Human Alliance Banners

  • Banners for the different human kingdoms. Can be used as doodads or can be turned into a buildable unit.
  • So my laptop is now under going repairs and I will be uploading some model packs to free up some space in my external hard drive but it will take me some time to upload and update them since i'm only renting a computer in a shop nearby.
  • Please give proper credits when using these model
  • Notify me for any issue with the model
  • Do not upload any part of this pack to other sites
  • Do not edit without permission

These models takes time and effort to make. And due to current state of the global economy we found ourselves in different hard circumstances. Anyhow your comments and suggestions are very much appreciated. Please consider supporting me via the links below :

PayPal: PayPal.Me/bakrKev12

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Alterac Banner (Model)

Alterac Banner (Icon)

Dalaran Banner (Model)

Dalaran Banner (Icon)

Gilneas Banner (Model)

Gilneas Banner (Icon)

Kultiras Banner (Model)

Kultiras Banner (Icon)

Lordaeron Banner (Model)

Lordaeron Banner (Icon)

Stormwind Banner (Model)

Stormwind Banner (Icon)

Stromgarde Banner (Model)

Stromgarde Banner (Icon)

Theramore Banner (Model)

Theramore Banner (Icon)

Fancy and unique banners. My suggestions are the same as to your Dwarven banners bundle. Works in-game. Approved!
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Nov 21, 2013
Amazing! Very useful resource~
Would it be possible to make a version of the Kultiras banner that is a bit more dark green though? Something akin to how they look in WoW?


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Level 10
Jul 20, 2022
I'm quite surprised you include Theramore on the list of banner sir bakr, nice 👍. Only the Dalaran buildings needed for this roster 😁.

Edit: Just a minor question, I import the banner (Lordaeron Banner) then use it as a rally point in some random map (ex. Ranging Stream). then edit it in WC3 Editor Menu:

Advance - Game Interface - Model - Rally Indicator

Then replace it with the model banner, but the result is the flag of the banner just vanish and the pole remain. So is that a bug or maybe my editor is the problem 🤔.
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