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[Solved] How to haunt and entangle a gold mine?

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Level 23
Apr 3, 2018
Here's what using the Function list -> Search function of JNGP told me.

There is a BJ function for blighting/haunting a gold mine

function BlightGoldMineForPlayerBJ takes unit goldMine, player whichPlayer returns unit
    local real    mineX
    local real    mineY
    local integer mineGold
    local unit    newMine

    // Make sure we're replacing a Gold Mine and not some other type of unit.
    if GetUnitTypeId(goldMine) != 'ngol' then
        return null

    // Save the Gold Mine's properties and remove it.
    set mineX    = GetUnitX(goldMine)
    set mineY    = GetUnitY(goldMine)
    set mineGold = GetResourceAmount(goldMine)
    call RemoveUnit(goldMine)

    // Create a Haunted Gold Mine to replace the Gold Mine.
    set newMine = CreateBlightedGoldmine(whichPlayer, mineX, mineY, bj_UNIT_FACING)
    call SetResourceAmount(newMine, mineGold)
    return newMine

As for night elves, the "create starting units" code seems to be using this:
call IssueTargetOrder(tree, "entangleinstant", nearestMine)
Ordering a tree to entangle instantly.
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