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I'm retired now

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Level 19
Jul 19, 2006
I have to give up my computer for what's best, I will never be on this site again, in least not for a few years. I'm sorry about all the projects that have to be canceled, and the now pointless requests I've received. Goodbye everybody, the best to ya. You may use my voice acting for whatever, hope you like the mediocare resources I've distributed, and I hope when I return things will be a lot cooler around here. I'm also going to have to ask for your help on something, tell Abriko that I won't be able to do the voice acting for his project, never will be...
Level 32
Oct 23, 2006
Child Forum Needed

Scyth-Master: "Don't give up the ship."

[off-topic] These kinds of threads have occasionally been created in our important Site Discussion forum for arrivals and departures. Similarly, threads often appear all over the site when new members join and want to introduce themselves.

I suggest that a child forum be created somewhere on the site to contain this kind of material all in one bin. That way, everyone would know just where to find it and such threads would not scattered willy-nilly here, in the Off-Topic forum, or God knows where else.


Dr Super Good

Spell Reviewer
Level 64
Jan 18, 2005
The site should have an avatar/sig overlay that auto applies.
There should be a button called suspend account which basicly turns it completly off and applies a huge red X over avatar and and signature to show in posts that the person has left.
His acount is deactivated but all posts he made still exist but he can always come back if he wishes but to do that he has to reregestier with the same name. After he is reregestered, his acount is restored and all goes normal.

This will stop the needs for such topics.

This will probably not be answered but im just asking incase it is.
Why give up your computer? I can not imagine giving up my computer since I use it for almost everything I do.
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