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How to play: SotDRP Galactic!

Level 2
Jun 16, 2011
-- Removed myself --
Didn't know NS was illegal. Sorry.


  • Galactic Gameplay.png
    Galactic Gameplay.png
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  • Galactic Gameplay2.png
    Galactic Gameplay2.png
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  • Galactic Gameplay3.tga
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No one cut me any slack before :mad:

Downloaded a song illegally, cracked a piece of software, threatened to hurt someone?

-I downloaded ALL my songs illegally (Except for Eminem's albums cause that's how much I respect him :p)
-ALL my software is cracked (Middle Eastern credit cards aren't accepted on the internet and that's THEIR loss >:D)
-Are you kidding me? >:D I ... nevermind

I'm just informing him.
Reporting him won't do anything. It'll just inform the mods/admins that someone is doing something wrong, and THEY'll decide what to do.

Appearently, he's got some common sense since he removed the post.

If I didn't warn him, he might've done the same thing again.