you can, get your own lane and kill shit, you will get a whole lot of xp! (XP is shared in 4000 range of died unit - GodLike!'s note)
  • The first event is really easy if you know the technique. Firstly, watch where the blades go, and remember that the coins last the full 2 minutes, and its easier to collect them when there is a lot in one spot. Remember you can walk through the trees, and that the blades always follow the same path. Be patient! There is a max of about 96k, they spawn at 5 second intervals.
  • The second bonus event IS very important, if you do not get max gold from it then you did not use it its max potential. DPS characters that are heavily pimped will rock this event. Remember that it is shared gold, so it is definatly worth pooling your DPS a little extra cash just to make sure you hit the max gold. Veno is a particular powerhouse for this event, if he has his ulti to level 2, and has shard, then he will easily get 2k+ kills


Impossible Siege, Hero Defense, Hero Survival, Moo, Impossible, Siege, Hero, Defense, Survival.

Impossible Siege v0.55 (Map)

18:27, 7th Jan 2010 ap0calypse: Rejected Version 2.02c is out. Please update the map instead of multi-uploading, thank you.
  1. 18:27, 7th Jan 2010
    ap0calypse: Rejected

    Version 2.02c is out. Please update the map instead of multi-uploading, thank you.
  2. krisserz


    Feb 28, 2009
    Add category.
  3. TheHunterKiller


    Jul 16, 2009
    Hm, testing it soon, prob. tomorrow.
  4. R.e.A.p.E.r-XxX


    May 19, 2009
    mmmmm looks good il test it
  5. Moon Lord Hawkeye

    Moon Lord Hawkeye

    Jul 8, 2009
    Wow... just, Wow...

    Quite nice, if you're playing alone. I dunno if it was because i was playing with my brother, but when playing single player on legendary difficulty, i only had the center spawns attacking me... but on Extra easy with my brother, we were overwhelmed in the scant space of 2 minutes.

    You also need better sound files during the vid after killing Kel... seriously, Illidan was being called "death knight" and he called Maiev "Arthas"

    One good thing, Torrent. Is. An. Awesome. Spell.

    Sorry, but until you balance out the enemies... and fix the "Im on extra easy but teh real difficulty is probably Insane!" glitch.

    3/5 would be my score.
  6. GodLike


    Jun 11, 2009
    That concerning remarks of heroes...
    I did them on Russian version of Warcraft, because of it such distinctions

    About difficulty I can tell only one - it is necessary to choose correct heroes. Without mage you cannot quickly kill creeps, without tanker it will be difficult to you to kill bosses etc. I translate through the internet translator and laziness to correct the text, but I think sense will be clear.
  7. ChaosKnight


    Jul 18, 2009
    I DID like this map but now i were a little dissapointed
  8. TheHunterKiller


    Jul 16, 2009
    Well well... The heroes and their spells were excellent. The terrain is a bit flat, could use more doodads or something. Funny siege you made. 4/5.

    EDIT: Ah, why are Maiev's Forces protecting Frozen Throne?
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2009
  9. Lahey


    Jul 27, 2009
    Somehow I really enjoy playing this game.
    Last time I played the game it crashed (Fatal Error) when Illidan did his ground waving trick. He was at 25% hp left or so. Hope you can fix this because we played for 2 hours.
  10. krisserz


    Feb 28, 2009
    It`s still lacking of proper description. Changelong doesn`t count!
  11. Scrya


    Jan 15, 2009
    ok found one glitch that is really ungood, after the first special event (me being the tank) dies right as we come back because i used all my ank and then afterwords i die quickly in the mass then respawn in the arena thing with the blades and cant leave thus causings there to be no more tank all the dps gets raped and we lose. this has happened to me many times
  12. GodLike


    Jun 11, 2009
    did not try -unstuck ?
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2009
  13. Scrya


    Jan 15, 2009
    no.... i will try that next time...

    found another glitch though after upgrading one weapon it wouldn't let me drop any of my other items to be upgraded
  14. Moon Lord Hawkeye

    Moon Lord Hawkeye

    Jul 8, 2009
    Ah, but Godlike, you see, it wasn't about the Heroes, it was the fact that on Legendary, only the center lane had spawns attacking me other than the Impossible waves, but on Extra easy, all three Lanes attacked us, so we were overwhelmed cause they were too powerful... it ended up being somewhere around 300 units attacking teh Throne while me and my brother sighed and quit... please Fix, cause i think it's a bug. you shouldn' have 300 guys attacking when you're lvl 4, that's like, lvl 20 with legendary items...

    Also, a good idea would be to put a timer, showing you when the next wave comes. (Not impossible wave or anything like that) Because sometimes, i'd be shopping and out of nowhere a wave appeared, either that, or strengthen up teh guarding turrets, or add more... cause seriously, it takes 12 attacks from a turret just to kill one guy on the very first wave...

    It's fairly Unbalanced In my Opinion, and quite a few bugs, as some have pointed out... so if i were a mod, there'd be no approval till you fixed things.
  15. Vaarj


    Jan 16, 2008
    I'm really happy you took my advice and uploaded the map here..

    I haven't tried the latest few versions since i've been away for a while, but now that i'm back, expect some feedback when me and my friends try to beat this again (hopefully critical-free :p)
  16. GodLike


    Jun 11, 2009
    I hope that this critical error has disappeared
  17. GodLike


    Jun 11, 2009
    This error again... Dont know that do with it
  18. DarkIron Dwarf

    DarkIron Dwarf

    Apr 2, 2008
    It was pretty fun actually. Though the impossible wave went off while the battle between Illidan and Maiev so lost the game.
  19. krisserz


    Feb 28, 2009
    Still lacks a proper description! Write more about map!!!