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ID software

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Level 2
May 7, 2011

This video has inspired and touched me at the same time. Looking at the games I have played in my childhood, wolfenstein, quake, doom, catacombs. It gave me one last glimpse into the past I am leaving and at the same time, a brilliant vision for the future I want for myself.

When I was just a child, I grew up in the world of ID software, hiding behind the chair as my father played DooM, the scary zombies and demons giving me nightmares for days. Commander Keen was more my thing at that time, I remember finding a shareware copy of the 2D catacombs on an old shareware disk, I loved it, wanting to get the full version but was unable... Eventually I overcame my fears of first person shooters and began to become immersed in wolfenstein 3D, becoming an active first person shooter player. I had many problems with motion sickness, i would play and play and play until I felt like throwing up from the motion sickness, then I would lie down in preparation to do all that again. Fast Forward to now. ID software has grown, with many titles spanning several consoles. I have also grown, no longer just a player but a developer.this video has given me a new spark to light a brilliant fire of inspiration within me to create new and unique things to present to the gaming world. Thank you ID.
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