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Importless Model Viewer v1.2.2b

  • View models without editing the map
    • Load from war3mod.mpq (folder), Local Files, and WC3 data
    • Can be added while the map is loaded
  • Mouse controls
  • Model, animation and camera interface (and chat commands)
  • Camera setup management
Tip: for a shortcut that directly loads the map, add this to Target: -loadfile "[path]\Importless Model Viewer.w3x"

Commands, Controls & Credits





Mouse Controls


Page 1

Page 2


  • -load [model path, no extension]
  • -modelx [CamBoundMinX - CamBoundMaxX] (position x)
  • -modely [CamBoundMinY - CamBoundMaxY] (position y)
  • -modelz [-1000 - 1000] (position z)
  • -scale [0% - 1000%]
  • -yaw [x°] (xy rotation)
  • -pitch [x°] (xz rotation)
  • -roll [x°] (yz rotation)
  • -alpha [0% - 100%]
  • -color [1 - 25] (player number)


  • -anim [name] [subanim 1] [subanim 2] [...]
  • -anim add [subanim 1] [subanim 2] [...]
  • -anim remove [subanim 1] [subanim 2] [...]
  • -pause (pause/resume)
  • -speed [0% - 1000%]
  • -forceloop (toggle force loop)
  • -forceloop [0.1s+] (force loop duration)

Animation Names:
  • stand | birth | death | decay | dissipate | walk | attack | morph | sleep | spell | portrait

Subanimation Names:
  • first | second | third | fourth | fifth | defend | channel | slam | victory | throw | spin |
  • ready | upgrade | lumber | gold | work | talk | swim | flesh | entangle | chainlightning | rooted |
  • eattree | berserk | spiked | light | moderate | severe | critical | small | medium | large | alternateex |
  • looping | wounded | fast | turn | left | right | fire | one | two | three | four | five | fill |
  • puke | drain | flail | hit | off | complete

Page 1

Page 2


  • -cam [number] (apply camera setup)
  • -cam save (save current camera)
  • -cam delete [number] (delete camera setup)
  • -camx [CamBoundMinX - CamBoundMaxX] (position x)
  • -camy [CamBoundMinY - CamBoundMaxY] (position y)
  • -camz [0 - 4096] (position z/target height)
  • -distance [100 - 100000] (target distance)
  • -rotation [x°] (xy rotation)
  • -aoa [205° - 335°] (xz rotation/angle of attack)
  • -camroll [x°] (yz rotation)
  • -fov [20° - 120°] (field of view)
  • -farz [101 - 10000] (far clipping)

  • -tod [hh:mm] (time of day)
  • -tods [0%+] (time of day speed)

  • Switch between Camera and Model
  • Hold Left: Rotate
  • Hold Right: Move
  • Hold Left+Right: Zoom/Scale

↪ ScreenMouse

- Inspired by Epic Animation Viewer by Gekigengar and Model and Effects Viewer by CHA_Owner
- BTNCamera by darkdeathknight
- DialogPages by loktar

- Minimum force loop duration now also enforced with button controls (lacks error sound for now)

v1.2.2a (fix)
- Fixed Delete Subanimation appearing in main menu after adding a subanimation
- Fixed Force Loop duration tooltip update
- Increased minimum force loop duration to 0.1s
- Fixed model Position Z tooltip (Height -> Position Z)

- Switched model yaw/roll following recent patch
- Replaced Height with Position Z
- Current animation is now included in animation selection dialog
- Somewhat improved mouse controls (?)
- DialogPages updated to v1.0.2a
- ScreenMouse updated to 1.1.2
- Misc

- Camera Library v1.0.2:
-- Adding default cams now only adds those that don't already exist
-- Removed "Add defaults" from Delete cam dialog
-- Removed "Add defaults" from Apply dialog if all defaults already exist

- SFX Library v1.0.2:
-- Added field: Position Z (now used instead of Height in SetSfxPos)
-- Mouse controls now sets Yaw instead of Roll following recent patch

- Added Animation Controls interface
- Added chat commands: "-anim add", "-anim remove", "-pause", "-forceloop"
- Team color dialog text is now colored
- Armor card now displays open button menu
- Customized some interface text (e.g. Quests -> Commands)
- Implemented ESC hotkey for Back button as was already shown in tooltip
- Removed autocast hotkeys because they're useless here
- Now creating dialogs with DialogPages system
- Updated ScreenMouse to v1.1.1
- Misc

- Camera Library v1.0.1:
-- Now creating dialogs with DialogPages system
-- Misc

- SFX Library v1.0.1:
-- Added ToggleSfxSubanim(), PauseSfxAnim(), IsSfxAnimPaused() and GetSfxAnimStr()
-- Misc

