I need 2 player maps or maps with AI

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Apr 27, 2009
Me and my bro love playing Warcraft III Reforged together, exploring maps, levelling and just having a blast. We have played the 2 player Campaign and it was super fun.

We even played World of Warcraft Reforged 1.8.1 RPG and it's super fun but a little bummer because there is no AI. X hero siege was super fun too!

We would play any maps that has AI or is maid exclusively for 2 players from
MOBA / RPG / CAMPAIGNS / MELEE / TOWER DEFENCE and all other types. Please share maps that we would enjoy!

Thank you all in advance. Me and my bro have been playing Warcraft from the time it released and it is a very loong time and I think there many more like us here. Wishing you all well.
Wish we got new patches, custom campaign, old Warcraft III. But maybe that's just my wishful thinking.

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Deepstrasz provides something that allows selecting from a very large pool. Since I also play with my brother from time to time, here are some maps that might interest you that also interest us:

Battle Tanks (AI Support)
War of Races

These 4 maps are ones that we actively play together. I also want to add some maps that are fun in multiplayer.

I also have some multiplayer maps (all of them have AI support) that I made myself, though some are quite outdated and when it comes to fun, it pales in comparison to the list I provided previously. Might be what you and your brother like though. My brother also has some interesting maps he created, but it's for private consumption at the moment.
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