- General:
-- System split up into several libraries (ScreenMouse, IMVCommon, Camera Library, Special Effect Library)
--- Future updates will add support for multiple players/effects and add configuration and documentation
-- Multiboard reorganised and model properties added
-- Replaced R2SP with R2S0 (IMVCommon) and R2S1 (ModelViewer), which make use of native R2SW
-- Icons replaced with more generic ones, so they can be reused for Model controls
-- Replaced Farm ("Model Viewer" unit) with camera prop, which has model's color
-- Misc

- Model:
-- Added model alpha
-- Added full model controls (chat commands & interface)
-- Color numbers changed to 1-25 from 0-28
-- Showing color player id as HP
-- Showing model name as selected unit's name
-- Fixed a few bugs with model mouse control
-- Icon replaced with standard WC3 icon
-- Default model changed to forest troll

- Camera:
-- Now comparing to all camera setups before saving current
-- Applied cam hidden from Apply Cam dialog if not changed
-- Showing cam number and amount as mana
-- Added second page to controls with FoV (moved) and FarZ (added)
-- Numbering now starts at 1
- Improved Mouse controls
- Reduced range of Angle of Attack
- Several icons replaced with stock icons to reduce filesize
- Farm is now under terrain
- Misc

- Added camera setup management (apply/save/delete - gamecache)
- Moved model and cam presets to center of map
- Saved 60kb+ by compressing icons ^_^
- Fixed a bug where 0°/360° was regarded as an error for a max of 360° (AoA)
- Misc improvements

v1.1.1 (fix)
- Fixed a mistake in correcting out of bounds camera field values

- Added full camera controls (buttons and chat commands)
- Added multiboard with camera properties
- Disabled boundary tinting and music
- Fixed duplicate "-roll" command
- Misc improvements

- Added basic mouse controls (+ passive ability with instructions)
- "-timescale" command changed to "-speed"
- Yaw, pitch, roll now in degrees
- Time of day now in hh:mm (24h) format
- New camera presets (cam 0 is the same)
- Removed cam lock/unlock
- Fixed not being able to set model roll
- Replaced long AnimType and SubAnimType getter functions with a hashtable
- Misc improvements/tweaks/optimizations

- Uploaded

- Thread

Importless Model Viewer (Map)

Having skimmed through the code, it appears that the library itself will only grow in complexity. Testing out the features in the map were a delight, though moving the unit around felt kind of buggy. (Sometimes, it would just disappear from the...
Aside from cosmetic purposes, it can also be used to quickly test a model and see if it functions/displays properly ingame, without having to open the world editor, as all the existing external tools have their issues and don't always display a model correctly. It's also meant as a replacement of the existing model viewer maps uploaded to the hive.
Thanks for the rating =)
Ah well, I'll keep updating it anyway. Personally I found the other model viewer maps useful, and I wanted to improve on them by making use of the new natives and creating new/better controls.

Considering the feedback I'm getting, I'll split it up into a few separate libraries (camera/model/environment) so it's more fitting in this section, and may hopefully also be useful for other projects.
Having skimmed through the code, it appears that the library itself will only grow in complexity.

Testing out the features in the map were a delight, though moving the unit around felt kind of buggy. (Sometimes, it would just disappear from the screen). Overall, a fun tool-map to use.


  • Approved
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In the next update, there will be a separate library for the mouse controls (which has been posted in the JASS section), the camera system, and the SFX system (and later also environment). Though they won't be that much more than convenience wrappers, aside from mouse controls and being able to store/retrieve setups in gamecache.
I'm also hoping to improve the buggy behavior you mentioned.
Level 12
Jan 30, 2020
I was impressed when I tried this tool.

Even if it was not made for Reforged, it still worked, even if I had a few issues with the camera and animation controls.
I guess it is not fully compatible or I probably didn't really understand the controls properly.

I would still recommend people to try it, it can really help testing how a series of models will render in the actual real game context rather than in a model viewer.
The code also seemed very clean to me. This deserves 5 stars in spite of the potential for improvement.
Thanks :grin:
Maybe I'll update this someday, I had plans to add a bunch of environment controls too (tiles, sky, fog, etc). The mouse controls could maybe be improved with some of the new natives (not sure), and it could probably be more user friendly if I make a custom UI with the new UI natives.

For the button controls (the mouse controls are pretty buggy), seems like it doesn't work as intended in the newer patches, but before it was just activate the ability (right click) and then use the arrow buttons etc to change the value.
Level 12
Jan 30, 2020
I see. Well thats what I had guessed, so I suppose something new prevents that from working exactly as initially intended !